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You and the other languages....

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Hi! I've just had this idea: to create a topic where people could say all what they want in their own language or in others languages that they know... (english is forbidden!).

I open the topic saying:

Bonsoir tout le monde! Je suis ravi de vous parler en Français! Ca fait du bien lol!


Buenas tardes todo el mundo! Estoy muy contento vos hablar en espanol! Es un poquito bizare lol!


It's you tour now!

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Hallo! Hoe ist? Goed hoop ik.


Bonjour comment ça va? Bien j'èspère.



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Ich kleine kinder mit buttebrot gegessen (I actually put that on my German writing exam... Got a 'B' on that paper)

I wouldn't give you a B, I'd trow you in jail for doing something like that!


Ik hoop dat ze u te pakken krijgen voor dat er nog meer doden vallen.

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DejaVu4Life heisst Patrick. Er hat ein sehr nett, sehr schön Mädchenfreundin. Sie heisst Allie. Einege Tag Patrick wird mit Allie fliegen. Sie fliegen um Atlanta. Patrick liebt Allie.


Jezt habe ich Hunger. Ich will Kekse backen, aber es Mitternacht ist. Ich sehe South Park fern. Ich mag schlafen.

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En/et =1

To =2

Tre = 3

Fire =4

Fem = 5

Seks =6

Syv = 7

Otte = 8

Ni = 9

Ti = 10



Ti =10

Tyve = 20

Tredive = 30

Fyrre = 40

Halvtreds = 50

Tres = 60

Halvfjerds = 70

Firs = 80

Halvfems = 90

Hundrede = 100


Nu kan I tælle på dansk

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I took some Japanese lessons on my first year in the University and it was fun. Pretty easy language to study and pretty logical too.


I live in Israel and my first language is Hebrew (Shalom ... lol)

I also speaks English and French. I really want to study Spanish too.

I just love to study new languages.

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