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[KNEX] Project 2007

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Loving the catwalk. Also, that under-bed turn makes for a cool tunnel. Close off the sides if you can.
Personally, I don't like knex tunnels. They are not looking too well and can be annoying when the train gets stuck somehow. And it would be hard to install on top of a curved section.


Is there any news on the station? Yes, there is. I made a prototype of the loading platform; the first row queue. You will see it when I put up a new picture update. I will try to get my hands on finishing the trackwork first.

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I need some opinion here. The last element of Speed o' Fear will be a turnaround, but I have two options.


Because the hill is still descending, the turnaround can descend till the ground. The turn itself will be taken at a high speed, causing more G's. The train will have to climb up to the brake section though. This is option 1.


The other option is to stop the descending of the hill and to place the turnaround about one grey rod above the ground. This means less speed and less G's, but the train won't have to climb to the brakes.


I am still doubting, but I am leaning towards option 2. What is your opinion on this?


Option 1


Option 2

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I honestly don't care which option you go with, but try to make the turnaround bigger than that. It looks kinda unrealistic like that (and this coaster is so lifelike!) Also, the catwalk looks too wide, but Knex doesn't make piees that would be the right length, so what you did is a great alternative. (Plus it would be a royal pain to exchange all of them anyway!)

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