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B&M coaster contest(RCT3)

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This is a B&M coaster contest the only guide lines are below.

You must post pictures and a download of the finished coaster by

12-1-06.Please make sure to post what custom scenary you used as well.

The last day to sign up is 11-26-06

fellow TPR members will vote between 12-2-06 to 12-8-06 winner will be announced 12-9-06

just added

You can now use the extended coaster in wild and your coaster can go underground.The reason i changed it was because everyone seems to have wild expansion and would like to use the extended coaster.




coaster must be





-Stand Up

-Dive machine



must have 7,8 or 9 rows(except dive machine 1 or 2 rows)

must have 4 seats across


for inverted,floorless,stand up

minimum 4

max 7

can be any height


minmum 5

max 7

can be a launch coaster

can be any height

Dive machine

minimum 1

max 5

can have 1 or 2 rows

can be any height


minimum 1

max 3

can be any height


must be taller then 200ft

no inversions

Automatic Disqualification

-No deadline extensions if late you disqualify yourself

extras(not mandatory)


custom supports

custom scenary





Top Thrill Dragster












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I finished the track layout earlier this morning, no I need to add scenary, custom supports, and pathways. I also whipped up this backstory for the ride based on Islamic myth;


"Long ago, a great city was built in deserts of arabia. It was named Iram, and was the city for those who followed the teachings of a famed prophet. But when this prophet died, a greedy high priest became the city's king, and it became the wealthiest city on earth. But then, a new prophet came from the desert, and told the priest that it was the will of god for the city to have a new king be elected.


The prophet warned the king that the city had been seen by the eye of god as sinfull. The priest sneared at the prophet, and had him executed the next day. But then, something terrible happened, the ground began to rumble, the skies turned black, and fire poured from the earth. The city was engulfed in this terror, and it sunk beneath the sands, never to be seen again.


Many heard the legends of the great city of Iram, but none who tried could ever find it. Until, one fatefull day, a team of treasure hunters re-discovered the ancient city in the early 1930s. Some seventy years later, this city opened it's gates once more. It had become a massive muesuem to ancient arabic culture, and tourists flocked to it in the hundreds of thousads, maybe even millions. But, the city of Iram still held the ghosts of it's long-dead inhabitants. Perhaps the devil himself now walks within these city walls..."

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I have wild.

But its not fair to the people that dont.

Its more of a challenge imo.

To try to make a good coaster without wild.But if everyone says they have it i will change the rule.





It is more of a challenge. But I think you'll see when you get the entries that they we be a lot more creative, and probably realistic looking.

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