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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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Thank you for clearing that up for me. I did understand that the press release that i found was an early one but i had not seen any for sure announcements that the Euro-Fighter would be spongebob. That definately clears it up for me instead of just saying that i am wrong. I like to be proven wrong. Thank you KGA29

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Didnt have to type it...just copy and pasted...just like you did the link!


ok so I went to the meeting today and I have some good news, and some not so great news.


First off, I got to see a few different simulations of the SPONGEBOB EURO-FIGHTER and the AVATAR HALF PIPE. The simulations were exciting and looked really great. I really cannot wait to ride them next spring.

The simulations that I saw today will be added to the new Nick Universe website that is coming soon. Also, it was announced that the Park plans on setting up a construction webcam to keep all of us warm during the cold, harsh off-season. It was mentioned that the clearance from the top of the car going over the lift - to the glass ceiling on Spongebob will be around 2 meters (6 feet!)...so you will really be way up there. Also, the station is going to be themed after the Krusty Crab.

That's all that i remember about the coasters discussion. Construction was underway today on the Half Pipe foundation as well.

Ok, for the not so great news, some of the artwork concepts that I had seen a few months back may not be a reality. Turns out that the artwork was submitted by reps. at Nickelodeon as for what they would like to see. Unfortunately, The Park's budget will not be able to accomodate all of that incredible detail that I had mentioned awhile ago (such as the interactive digital floor on the Tumbler)...So we will see what happens and what they choose to do. Don't get me wrong though, the new park will have some really good detail, but not the unbelievable detail that i had seen in the artwork. Also, they mentioned that not everything will be finished in time for the grand opening. As stated earlier, the construction is broken up into three different phases and not everything will be completed in time for the opening. The most significant ride that's not going to be ready is the Log Chute. They said that the re-themeing of the Log Chute will be extensive and will take a significant amount of time to complete...so that sucks for those coming in March. The Park cannot seem to make up their mind on a few issues and it turns out now that Ghost Blasters will be staying Ghost Blasters...for now. I wouldn't bank on that though because, like I said, they have changed their minds a few times.

That's just about everything for now. I have a complete list of all of the new names that I will post later tonight when I have a chance.

Other than that, if you have any questions... let me know.


Ok, here is a complete list of the new names for the rides (Current Name-New Name):

Pepsi Ripsaw - Orange Streak

Paul Bunyan's Log Chute - Green Slime Falls

Timberland Twister - Fairly Odd Coaster

Screaming Yellow Eagle - Danny Phantom's Ghost Zone

Bumper Cars - Naked Brothers Crazy Cars

Kite Eating Tree/Tree Swing - Backyardigan's Swing-Along

Treetop Tumbler - Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider

Americana Carousel - Nick Oround

Mighty Axe - Tak Attack

Camp Bus - Diego's Rescue

Lil' Shaver - Barnyard Barnstormer

Speedway - Swiper's Sweeper

Frog Hopper - Wonderpets Flyboat

Truckin' - Nick Jr. Big Rigs

Red Baron - Blue's Skidoo

Skyscraper Ferris Wheel - Dora's Ferris Wheel

Balloon Race - Boot's Balloon Fiesta

Bloomington Express - La Aventura de Azul

The Bounce - Pineapple Poppers


and the new rides coming...

Euro Fighter - SpongeBob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge

Half Pipe - Avatar Airbender

Tower Ride - Splat-O-Sphere

Kiddie Bumper Cars - Rugrats Reptarmobiles


Like I said earlier, I heard today that Ghost Blasters may be staying Ghost Blasters...even though there is artwork concept to change it to Flying Dutchman's Revenge.

I'll try to find out for sure about GB. Plans have changed before (especially since the earliest news articles)...for example, the Euro Fighter was originally supposed to be Avatar, I had heard that Log Chute was supposed to be Jimmy Neutron at one point, and I had heard something a long time ago about The Park taking out Mighty Axe, Balloon Race, and Bloomington Express...So things can definitely change, I'll try and keep you posted. Any questions just let me know. That's all for now.

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I see someone leaked photos that where member only photos on Coastercravers.net. I request to have those photos removed since I am the owner and webmaster of Coastercravers.net (Yes that means I am Alan..) We put things in the members only area for a reason. At the top of the forums we even have a rule at the top saying not to leak anything in the members only forums.


Please remove the photos...

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Were those pictures taken with a cell phone by someone who has th shakes???



I don't know. I did not take them. But hey, at least they are construction pics and we know we have more progress in the expansion.


It always amazes me how fast Gerstlauer coasters go up. So construction with the supports and track for Spongebob Squarepant's Rock Bottom Adventure should be up fairly quickly as soon as they start.


I am guessing that the concrete slab where the stage used to be is where the drop tower will go. It would be the most logical choice considering the half-pipe is going where the fountain was, kidde bumper cars where the shooting gallery was, and the Eurofighter where Mystery Mine Ride and some shops used to be.

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In regards to Swoosh's comment earlier in this thread. If you where smart enough to read the main page I posted it right there saying the photos where in a members only area.


Those photos are very very blurry. Only one of them really shows whats going on I will be going this weekend to get photos for Coastercravers.netWe will also be trying to get photos of these supports that have been mentioned in this thread that where spotted. These photos will be public, as they will only be as current as 1 week. Once track and supports start getting put up then we will post those photos in the member only area. So join today and save your-self time later.

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Steel, Have you not noticed that that is what TPR does and a lot of other sites do? Also slightly lower? Those photos are the most blurry photos I have ever seen. I just posted the list of ride and retail shops that will be closing in the MOA construction thread on Coastercravers for anyone that might want to know what will be closed when.




There is the link to the topic.

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The log cabin building next to TT (formerly known as Outfitters) that was just taken down apparently was bought by someone for $50,000!


That's odd, and cheep. I wonder what anyone would want with it? It you were to put it outdoors, you would have to add insulation and other things to make it stand alone. I would rather start from scatch.

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