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[KNEX] Project 2007

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Project 2007



The time has come again; I needed to build a new knex roller coaster.


'Which style are you going to use, Jogumpie?' Well, this coaster will be a so-called Intamin Megacoaster.


'Why not Bolliger & Mabillard?' I have only experienced Intamin Megacoasters and they are still one of my favorites. Their layout was also better than others's in my opinion.


'What is the coaster's name?' That is something I will keep secret for a while.


'When will construction start?' It already started, please take a look at the picture below.


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It looks like you have less room to work with now that its on the other side. That is, unless you plan to move anything. Otherwise, you might be able to squeeze a turn in between the station and the lift, and make the first drop twist. I cant really see a turn between the lift and station realistically though..



Otherwise, looks very nice and professional. Keep up the good work!

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Oh my... I forgot to give you updates!


After the lift is the first drop (duh!) and it twists approximately 50 degrees to the right. The track pulls up and ascends into a large overbanked turn. This turn is going to followed by a bückel (almost the same size), I haven't finished it though.







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I have been having exams lately and I still need to read a few books to be accepted to the final exams, so there has been little time to work on this.


Speed o' Fear will be taken down from the end back to second half of the overbank. The lead-out is messed and needs to be fixed, otherwise the speed would be drained instantly.

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