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Any WWE fans in the house??

Have you been to a live event?  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. Have you been to a live event?

    • I've been to a Smackdown! (if so how many)
    • I've been to a Raw (if so how many)
    • I've been to an ECW (if so how many)
    • I've been to a Pay Per View (if so which one and when)
    • Never been, but want to
    • Whats WWE!!!!!????? What are you talking about!!!?????

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^ My guess would be Shawn Vs. Bret Iron Man Match.


Probably won't get to watch Wrestlemania this year. I don't really have anyone around here to watch it with and split the price of a $50 pay per view. I'm more of a casual viewer nowadays anyway. Heck if it's good, I'll just rent it on dvd in a couple of months.

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I've been a WWE fan since I've attended my first PPV, Survivor Series 97

(That's right, the screwjob was my first event). My brother hosts a wrestling radio show and interviewed Maria and C.M. Punk, so it's in my blood. A fond memory I have is when a SmackDown taping came and I had seats right by the entrance walkway. John Cena was making his entrance and this was during the spinning U.S. title before WM21, he was a major face with a lot of support. I didn't like him then I don't like him now. Anyway he making his way down and my brother and I stuck our middle fingers in his face and shouting "CENA SUCKS and YOU'RE A DISGRACE". Those were happy times and a sign of things to come.


I'm watching Wrestlemania 23 at a movie theater, it's quite the experience especially WM. I'm saving up now for DisneyMania in 2008.

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Ok fine.. I like WWE too (even though TNA is free and I work at Universal..) I just havent had time to watch WWE lately.. plus Im tired of matches never ending fairly anymore! However I'll still be looking around for a bar that has Wrestlemania next Sunday.


The last WWE taping I went to was Edge's live sex celebration on RAW in Hershey, PA!


I can't believe they are going to have WM in an OUTDOOR stadium in ORLANDO.. it is the dry season but the weather is still unpredictable here! What if it rains!? I'm also sad that Im moving back to PA in May and wont be in Orlando next year to go.



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I like WWE esp when the Rock, Bill Goldberg was in it. I know most of the matches are staged but they are most fun esp the backstage fights.


I wish Sting could go to the WWE, he is my fav and watched WCW many times.


Goldberg should come back to the WWE and face Sting at Westlemania

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Don't really watch anymore (was always more of a WCW fan) but I always catch WrestleMania. It was enjoyable enough this year, nothing spectacular.


Think I'll try and get to WrestleMania next year seeing as it's in Orlando. I've attended two WWF/E PPVs in the past - Rebellion in Manchester in 2001 and 2002.


It was actually reading Mick Foley's books that got me into the whole coaster enthusiast thing!

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