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What did you learn in school today?


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I learned that;


The subjunctive conjugation in Spanish is for doubt or uncertainty.

My english teacher, despite being dull sometimes, is awesome (we watched Crash in class today and had a nice discussion about it)

Good Night and Good Luck is boring, George Cloony sucks.

In Basketball, a player can have the number 00.

Werewolves are scary.

Algebra sucks.



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I uh. Didn't have school yesterday and its the morning here so I haven't been to school yet. But on tuesday...I learned about the physical and chemical properties of Evindence in Forensics class. Chemistry had to do with Ions. Modern World History we watched a movie. Pre-Calc is factoring trigometric equations (evil I tell you).

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Well I learned that I LOVE girls! There was this REALLY hot one today and I was so smooth with her.


Oh well classes uh:


Spanish teacher has no sense of style

Leader's are hillarious

My geography teacher knows nothing about geography

Lunch is a great time to meet hot girls (already knew, just had a refresher)

English teacher is pretty cool

Math teacher gives A's for people who give her a sexual thing that starts with the letter "A"

Comp. Science is THE nerd

Science teacher absolutely hates me


Well now you know why all I do at school is think/talk to girls!

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I learned that To Kill a Mockingbird has nothing to do with killing a mockingbird.

Surprisingly, that was a good book. When I read it a few years back, I thought it'd be crap...I mean, what book you read in English class is good? But it turned out to be decent.

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