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What did you learn in school today?


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I've got three days to cover now. I'll work backwards.

Today I learned that it is possible to survive at school even after having forgotten your wallet and cell phone at home.


Yesterday I was not at school because I was in Ames, where I participated in Opus Honor Choir, which is just as difficult to get into as All-State Honor Choir.


On Wednesday, I learned that I will be getting a drastic schedule change at the semester mark. Let us compare.


1 - PE

2 - Drama I

2.5 - "Rider" Time (our mascot is the Roughriders. I have the worst teacher I have ever had for Rider Time. We're twelve weeks in and she still doesn't know anyone's name (and that's just the tip of the iceberg))

3 - Freshman Physics (so incredibly boring that I find myself drowsing off just typing this)

4 - Geometry

5 - Advanced English 9

6 - Advanced World History 9

7 - Prep Choir (Freshman Show Choir)


Semester 2:

1 - Geometry

1.5 - Travel to Central Academy (basically an AP preparation school)

2 - English 9 and Speech

3 - Chemistry (11th grade science)

4 - Travel back to Roosevelt

5 - Drama I

6 - Advanced World History 9

7 - Prep Choir


Three things really pop out at me. First, that I don't have to take PE (W00T!). Second, that I don't have to take Rider Time (W00T!), and third, that I completely skipped Sophomore Biology. I'll actually be in AP Biology next year. Supahkewl.

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Well this was on Wednesday, but I did 45 situps in gym class in one minute! Not impressive, but keep in mind that I suck at sports. Also, I got 8:25 on my mile and my friend (Timo) got 9:11 on his time


My report card grades:

English: B+

Geography: A!

Math: B-

Science: B

Spanish: C+ (I suck at spanish)

Art: A-


Music: b

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On Friday I learned:


P.E.....That my P.E teacher is lesbian and that it sucks to run from my school to the park in gym shorts, in 30 degree weather! A-


Diff. Science: ISS becasue i told the teacher that we dont live in 3rd world countrys so why do we need to learn metric conversions, also i got 10/18 on the test. I still have an A though


Diff. Prealgebra: GCF ( nuff said ) A+


Diff. English: Some people just shouldnt be teachers for 40 years. A


Family Consumer Science: Omelletes! YUMM!!! B- (wtf)



Diff. Social Science: Ancient Egypt, and a sexist teacher, he hates girls A


Health: Alchohol prevention and sex ed A+


So fun , i know i know.


after school i learned that hiding in the bushes and thworing tomatoes at busses is funny.

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I learned that my sociology professor is amazing because only 50 people out of a class of 132 showed up last Friday so he told all the people that did come to class (which included me) to sign a piece of paper and we were exempt from taking the exam the following Monday.


Laura "I can't believe that I thought about skipping" Huls

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I learned(this week):

-My math teacher is awesome outside of school.

-I can make my APLit teacher laugh at inappropriate things if they're placed in a work of literature.

-The antiderivitive of dx is x+c


int x[]=new int[3];

is not two dimensional, nor can you alter its length.

-I learned how they compare DNA.

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I learned......that Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchases for $7.30 per square acre in 1803 because he needed to pay his troops and that he could no longer defend his American land. That was it. Tommorow-I right a letter to my Swedish penpal who lives in the same town as Liseberg and ask them if they've beem there.

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