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Testing Theme Park Review Chat Mod

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Hey everyone!


I'm in the process of seeing which of several 'chat mods' could work for having a live chat on the boards. I've set up a test mod right now, which should work if you click on this link:




I'm looking for the following feedback:


Does this chat mod lag?

How is it effecting the rest of the boards?

What errors are you having?

Do you like this mod and the idea of having a live chat?


Ok, so far that's it...see you in the chat room and please give us as much feecback as possible. If this chat mod sucks, please tell us!!!



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Great to see the Chatroom up. I'm surprised you didn't go for a java type chatroom, this type there is a bit of a delay when you post a message since the webpage keeps refreshing. Other then that, it's fine.


Dial Up users might have difficulties since the webpage needs to refresh everytime

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Ok, so I've just updated the version of the chat to a Java chat room. There is a link Above (look up) that says "chat".




Let us know what you think.


--Robb "Once I get a chat mod that's functional, then I'll make it pretty!" Alvey

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This chat mod will also allow you to see who is chatting.


On the front page under "Who is Online" you can get a list of everyone chatting.


While you are in the chatroom you can also invite people by using this command:


/invite robbalvey


That will send a PM to username "robbalvey" to come in and join that chat.


What do you all think?



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^ Hmm...not sure if it's a personal option or not, but I know when I get a PM, I get a little window that says "You have a PM...do you want to read it in this window?"


Although I know if I have my pop-up blocker on, I don't get those.


--Robb "Those are the ONLY pop-ups you will see on Theme Park Review!" Alvey

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Yay!!! no Pop ups!! I hate pop ups and I like how you decided not to have any on this site. I wish more people would do the same. But the chat room looks cool man! Too bad the only computer i have access to is at work, and they dont exactly like people doing other things like that with the computer. Thats why I havent been posting in a while!



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Just to show you guys what your missing:


Jeezus Juice [12:26pm]: I'wish I had more donuts though

What Now [12:26pm]: I still haven't had luch

Jeezus Juice [12:27pm]: I'm losing weight so I can do those turbo bungees

What Now [12:27pm]: What should I eat?

Jeezus Juice [12:27pm]: I was at 230, not I'm at 205

What Now [12:27pm]: Are you on a diet?

Jeezus Juice [12:27pm]: I need to lose like 10 more unless I can jump naked

Jeezus Juice [12:28pm]: not really a diet but I quit eating crap

What Now [12:28pm]: That's not pretty

What Now [12:28pm]: the anarexic diet?

Jeezus Juice [12:29pm]: whats not pretty about a 200lb nakedman tethered to bungees jumping on a trampoline?

What Now [12:29pm]: Why Turbo Bungees?

Jeezus Juice [12:29pm]: Cause they look fun, plue it gave me a goal

What Now [12:29pm]: ok

Jeezus Juice [12:30pm]: eat some oreo cookies

What Now [12:30pm]: SFMM doesn't have there's anymore

What Now [12:30pm]: Alright!

Jeezus Juice [12:30pm]: only leave em in the milk till they all crumble and drink it like coffee

Shadowforce [12:30pm]: Am I missing anything?

Jeezus Juice [12:31pm]: thats cause SFMM it the worst park in the world

What Now [12:31pm]: No

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I'm not sure if I helped test of the old or new chat mod. It bugged me that it has a timeout feature if you don't say anything for, I think, 20 minutes. Then again it helps keep trolls and lurkers out. In my case I couldn't add anything to the conversation so that's why I timed out.

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Hey there everyone!


Tonight at 7pm PDT I'd like to conduct a test of the Theme Park Review chat system.


Please jump in around 7pm and let's see what happens when we get as many users as possible in there!


--Robb "I hope we survive!" Alvey

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Ok everyone,


So for the most part, the chat room is DONE!!!


I've updated the color scheme to match the fourms as close as possible. I've updated the Information and About screens.


I've changed some of the smiley codes to make them easier to use.


Anything else?


Please give me as much feedback as possible...so unles anyone has any negative feedback...the chat room is OPEN!!!!!


--Robb "I hope everyone likes it!" Alvey

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