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The Haunt 2007

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ASYLUM ISLAND - Oceans of Fun -- RANKED #1 ASYLUM in the chain for 2007 by Dick Kinzel


I don't even remember hearing about (or seeing) Dick Kinzel visit Haunt last year. Nor does his opinion really mean anything. Everyone knows Asylum @ Haunt sh*ts on all the other ones. Aside from the bad location, it's definitely one of the creepiest mazes in the history of Haunt.


And the talent kicks major ass.

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I don't even remember hearing about (or seeing) Dick Kinzel visit Haunt last year. Nor does his opinion really mean anything. Everyone knows Asylum @ Haunt sh*ts on all the other ones.


Apparently not when he visited, which he did BTW

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First of all i got this off themeparkadventure.com which although it is not a good theme park site is the best for halloween haunt. Now onto

Vffreak's maze descriptions.


Grudge 2 was a very elaborate maze based off the grudge. You walked through the haunted grudge house wth grudge girls everywhere. They also used many mechanical special effects to make this maze really good.


Assylum pretty uch speaks for itself but you go into the Mangler Assylum and walk through dark halls with crazy patients and staff. There is a lot of blood and gore in this maze which makes it cool. Tied for my favorite maze.


Feary Tales is not a very good maze for scares but if you are looking for interesting his maze is very artistically done and because you have to walk through FT. to get to the Assylum so it is worth it.


13 Axe. Murder Manor is a really cool maze and even though I dont know exactly what the theming is. The year before I thought there was a specific storyline until I was chased by a werewolf and like an alien. Anyway this is tied for my favorite with the assylum.


Lost Vegas is just not very good but fun to do if you are bored or scare easily.


The other mazes I have been on are either gne or i did not have time to go into them.


Joey I was wondering if you had any info on Killer Klown Kollege and where it is located because I dont know where they could put it near accelerator. I am also interested in All the Other new mazes Particularly Beowulf Labrynth and Doll Factory


Is there any pyro effects in pyromaniax


Also i know u work there so what do u have to do to audition. These questions are open to anyone who has info



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No, that doesn't happen. They just ask you different scenarios, like: What would you do if a guest hit you? Or What would you do if a guest started yelling at you?


I work at a theater and stuff like that happens every once. I would like to yell at them and be like, "Bitch, get the fuck outof here." But I gotta be honest, I really have no clue as to how I'm suppose to react, so I just try and get away from them. People are mean and I can't do anything about it.


So in response to recieving that question I'd be like, "I don't know.. you tell me."


Anyways, i'd like to get a job at Haunt this year, but since its seasonal, I'd have to see if my other job will hire me back once I'm done with it. If not I might just have to move onto something else.

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^^You won't get hired for a monster spot if that's your answer. At least not for the first week or two (I'm sure that will pass by week 3 when they are desperate for anyone...).

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Can't wait for the haunt. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Haunt is kind of "my" thing I do with my friends cause I'm the one who got them into it. Sad to see Terrorvision go but it is time for a change. Glad their not promoting the temple of sacrifice thing in the jaguar queue, was usually more annoying than scary. As for the mazes;


Beowulf: Never read it, don't know what to expect.


Pyromaniax: Sounds like it might be cool for the log ride even though red moon massacre is a favorite of mine.


Doll Factory: Sounds like a promising theme. dolls=freaky


Killer Clown College: Sounds scary but that might be because clowns kind of freak me out. Wonder how there going to put that by accelerator.


Black Widows Cavern: Probably going to be much of the same stuff from the previous "army of the underworld" or whatever it was. Still good though.


Lore Of The Vampire: An ok maze made much better by the hot chicks in it...even if they are dead.


Asylum: Always great! Wouldn't hate it if they keep it there forever.


Red Beards Revenge: Ok maze, like the way it seems all creaky and old.


Feary Tales: Not a favorite of mine...just ehh...


13 Axe Murder Manor: One of my faves, seems like they always scare me the most in that one.


Grudge 2: Pretty good maze even though I never saw either movie. Creepy but the theming seems a bit odd now.


Lost Vegas: Didn't like this one, not many monsters and to open. The only cool thing in it was the bad puns on hotel names and stuff.


Dark Realm Lazer Rage: Good idea! Bad maze though. If you can even call it that. Kind of like half indoor/outdoor type thing. Seems like they were going to make another maze but just didn't have enough materials.

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Joey whichj maze r u working in?


Maybe I will see you there because I will be going with a bunch of my friends because we love the haunt. Too bad that they are killing H.H. and keeping lore but I guess that maybe killer klown kollege will be slightly like hatchet.


I Can Only Hope

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How can the Grudge me turned into a haunted house? Can someone describe it please?


Coming from a person that works at a theme park and requested not to be scheduled during HHN because I'm such a scaredy cat, I would have to say that the Grudge maze was one of my favorites. Basically you see the girl everywhere you look, but there are some cool elements like you get to walk through her hair(well, I didn't because I was crawling mostly) and they had some crazy people crawling up on walls from what I remember.

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^ I hear ya on that, I only got on the ride once a couple years ago and it's one of my favorite rides in the whole park, I've missed it twice this year in the spring and summer. My next visit will be for Haunt so let's keep our fingers crossed!

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Here's my take on things for 2007.


BEOWULF - LABYRINTH INTO DARKNESS: I honestly don't know what to expect having only read the book years ago.


PYROMANIAX: Finally a new theme for the Log Ride. Sounds awesome and out of the new ones for this year, this is the one I'm most looking forward to. Fire!!


THE DOLL FACTORY: Sounds promising albeit a somewhat narrow theme. Hopefully it'll be creepy with a bit of a Toy Story (a la Sid's house) twist.


KILLER CLOWN KOLLEGE: I have no idea how they're going to fit this maze in. But it'll be nice to have the clown theme back because I love clowns!


BLACK WIDOW'S CAVERN: Well, there was so much old Curse of the Spider stuff in the Mine Ride last year. (I know because I worked in it.) So I'm expecting it won't be much different this year other than a name change and any other subtle decor changes.


LORE OF THE VAMPIRE: Ugh! JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!!! I'm so sick and tired of Emo vampires.


THE ASYLUM: Same as usual. Great, creepy maze.


RED BEARD'S REVENGE: I always enjoy the pirate maze.


FEARY TALES: Haven't really gotten any scares in this maze. Really like the theming though.


13 AXE MURDER MANOR: One of my favorites! Glad to see it back.


THE GRUDGE 2: That was so last year.


LOST VEGAS: It was a let down last year. Maybe they can redeem themselves this year.


DARK REALM LAZER RAGE: Boring and dumb. Yeah, that's it.

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I see how they're fitting in the Xcelerator maze. It looks pretty cool, but honestly, couldn't they have just put a maze in Johnny Rockets or coasters or something?


No, thats not really very big. And besides, they can make money at those places so why close one for a maze that in a sense makes no money. So under Xcelerator seems like it will work just fine, the maze will just have to have a VERY loud soundtrack a la TerrorVision.

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