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  1. The relocated coasters from Geauga Lake were nowhere near 27 years old, I believe there were all less than 10 years old. Of course it makes sense to move coasters from a closed park when the coasters still have years left in them. How about you read the thread to figure out that I was trying to make a point, or just 'ef off. Someone mentioned that Matt Ouimet's regime does not like to relocate rides. Someone argued, then what would you call Carolina Cobras? (implying that it was relocated), and so I replied emphasizing that even though it was relocated, it was relocated at a time when Matt Ouimet was not the CEO. My point is that it was common for rides to be relocated then, not just from Geauga Lake, but not now, thus agreeing with the original poster who said Matt Ouimet's regime does not like to relocate rides.
  2. Geauga Lake, but that was long before Matt Ouimet took over Cedar Fair. Back then ride relocations were pretty common.
  3. Valleyfair will never get a WinterFest event, and it's the same reason why the flagship park of the company won't be getting one; the terrible winter weather. Don't hold your breath.
  4. First time ever in the Bay Area, and first time ever at CGA. Just happened to go during opening night of Winterfest. Absolutely loved it! It was done really well. Gold Striker was amazing, smooth, forceful, and so far the best GCI coaster I've been on. Flight Deck was very fun at night. CGA was millions better than the other park in the Bay Area ... and even though Joker was really fun, it's probably ranked as my least Favorite RMC to date.
  5. My guess is these are very likely, and they are almost exactly what was promoted for Valravn: tallest, fastest, longest hybrid roller coaster, and longest drop and steepest drop on a hybrid coaster. Other obscure ones would be: most track at one park, most steel track at one park, most rides in one park, and possibly most coasters over 200 in one park. Other possible ones I can think of (depending on if this will be predominantly air time driven or inversions, either most air time moments on a coaster or most inversions on a hybrid coaster.
  6. Check out Coaster-Nation's tweet. Not sure how to post it here from twitter's app
  7. Thanks, can you tell me if Riptide is SBNO or if it has been completely taken out?
  8. So now three areas lay idle: screaming swing, Ripetide, and wipeout. Looking at a map, it looks like they are freeing up space spanning from wipeout to Screaming Swing, assuming they're planning to take out Boomerang. Could be large enough for a major coaster.
  9. Anybody see the wager between Six Flags Great America and Cedar Point? I think it will be hilarious if the Cubs won and Cedar Point had to rename Dragster to Kinga Ka
  10. Here's one that's slightly more accurate. The poster who said it was closer to Coasters is right.
  11. If any coaster needs to be RMC'ed at MiA, it's Wildcat. Then there wood (pun intended) be a great one/two punch with Timbers.
  12. I'd rather there be no inversions, only because it's been since TTD in 2003 since we've last gotten a coaster without em.
  13. The problem with the Raptor track is it's only designed for a capacity of around 500-600 per hour (remember, it only seats 1 across). For a park like Knott's, that doesn't make much sense. T-Rex track I can see though.
  14. If Monte is really on the way out, what do you guys think of this idea for a hyper?
  15. I almost forgot to post this. I saw this on 90 going eastbound this afternoon. I doubt it's RMC nor Cedar Point related but thought I'd post it here since the color is awfully close to the track that's there now. If this was RMC, I have no idea what it would be because it look neither like track nor ledgers. It's probably nothing but I'm sure someone can look up the truck's number and find out.
  16. How about Wendigo? Basically the same as Rougarou but for American frontier folklore. On a serious note though, no need to use the words 'wicked' nor 'twisted' in the name because it would just cause confusion with Wicked Twister amongst the GP.
  17. My thought process is this: If this is intended to be a 2017 attraction, Cedar Point is waiting on an official announcement until a predetermined point that they've set where they feel comfortable that it will open on time. Especially if the timeline RMC gave them is cutting it really close to opening day (or any other day for that matter; i.e. Memorial Day weekend opening or July 1st). They don't want to over promise and under deliver. And this hypothetical point in time where they feel like they are on schedule or ahead of schedule (excluding unforeseen circumstances that show up later during testing: i.e. Maverick's heartline or Lightning Rod's launch system) could be anything they chose, such as all wood track has been removed, 50% of RMC track is installed, or the lift hill and drop are complete, or it could be a date in time, i.e. November 1st. Then they will make an announcement. But that's just my theory, and it would only make sense for this off season if this was intended to be a 2017 attraction. If it was for 2018, I wouldn't expect any announcement until next summer/fall.
  18. Just passed the Amazement Park right now and there no longer were any visible signs of an RMC truck, but the wood pile was still there. Either all the trucks are in Mean Steak's midfield already or Cedar Point is hiding it ... ...... or it was photoshopped
  19. More name?? Wild West White Buffalo Iron Buffalo Iron Bandit (The) Western Frontier
  20. Should we have more posters confirm that RMC fabricates S&S Free Spin track? Three doesn't seem enough
  21. They can name it Steel Horse! A tribute to Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive. "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I'm wanted dead or alive Wanted dead or aliveā€¦" They can play the song in the que and station
  22. i used to think it would be GCI over RMC, but there are two reasons against it now. One, GCI already has 4 projects for next year. Two, there haven't been any RMC related announcements for next year, which is odd considering they had 4 projects last year and their top designer (forgot how to spell is sir name) said they had 4 more projects for next year during some interview. I don't have any links to show but if anyone has it please post it.
  23. Why do you have to post the same bullshit post in 3 different topics??? Easy bro! Panties in a wad? What did I ever do to you to deserve all that aggression?
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