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Bats Day at DisneyLand

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Last weekend goths across America gathered for "Bats Day" at Disneyland. I'm sure unsuspecting visitors were a little shocked to see so many folks sporting heavy eyeliner and parasols standing in line for the Haunted Mansion.


Click above for a photo gallery of the gloomy times that were had.


And here is information on Bats Day, if you're interested.


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lol@the repeated use of the word "goth"

lol@insinuating that no "goth person" is allowed to smile or have fun or do anything unrelated to "being goth"


Anyway some of those girls would be hot if they you know, didn't try to look dead. Like the chick on the left in the first picture. Hmmm...


Were all these people really there for just the haunted mansion? Because that's kinda stupid if it's true. And if it's not, shame on the LA Times for thinking goth people can only enjoy spooky shit.


These captions are stupid.


Anyway, the end [of my rant].

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It's called 'individualism'... I don't see why you have such a triviality with it... Just because you don't like it doesn't make it 'stupid'.



By chance do you wear the pink V-neck polo shirts with the stripy grey/pink sweater vest?


In my opinion it sucks ass, but that doesn't make me right to anyone else other than those who support the opinion.


And why not assault Disneyland? Just because it's supposed to be happy and stereotypical goths aren't doesn't mean they can't have fun... I'm a goth and I laugh like a maniac at anything...


You're naive not to understand individuality...

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I didn't mean "saddest people" as in that they are lower or less than others. I meant they always have this sad, depressed attitude about life.

Trust me though, I have no problems with goths, or punk type of people. Most of my friends go to that each year. I just wasn't sure if people on this site knew about it.

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I'd much rather go to a park on goth day than on ACE day.




Haha. Very true! Those people can be pretty creepy.


Anyone ever been to raver day? Those are always fun. A bunch of overly-zealous kids running around saying they love each other. All the while the older-folk think that is great that they are such harmony. Little do they know, it is merely the pills they are all taking.

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Icedragon, if you are goth and laugh and play like you say doesnt that contradict what goth is? In other words you are living a lie and it is obvious that you havent found yourself yet. You should not misrepresent something you do not understand. Let us know when you have a complete grasp of what it means to be goth.

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It's called 'individualism'... I don't see why you have such a triviality with it... Just because you don't like it doesn't make it 'stupid'.


I have to address this. I have no problem with goths hanging out at any park, I've been at the park on Bats Day and most of the goth patrons are exceedingly well behaved and polite, probably even moreso that the general guest. I have absolutely no problem with people expressing themselves however they want.


But, come on....Individuality? Hardly. Everyone has pretty much the same style of clothes and look. Oh look, a pale girl wearing a corset and holding a parasol. A kid wearing all black and a t-shirt of some goth band. Some dude with pants that have sixteen thousand zippers. Wow, how individual of all of you to wear the same things.




Oh, the sweet sweet irony of seeing two goths wearing "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same" shirt.

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