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What did you learn in school today?


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^ I wasn't under the impression taht that was a bad thing for you...



What did I learn today? I learned that its VERY uncomfrtable to have a large foreign boy lying on you.


YOu see, in PE the teacher told us to get partners, i was partners with my friend VInce, but it turns out since he was broken (he has an arm cast) id have to get a new partner, so i grabbed this chubby mexican guy who doen't speak any english. BUts itas all okay, i didn't know what we had to do.


SO basically, the teacher tells us to get one person behind the ohter, so i tell him to get behind me, then the teacher tells the people in the back to mount on our backs and race to the finish line. He blows the whistle and my guy gets a running start and jumps *BAM* right into my back. ANd i hit the ground immediately.


Under fat mexican kid #1...


Then wheelbarrel race, somone trips him. He lands on me.


Under fat Mexican kid #2...


And yeah,m a couple more times that happened and i figured he was just messing with me, i hate PE.

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My Astro 001 lecture was on Active Galactic Nuclei. Basically there is a black hole at the center of the galaxy that is 2 million times the mass of the sun. If a star happens to get to close to it when the Milky Way collides with the Andromeda galaxy (don't worry, it's a long way off) we are screwed. The star will become tidally distorted by the black hole and form an accretion disk. The friction in the accretion disk will be so great that it will shine brighter than the whole galaxy. This will send out gamma and x-ray radiation that will sterilize the Earth.

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