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  1. Chris - Looking forward to your report when you get back - thanks!
  2. Quick question for the masses - Has anyone ever done the Dine With Shamu experience at SeaWorld Orlando? If so, when, and was it worth the time/money? I've been doing some research, and I have noticed a few things I was wondering if anyone could shed some light upon. First, the time for the dinner is the same time as the Believe show. How are they able to do a Shamu dinner and a Shamu show at the same time at the same facility? I know they have multiple Shamu's, but it just seems odd they would stretch the staff out. Second, I've read a few comments about how the quality of this event has been going down hill since Busch Entertainment was put up for sale. Comments such as quality of the food, quality of the service, and ushering people out the moment the event is over. Can anyone confirm this is a legitimate trend? Thank you for any feedback!
  3. Wow - This brings back some great memories - spent countless summers in Ocean City as a kid, went here quite a few times. Just to clarify - the park was behind the water park where the public works buildings now stand. What was really unique about the place was the sky ride turn-around was in the bay. As a little kid this was the most thrilling ride in the place! If you look at a satellite image of the site, you can still see the original pier just offshore. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Uh... Why isn't this at Carowinds? Dale Earnhardt hails from Kannapolis, NC - just a 45 minute drive up I-85 from Carowinds. Wouldn't it make more sense to place this coaster in Earnhardt's back yard? Wait a minute..... Carowinds and Kings Dominion are owned by the same company, Carowinds is building a new coaster, the track for the new coaster is red..... Could Carowinds be getting a copy?
  5. Awesome trip report! Got a question that has been bugging me for years. On Nessie, the maintenance bay is under the station. So - how do they get the trains into and out of the bay? Very curious!
  6. I'm a long-time lurker who's going to try and post a Photo TR. In Orlando for business, had a free evening, so I went to Downtown Disney. Quite an interesting time. Only one negative - there was a lady with a 5 year old girl. The lady had the girl on one of those kid leashes. Uh, it's a kid, not a dog! To make matters worse, the lady is yapping on her cell phone while she yanks on the little girl's leash. Poor girl was tring to go down the slide at the Lego store, but the lady literally dragged her off by the leash. Epic fail in my book. Anywho - on with the pics! Well, they got half of this sign correct! Goodbye, and thanks for reading! Bonus hot cheerleader action shot! And now, what you've all been waiting for - some HOT cheerleader action! Also noticed this - what's wrong with this picture? While walking through the Team Disney store, I noticed this - what's wrong with this picture? Uh, Mr. Yeti? Is that your tag showing, or are you just happy to see me? Hey Peter! Tink has your other one......again! Huh, I didn't know TPR had a store in Downtown Disney! Stitch spitting on kids - Walt's rolling in his grave! And many, many dollarosaurs are spent.... Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea... Smoke em' if you got em'! Noted! Epic Fail - would have been an awesome picture if it wasn't for the freaking sun glare! I have arrived at the The Walt Disney World Village!
  7. Interesting about the F-16 with the folding wings - thought only Naval aircraft had the folding wings. Could this one be a static display, and the wings fold to get it into a trailer? Funny story - Flew off of an aircraft aboard a C-2 Greyhound for Ft Lauderdale. As we taxied up to the terminal for charter flights after landing, the pilot folded the wings back. Got off the plane, there was a family with a little girl in tears. As I walked by I heard the little girl tell her Mom that she didn't want to fly on that plane because the wings were broken! In the terminal I asked our pilot why he folded the wings - his response was "To get a better parking space."
  8. The bunny is behind the glass because it's the infamous Rabbit of Caerbannog!
  9. So I'm sitting here trying to figure out when I can use my free ticket before it expires at the end of the year. It just so happens that we'll be in WDW for a week in November. Because we have already purchased our tickets (using the Disney Visa card's Disney Rewards - free tickets!), we only have one day during the week free. So could we go to Universal for the day to use my free ticket, and visit both parks? Let's see - we would need one adult ticket for my wife ($84), two tickets for the kids ($74 each), plus $12 for parking. Add in meals, snacks, etc., and that free ticket would cost us over $300 for the day! Now I understand why it seems so many people won the free ticket - Universal is banking on the winner taking his family with him/her. I think we'll stay at Disney for the week where our tickets are truly free.
  10. I've got a theory going on this one. It seems that the majority of those who entered and won are out of state. So my theory is that Universal is trying to lure out of state people to Orlando to stay for a week and spend $$$$ at their parks. Anyone out there from FL who has won and want to shoot down this theory?
  11. This is very interesting. I registered at 9:00 AM Monday, and just got a winning confirmation email! There must be a catch somewhere - it seems that they are awarding more than 100,000 tickets! Will be interesting to see what the confirmation letter has to say - maybe that's when the bottom will fall out?
  12. Here's a thought - Now that the defunct Hard Rock Park is selling off its rides, I wonder if any of the rides would fit in the log flume site? How cool would it be to have the Led Zepplin coaster come to Carowinds? If not that one, which one would you like to see Carowinds obtain?
  13. Woot - Once you realize that they key is earning interest on the gold you do not spend (remember compund interest from finance class), you can get some really good scores - My best yet
  14. Just found this Youtube - insane! While not a "true" loop, it still looks crazy! ADMIN EDIT: There's a whole other thread devoted to this particular slide, with exactly the same video: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44049. Please post your thoughts about the new German "looping slide" there. Chuck (cfc)
  15. ^ It's called a Panniculus. Just thought everyone might like know - thank you and good night.
  16. Just read that Typhoon Fitow is slamming Japan south of Tokyo. Hope Dan isn't getting too wet! Hope the typhoon has wrecked too much havoc on the trip! Shouldn't make too much fun - there's a hurricane forming off the east coast, and is expected to hit us early next week. Stay dry! John "Where's The Umbrella?" Hambone
  17. Please, remove your mind from the gutter! Especially since it was two guys who got in trouble, and this isn't (wasn't) Brokeback Toad! They were doing stuff like throwing trash between cars, trying to slap hands with oncoming cars, and touching the scenary. Typical sophmoric behaivor. And of course, I was a model guest through all of it !
  18. This happened during a high school trip to WDW. One of the first rides was on Mr. Toad’s Wild ride. Friends of mine in the car in front of us were goofing off during the ride. When they got back to the station, they were greeted by a member of security. After a talk, they were free to go. The rest of the day, whenever they boarded a ride, the ride op checking restraints would lean over and tell them, “We know what you did on Mr. Toad’s. We’ll be keeping an eye on you.” Definitely not something you want to hear from a ride op!
  19. Just giving you fair warning before Robb reads your post - 1) You need to use the SHIFT key 2) That information is already posted earlier in this thread John "Trying to keep the Robb appeased" Hambone
  20. People – I need to climb on my soapbox for a moment, please. These mini trip reports that Robb puts together are awesome! They give those of us who are unable to attrend a chance to get a taste of what’s it like to be there. From the rides in the parks to the shenagigans in and out of the parks – it’s all here. Checking this post daily gives me a break from the boring and mundane that is my work day. So please, please, please. Do not anger the Robb by asking stupid questions. I’ve a noticed a very disturbing tread in this mini trip report and the Spain mini trip report. There are two types of Robb posts – he’s either posting a quick recap w/ pics, or responding to someone’s repeated requests for more updates, more pictures, what’s the schedule, or something else that upsets him. He’s working harder right now than anyone reading these posts! If Robb were to stop these mini updates, my life would be in ruins. I would actually have to stop reading these forums, and (please don’t make me say it) do some useful work. I for one do not want that to happen. Thank you Robb for all of these reports. I for one don’t want more updates, don’t want to see more pictures of other people, and don’t want to know where you’ll be and when. I just want more happy Robb posts and less angry Robb posts, please. I will now get off my soapbox so the trip report may continue. If you wish to bash me with my soapbox, please feel free. But please don’t bash Robb. We now return you (hopefully) to this mini trip report already in progress….. John "Robb's Annoyance Level Is Orange And Rising" Hambone
  21. Chris – Good luck – it’s a very tough situation you’re faced with, and I hope it all works out for you and your family. I was faced with a similar situation, and have a good idea of what you must be going through. I was in the Navy for almost 12 years – 4 active, 8 reserves. While in the reserves I became engaged and was starting a new civilian job. As an officer, I was doing a lot of work in between drill weekends, and the reserves stopped being a one weekend a month, two weeks a year gig – it became a second full-time job. I was ready to leave when my commanding officer had a suggestion – take a six month leave of absence starting the month of my wedding. The Lieutenant Commander selection boards were due out the month before my wedding, and my CO wanted me to also take this into consideration. But just in case I didn’t change my mind, my CO started my separation paperwork. My leave of absence started September 1st, 2001. We all know what happened ten days later. Prior to taking the leave of absence, I was at the top of the recall list. But the leave of absence put me at the bottom of the list. Had I not taken the leave of absence, I would have been recalled within days of 9/11, and my wedding would have been canceled. I was left with a very tough decision. I finally decided to put my family first, and left the Navy. It was the hardest choice I have ever had to make, and I hope I never have to be in that situation again. The worst part was the friends/family/peers who kept asking me, “Why are you doing this? Our country has just been attacked and you’re running away?” To which I responded, “I served my country for 12 years. How long have you served?” Very few people respected my decision, and it’s taken many years to heal that wound. In the end I was able to leave, but only because my paperwork had been initiated four months prior to 9/11. I was selected for Lieutenant Commander, and my separation papers reflect a rank I never physically wore. My final papers arrived in the mail the day I brought my newborn son home from the hospital – one of those little ironies in life. One chapter was closed, another one started. As for my fellow reservists who stayed behind? Within a month of 9/11, 80% of my unit was deployed overseas for two years, and about 50% of them went on to do another two year tour to support Iraq. Four years overseas, and nearly all of them lost their civilian jobs, and their families were left trying to support themselves with half an income. For the record, I do not agree with our presence in Iraq. I believe the war was started under false pretenses, and we should not be there. As is a common theme, I support the troops 100% (even my current job supports the war effort), but not the war. The best part about living in this country is that we are free to make our own decisions, and say what’s on our mind freely. And thanks to all the men and women serving in our armed forces, we will continue to have these rights. I for one appreciate the sacrifices being made daily so that I can freely make my own choices. Thank you for your continued service. John
  22. Send me a Private Message, and I'll let you know how close you were!
  23. How about something fun? Take a look at this Microsoft Virtual Map of Walt Disney World - Walt Disney World Microsoft Virtual Map Now, can you find the following 12 items? 1) Where is the Liberty Belle Riverboat? 2) Which station has the train pulled into at the Magic Kingdom? 3) Two monorail trains are about to meet – where? 4) Cleared to land – not! Can you find what’s blocking the old runway? 5) Where’s the big globe thingy used in Illuminations? 6) Where’s the Backstage Tram Tour at the Studios (aside from the two at the station)? 7) Where’s the train for Expedition Everest? 8) Can you spot the elephants out on the safari ride? 9) This one is tricky – can you find the giraffe at the Animal Kingdom Lodge? 10) There are some letters along the canal that connects Port Orleans Riverside with Old Key West – what are they? 11) What’s in the middle of the race track? 12) Someone was bored at Typhoon Lagoon – what did they do in the overflow parking lot? If you find something I missed, let us know! Good Luck!
  24. Howdy - Just read this article on the MSNBC website - Six Jeers For Six Flags Anybody agree or disagree? Or do you think this guy is totally nuts?
  25. Yep - we drove the DVP (Don Valley Parkway) Saturday morning going from the CN tower to the Science Centre. Fun drive, but there was no traffic. Despite the traffic, I would definitely go back to Toronto!
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