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What is your favorite launched roller coaster?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite launched roller coaster?

    • Revenge of the Mummy - USF
    • Revenge of the Mummy - USH
    • Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Batman
    • Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Robin
    • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
    • Top Thrill Dragster
    • Kingda Ka
    • Storm Runner
    • XLR8R
    • Rita: Queen of Speed
    • Rita: Queen of Speed
    • Incredible Hulk Coaster
    • Other

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I'm sorry, but it's sacrilege not to have Macerick on this this. I refuse to participate and put Maverick under other



But seriously



This poll is from 2005, two years before maverick opened.


Oops! Thanks for that. I didn't even catch the date of the post. I jus figured it was posted recently and didn't put it together that it may be an old post that was bumped up.

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I haven't been on too many launched coasters, but I put down Storm Runner as it is a fantatstic ride. TTD is good too. Other noteworthy ones after 2005 that I have ridden are Maverick and Thunderbird

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I assume XLR8R is Xcelerator.


Hydraulic launches are always better than electromagnetic and Montezooma's Revenge is my favorite launched coaster, even over Xcelerator at the same park, which I also love. 0-55 in 4.5 seconds may be slower than the 0-82 in 2.3 seconds but the intensity of the actual takeoff is second to none.

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This question varries for me because there are elements on multiple launched coasters I enjoy. .


I Volcano, I love how surprising, and thrilling the blast comes. It doesn't have to stop for the launch, and yet the suspense is very intimidating.


I also really like Rock N' Rollercoaster, but as for the ride it feels quite similar to the Premier LIM coasters such as Flight of Fear/JokersJinx. But I like all of those.


The Mummy I think is the most fun I have on a launched coaster, that or Storm Runner. They're both just really fun, even though Storm Runner is real short. These are the ones I probably marathon the most.


I think my overall favourite is Cheetah Hunt only for the great balance between duration-time, and thrills. It's a long ride that is really fun, yet thrilling as well. Even if it's not too intense.


These are based on the ones I've ridden.

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