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Photo TR: SFoG

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You know your day at a new park is off to an interesting start when you get out of your car, look down, and see a bullet casing laying on the ground. We stayed at the Wingate Inn, the closest motel to the park which was actually ok, but they apparently feel the need for a full-time security guard. This is one tough neighborhood! But what a jewel of a park SFoG is, easily the most beautiful SF park we've visited.


Goliath lived up to the hype and then some, it's pretty much got everything I could ask for in a coaster. On the second day of our visit they let guests into the queue early (before 10:00) and we scored two front rides in a row with the trim brakes turned off right after the helix - amazing! Our second favorite was oddly enough Superman. It's ten times better than the clones in Jackson and Gurnee for one simple reason, it's not over a parking lot! The swooping low to the ground was amazing and you had green things like grass and plants below you, much better than blacktop. Then Mindbender was close behind, three great coasters in one park.


They have some clinkers (Ninja, ouch!) but all in all this is a great park. Loved the Monster Plantation dark/water ride, definitely bizarre and not to be missed.


Next stop, Carowinds.


And we couldn't leave without a spin on Acrophobia. The ride op was hilarious, sang ring around the rosie to us when were at the top. That's all for SFoG.


Who loved to party! What a great bunch of monsters.


Not surprisingly the place was filled with monsters.


So we took refuge in the Monster Plantation - fun ride!


And then this coyote stole my son's sunglasses.




...scream through the woods. Mindbender is blinkin' amazing.


...airtime filled...


A crazy...


What a gem this park has!


I know this is Marvin the Martian's dog, but does he have a name?


Loved, loved, loved Superman.


But pretty to look at!


Must be contagious, it's neighbor is also a pure-bred pain machine.


It's an ouch machine!


You know for a stand-up this one was actually a lot of fun. Same bizarre/awesome air you get on Chang, minimal headbanging too.



A view of the station. Besides Dragster what other coasters have the bandshell style?


Love those seats, so comfy!


Finally, amazing air time *and* ice cream.


Season passes processed ($50 out of market!) we're ready to head through the gates.


The walk from our motel, three minutes at most.


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Nice pics. I must get there one of these days...


By the way.. what are you talking about with the other Supermen having a parking lot under them? I visit GADv about once every two weeks and have never noticed anything except grass under it. SFGAm's also has grass... maybe you meant they were built over an old parking lot, and then got landscaping put in around it?

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^I'll go to the lighting ceremony of Ga Cyclone if they ever decide to burn it.


Did you get a ride in on Batman?


I missed Dahlonega and Canyon Blaster as far as credits go when I went last July. I really like the park overall though and will definitely try to go again whenever I visit my sister in Atlanta.

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Great pics, especially of Goliath- it looks awesome.

Monster Plantation looks great too- I was there once, and didn't get to ride it. I also found GASM to be painful, although I liked Ninja. I wasn't crazy about Mindbender. And I LOVED GA Cyclone- it's my second favorite woodie!

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I am glad you had a great time at my home park. I love the fact that so many out of town people really show love for Mind Bender. It is such a great ride, but it really had to grow on me. Most out of towners do not like GA Cyclone, which happens to be tied with Mind Bender for my favorite ride in the park. Did you get a chance to ride it. If so, what did you think.

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What's with all the hate with Scream Machine and Cyclone? Scream Machine has massive airtime, and while Cyclone doesn't have that much it's still a fun ride.


I haven't gotten the courage to do Goliath yet, but I hope I'll do it when I go in a few weeks. I was going to ride Acrophobia, but with the problems at SFKK...

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^Ummm....maybe you got the two mixed up.


Cyclone is the twister woodie at the front of the park that opened in 1990 and has amazing ejector air.


GASM is the out-and-back woodie towards the back of the park that opened in 1973. It has a few moments of decent to good floater air, but certainly nothing amazing.



Also, the problem with the drop tower at SFKK was simply a freak accident, not to mention the fact that the rides are entirely different, with different vehicles and lift systems.

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The view of The Great American Scream Machine used to be so much better before they put in the big swing ride....still can't believe they stuck that thing where they did.


Mindbender is amazing.

I agree. I hate that stupid sky coaster. It ruined IMO the most beautiful wooden coaster.

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What row did you sit in? It is KEY to sit in the very back car. If you do, you will get massive ejector


I agree that the Georgia Cyclone has a few moments on massive ejector airtime in the last car, though make sure you sit in the first row of the last car. The ride is on the violent side so you do have to ride defensively, but sitting in the "magic row" makes a huge difference.


The key to a good ride on GASM is to sit in a middle row of a coaster car (since each coaster car has 3 rows) We actually had a pretty good ride last April by sitting right in the middle of the train.

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Looks like it was dead!


What were the lines like?


The park was indeed somewhat quiet both Sunday and Monday we were there (6/3-4). The longest we waited was 10 minutes for Superman. But it wasn't empty by any means, they have some great ride ops at SFoG.

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