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My favourite musicals are Mamma Mia, Grease and Elisabeth.


Elisabeth is a very famous musical in Europe. The musical is about the life and death of empress Elisabeth of Austria.


Last year I went to New York and there I has the chance to see a musical on broadway for the first time.

And I choose The Addams Family. The musical was so great and I also had the luck to see one of the last shows played by Bebe Neuwirth before she left the show.


I also watched We will rock you, Jesus Christ Superstar, Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires), Robin Hood, 3 Musketiere (3 Musketeers), Hairspray, Starlight Express, The Beauty and the Beast...

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And now for something completely different....


I have had this copy of it since I got back from the

TPR China Tour... and find it absolutely amazing!


Considering the source material. And how it all went

legendarily wrong in 1988, this is quite the 'second coming'

of the musical.


That said, the two leads are absolutely wonderful as

Carrie and her loving, but "over-zealous" mother, Margaret.

Marin Mazzie as Mom can do no wrong, especially with the second act

number "When There's No One." And Molly Ranson as Carrie is

just perfect. Freakishly so. Her breakdown and ultimate madness I

would loved to have seen onstage. (The off-Brdwy version is now closed.)


Definitely worth getting a copy.


It's quite the recording. Dark, camp, scary....fun stuff!

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^You're fine, and I hope you are sort-of kidding about that? I know a lot of other gay men who absolutely hate musicals, but LOVE team sports, like football or baseball, soccer, curling (?), etc. Go figure, hmm?


That said, they're finally releasing Leap of Faith

mid-December at Amazon.


Considering it got only one TONY nom for this past year's

Best Musical.... ah well, I would probably buy it anyway, lol.


It does have Raul Esparza in the lead.

That's good reason enough, for myself, to buy it.


Hope this is good, in spite of all the TONY 'Non-Noms' it got, lol.

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Sorry if this has been posted, but I just saw it today. Netflix has "The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall." It's a film of the actual musical production from 2011. I thought the performers did a really good job. It's great to see the full musical version again. Haven't seen it for a few years.


I didn't know that existed - I need to see that! I just got the DVD of the sequel, Love Never Dies, and it's interesting but no where near as good as the original.


I saw A Christmas Story the musical earlier this month and absolutely loved it.

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^ It says you're from Germany. Did you see Starlight Express in Bochum? I've always wanted to see that production, which has been running nonstop since 1989 by the way.



I saw Starlight twice when it was at the Apollo Victoria in London, the stage setup seemed a lot larger at the London venue than the Germany one, also, since closing in London Starlight has been touring, refuse to see it in touring state as the "races" are pre recorded on large video screens, ruins the original idea of the show!

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Just saw this box set "Lightning Deal" on Amazon.com It's set to start at 3:59pm, pacific standard time tonight only, Dec. 11. It doesn't say how much of a discount it is until then, but I've seen some deals go as high as 75% off. Here is the information on it.


Broadway in a Box: The Essential Broadway Musicals Collection - Audio CDs


Disc 1: Annie (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 2: Anything Goes (1987 Lincoln Center Theater Cast)

Disc 3: Cabaret (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 4: Camelot (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 5: Carousel (1965 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)

Disc 6: Chicago (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 7: A Chorus Line (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 8: Company (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 9: Fiddler on the Roof (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 10: Guys and Dolls (1992 Broadway Cast)

Disc 11: Gypsy (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 12: Hair (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 13: Hello, Dolly! (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 14: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 15: Into the Woods (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 16: The King & I (1964 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)

Disc 17: Man of La Mancha (2002 Broadway Cast)

Disc 18: My Fair Lady (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 19: Oklahoma! (1979 Broadway Cast)

Disc 20: Oliver! (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 21: Show Boat (1966 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)

Disc 22: The Sound of Music (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 23: South Pacific (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 24: Sweeney Todd (Highlights) (Original Broadway Cast)

Disc 25: West Side Story (Original Broadway Cast)


Here's the link (remember, it may not show the discount price unless you click the lightning deal)


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^ This is a great "starter set" for anybody who really wants

to start off right, in their Broadway cast recordings collection.


A lot of the classics are included, as well as a few revivals (Carousel, Man of La Mancha,

Anything Goes, The King and I) in place of the original. They are good substitutes.


And Sondheim is well repped here with Company, Sweeney Todd, Into The Woods,

and Gypsy which he supplied the wonderful lyrics for.


I might check it out myself, for a possible future gift to someone I know, who'd definitely

enjoy this collection.


Thanks for the heads up on this, Joey.


(EDIT: I just realized I probably missed out on this, time wise. Darn. Ah well...)

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Woo hoo!


This was just posted at Amazon. Release date: February 12.


With the numbers that made up the "score" of the musical,

through-out the series' episodes.


I cannot wait for this. "Don't forget me."


I was hoping so much they would do something like this, compiling the numbers all into a "cast album" type thing. And - they did!

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I saw it in Vegas last year but Jersey Boys returned to Melbourne last night and once again an excellent, really fun production. Even for a fast-paced show the Vegas version seemed rushed (I guess because they're doing two performances each night) so it was nice to see the cast being able to take a breath between lines this time!


Four months until I get to hit up Broadway, my current list is: Avenue Q, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Peter & The Starcatcher, and Newsies. Then maybe Spiderman or Nice Work if we can get cheap tickets. Any other suggestions?

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^ There's a new musical treatment of the film Kinky Boots,

with a libretto by Harvey Firestein (La Cage Aux Folles; Newsies), and

a score by.... Cyndi Lauper!


Previews start in March, and it's scheduled to open around

the beginning of April, I believe.


You might be interested in checking this one out.


Out of town (Chicago) reviews have been good for it.

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The closest "Book of Mormon" came to us was in Seattle, just after New Years.

Way too soon after The Holly-Daze for us. So, we passed.




*And always hoping a possible maybe second touring

company of it, will come to our town this time*


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This is such a trippy find.


Just picked up a ticket to see this lauded

production at local professional theatre...




Got to http://www.artsclub.com/index.html to get the real back-story on this

unusual musical, but this is their second time here, and it's rumored that the

production may be heading to New York too!


Let's just say, it's about a teenage choir...and a roller coaster accident.



(Edit to add: Am so hoping there's some kind of cast recording of it. If not, will wait for NY.)


Here's the poster for it. Also the artwork to look for if you go to the (Arts Club) theatre company's site.

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We saw Les Miserables here last weekend and it was outstanding! I really do love the music in that one. Although, admittedly, it took me a bit to follow the story.


Next weekend I'm taking my wife to NYC to celebrate her 30th birthday, and part of that trip includes surprise tickets to see "Newsies" on Broadway!! She's gonna love that, as it's one of her favorite movie musicals.


Also on deck this year (mostly thanks to huge group discounts from my work) - American Idiot, Book of Mormon, and the return to Pittsburgh of The Lion King!

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I finally got around to seeing the Book of Mormon this past Sunday at the Eugene O'neil Theater in NYC, and it was fantastic. I've been wanting to see this for about 2 years ever since it made it's debut, and it's not often that something lives up to the ridiculously high expectations you put on it, but it certainly did. The show was hysterically funny, beautifully staged, and the music was just pure fun from start to finish, it's kind of like an R rated version of a Disney Musical. Highly highly recommend the show to anyone that can see it when the tour comes to your city.

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