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  1. Come on, my FOX post had all the info I could find.... stop making me cry!!!
  2. Hope I am not the only one that saw the red eyes with the fox logo! New show seems to be a Terminator show... http://www.takebackthefuture.com or search for it, and will find the ties to Terminator and a preview of first episode
  3. We will take a ski slope, and rapids ride and freeze them.... you can do rapids MN sytle!!!
  4. Here in MN, we don't hear much, just wondering, did they evacuate Fallbrook and Camp Pen Yet?? All the unexploded Ord in the area, hope it doesn't burn!
  5. Well, I have been reading usenet, aka google News Groups for a few months.. still haven't seen one good thing about ACE!!
  6. Being as there is only 1 park near me, without heading into cheese head land and driving for 2-3 hours, I want a title of Valley Fairyain... With me being a noobian, I will gladly accept being called a fairyain lol
  7. Last really bad one I rode...Raging Wolf Bobs... but that was 5+ years ago...
  8. no idea what this code thing is, but here is my wii address... w7007764116135711@wii.com
  9. Work sucks, I have to lift parts half as heavy as me, toss them into a basket, and everyone there says I should have gotten more then a .50 raise..
  10. Hello everyone... I am Dave, and I am a coasterholic. Taking my first TPR trip to the East coast this time around, and can't wait, looks like a lot of fun... and a vacation from my 2 year old!!
  11. Just wondering... why do people make such a big about ACE? Pay a yearly fee... for nothing, if you don't live near one of there outings??
  12. Was there the beginning of Sept.. and Yes it WAS meal all right, had to take 4 asprin as soon as I got off of it!
  13. Age: 32 yesterday!! Middle Name: Eugene Pet Peeve: People I pay for to get into a park and only ride 5 rides!! Color of your bathroom: White Best Movie of ALL time: Toss up... Star Wars... the originals.... and Clerks! Best Song of ALL time:Black Betty.. Always puts me in a good mood Best TV Shows:Currently, Me and my 2 year old watch Cops every Sat....all time, any 60-90's cartoons.. Favorite Band/Artist: Alice Cooper Favorite Ride at Disney Parks:Space Transport?? Yummiest Ice Cream: Egg Nog If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Sean Connery or Alice Cooper Morning Person or Night Person: The dark side... Pets: a Siberian Husky Favorite Color: Blue Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Rock Concert... 80's rock perferibly Coke or Pepsi: Coke.. mixes better with whiskey.. Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Ok about once a month Best Vacation Spot: Australia.. they have everything there!! Cook or Go Out: Anything quick Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains
  14. Did 4 years in the U.S. Marines myself, wasn't forced or required, but got to see a lot of the world! Too bad I wasn't into coasters then!! Great experience, got to see Kuwait, Dubi, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia,.... Tons of missed coasters out there! Good Luck, hope ya make it back ok!
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