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Jahan's Super Sweet October Trip-Trip Report!

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Thanks for all the comments guys! Really appreciate it! We got this baby on to page 13!


Scare Actors or "Talents" It really doesnt matter. Jahan did put in a good word for you guys and said you were short handed. Thats all! He gave you guys "credit"!


Yea, thanks Ryan! I'll give you guys the credit of having the history you do! Perhaps its for that exact reason that I was a wee bit dissapointed this year.


And nice meeting you too Ian!


Anyway...onward! We're really getting there!...



Soooo…I spent the night at TJ’s place, as it was like, 2 in the morning by the time we got back from Knott’s. Regardless, it would be only 6 hours later that I would wake up and make my way to the final parks in my quest—the parks of the Disneyland Resort! Unfortunately this time, I would go it alone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always better to go with folks. But I had always been curious about hitting up the Disneyland Resort by myself. Give me a chance to see a different side of it, really take my time to do things I normally bypass in a group, not to mention take advantage of the glorious single rider lines. So I really wasn’t all that enthusiastic to find company.


Also, this is the first year that the Disneyland Resort would be “celebrating” Halloween. See, this year they decided to try and establish the same idea as the Christmas “season” at Disneyland, but for Halloween. Oftentimes families go to the parks twice in a year—once during the summer and once during Christmas, because the parks are all decked out for the Holidays. So I guess they figured, why not try to establish a second “season” at the Resort. You know, deck out the parks with Halloween/fall décor and see if they can bring in more crowds on decorations alone.


And it worked. Very well.


Curious to see the park in a new light, after 18-months of the “Happiest Celebration on Earth”, tons of guests filled the park. I can definitely tell that they’ll be doing this again next year. Do not get Disney’s HalloweenTime confused with Mickey’s Halloween Treat, which is essentially the west-coast version of MNSSHP, in DCA. Anyway, onward to the reports!...


I arrived there relatively early for me and got me my free parking with my AP.


It was a nice beautiful day in Anaheim!


Some of the new Halloween décor set up on the tram-route.


First things first. Remember how I said I wanted to do things that I would normally bypass in a group? Well, first off all that means breakfast! I have never had breakfast at Disneyland, so I figured, “why not?!” I entered Disneyland, but I didn’t do anything except head for breakfast, so I have no report for it until after DCA.


After running into some friends ( …more on that, later), I made my way to the River Belle Terrace, in Fronteirland. I was sure getting hungry! I saw a family walk by with those Year of a Million Dreams FastPass lanyards, and got thinking….they should really make a “Food’s FastPass”. 45 minutes. It took 45 minutes for one person to get breakfast! Judging from my other food’s experiences, I would assume that’s about normal for Disneyland. In fact, by the time I got to the register, I was sooo hungry that I ordered 2 breakfasts!


Watching them make the food next to me was cute, but didn’t help as I was going on 40 minutes in line.


My breakfast…a Mickey-pancake and Mark Twain breakfast! Just what the doctor ordered!


Yes, it was my first Mickey-pancake and I gotta say, it was really good! …Even though the thought of devouring Mickey Mouse was a little unnerving.


After breakfast, I made a run for it. I had already missed the opening of DCA, thanks to breakfast….so without further adieu, here we go!...






Park XII: Disney’s California Adventure

Disney’s HalloweenTime


The “California” sign, all decked out in candy-corn. For those who don’t know, the DCA entrance is supposed to appear head-on as if you are walking into a “CA postcard”.


Today, DCA was my park. Why? Well in case you didn’t know, nearly every major (and even some minor) attraction has a Single Rider queue. The only exception would be the Tower of Terror and it is for that reason that I headed right for it with some pace.




The hotel had a special “Halloween” entrance this month.


The lamp-posts even received these funky…things.


…even the lobby had its own assortment of Halloween theme! (technically the TOT story has always taken place on October 31st)


So far, we’re on par with Florida! Yay! Albeit the lobby’s a bit more illuminated over here.

It’s a Saturday morning and the Disney-park’s “new” attraction has quite the wait.




I personally really like the “cartoonish” lighting of the boiler-room. Isn’t “better” than Florida’s but it’s a fresh difference.


It’s time!




Florida has forever tainted my CA-TOT rides. *sigh*


Like I said, this isn’t any less of a ride! I just have realized that it totally lacks another “dimension” to it, literally. At this point, it really feels like you never actually enter the Twilight Zone, because face it—you never physically enter the Twilight Zone! I totally enjoyed my ride! Fo sho! But after riding both Tower’s within a week of each other…well, you know.


A good ole’ California exit-hallway!


It could be worse…it could be in Paris!


Next I thought I would hit up the new dark ride, Monster’s Inc.: Mike and Sully to the Rescue!...which happens to be one of the longest ride names I have ever come across!


The new Mickey-fountain really adds dimension that the “cardboard-cutout” entrance façade lacks.


Monster’s Inc.: Mike and Sully to the Rescue…whoah…my fingers hurt from typing that out! Here…. MI:MASTTR was “cute”. The queue could definitely use some work, but at least it felt like the ride got a fair amount of attention. Much better than “Super Star Limo”, the former attraction. I don’t know why this is, but I think the fact that the animatronics mouths don’t move appears more obvious in the newer dark rides, than in the old. Perhaps just because I was young and stupid, when I rode the older ones!


After I finished up my short tour of Hollywood Pictures Backlot, I was off to take advantage of the parks vast array of Single Rider lines!


The sun in Sunshine Plaza gets a lot of crap, but you gotta admit that it is pretty.


Good to be able to ride a Soarin’ Over California…in California, again!


I love you! I got to bypass 55-minutes of standby wait, and got on in less than 5-mintues!


Er…wasn’t I just here, like…a week ago?


You know, despite the fact that it’s the same exact ride, I prefer Soarin’ in DCA, rather than Epcot. Strange, I know! The reason why, is DCA severely lacks things for the “whole family” to do. When I go with my aunt or grandparents, this is really the only major ride that they can do! Where as in Epcot, the whole park practically caters to the family. So in California, the ride seems to really stand out more. It definitely feels more “grand” and “major” on the west-side.


Moving along, I ran into Grizzly River Rapids…also a single-rider friendly attraction!




This shot would have been real nice, but there’s a big ugly building in the background!


Lol! Now, I take that back—the Grand Californian isn’t ugly. But it is definitely obtrusive, no doubt. The hotel that borders Tokyo Disney Sea really seems to blend into the park, where as the GC stands out of the park! So we really need to get some trees against that thing!


…the masters of forced perspective, at work!


The good news is, I got onto Grizzly in a mere 5-seconds, thanks to Single-Rider! The bad news is, its always awkward when your have to sit with a family of 7! Especially when 5 of them are little girls and you keep getting stares from the parents like, “you aren’t staring at my girls, are you, punk!? What’s the camera for?! Back off!”


At least towards the end of the ride, they eased up a bit and began to talk to me…or was it “John”.


Grizzly is still my favorite rapids ride. It has caves, waterfalls, geysers, drops (two, one spinning!), scenery, a pre-ride lift, and some really awesome rapids! My only issue with it, is it really doesn’t have one, well blended story, but rather has several stories, each which don’t quite make sense! The ride has a sort of “rapids-company” story, a “mining” story, and of course the “grizzly bear” story, all in one! They don’t mesh together well. I think if Disney were to throw in a real juicy grizzly bear animatronic and focus the ride around the scary bear that roams the mountain or something (sort of give it an Expedition Everest feel), the ride would be even more successful. That, along with a few other animals (like a bird-on-a-stick ) would really make the ride feel all the more “Disney”.


But at least I got soaked! Trust me, the mom couldn’t stop laughing about how “John” got soaked!


I didn’t include a “landscape”-oriented photo of the ride, so I thought I would!


While I was there, it would appear that they implemented sort of a “Disney’s PhotoPass Beta”…just not as good as the real Disney’s PhotoPass.


…but no worries, as of now, the Disneyland Resort now offers the real Disney’s PhotoPass!


These “Push” roving/talking trashcans are real popular!


“Golden Dreams” theatre had a Halloween-themed meet-and-greet with the Disney-villains. I was hoping to get a photo with Jafar, my middle-eastern homeboy, but he wasn’t out!


I had now left the Golden State and entered Paradise Pier…first ride on the PP-Circuit: Mulholland Madness!


MM is also known as the “roller coaster behind the wall” ride!


Mulholland Madness is just a toned-down Mack wild mouse, surrounded by walls, with road-signs bolted to the supports. It’s fun, as a ride, but I don’t think that it is really fooling anyone as a Disney-ride! It’s about as heavily themed as Galaxy Spin, at Cypress Gardens!


See what I’m talking about with the “walls” and “Grand Californian standing out?


Oh God…that is not a pretty picture of me flying around that mouse-turn!


I swear, the guy who does the speil for this sounds JUST LIKE Fry, from Futurama.


Up next was Maliboomer, an S&S Space Shot, and one of less-major attractions to utilize a single-rider! Again, as a ride its fun, but it really it really isn’t fooling anyone as a “themed attraction”. Although the “screamshields” are always fun. For those who don’t know, the “screamshields” are plastic covers which essentially keep screams out of the hotel rooms.


…when I finally stay at the Grand Californian, they’re going to need scream shields to keep the screams inside of the hotel room.


You see the theming? No?... Its way up there, at the top! See it now?






At this point, I really only had one more attraction I had to do!...










Now that is a train of happy riders! …except for the guy in row 6, but you don’t want to be his friend anyway.


Screamin’ is a very spiritual experience for a couple of riders.


This one’s for Derek.


Even after an extra 24 credits, California Screamin’ is still one of my favorite roller coasters, ever. It is 4 years older than Tatsu and smoother. They trimmed it, you still get airtime in places. Its got hills, turns, banking tricks, speed, and of course, the inversion. What’s not to like? I personally would prefer as a more “tan” or “light-brown” color, to help further establish it as a ride themed to a “wooden coaster”, but you cant get everything. The queue could use some work, but that doesn’t matter to me today—I’m using the extremely popular single-rider line!


…and the operations aren’t too shabby, either.


Dude! Screamin’ almost gives me Kumba-hair!


I love this view. I love this ride.


What’s that? Aren’t you supposed to be behind Florida’s castle?!


For those who don’t know, DCA will be getting a new fun little attraction in over a year! I wonder if it will also be sponsored by Liberty Mutual.


After Screamin’, it was time to head out. I know it was early and I know that DCA had more to do, but I had a whole ‘nother park to get done!


Bye bye Paradise Pier!




That concluded a very awesome visit to Disney’s California Adventure. This visit was a very good one thanks in part to the numerous single-rider queues, which enabled me to finish the park in literally, over-half the time it would take me otherwise. The park is a good park. Second-best in California, I’d say. The rides are fun, the castmembers are awesome, the park is beautiful...


…its only really shortcoming is that it doesn’t feel “Disney”. Going to Florida helped broaden my concept of what “Disney” is, but I still cant say that this park fits that description. The “Golden State” region of the park (ironically the section with the fewest things to do) has the best atmosphere, whereas Paradise Pier and Hollywood Pictures Backlot really seem to lack here. Don’t get me wrong—they’re beautiful lands. They just havn’t been able to achieve that “Disney feel”. One can only hope that the $650 million dollar, 5-year plans that have been rumored on the internet, are true!




And with that, I exited Disney’s California Adventure, bringing my 12th park journey to an end. But by scoping the horizon, I knew exactly where this crazy adventure would come to an end…


…the place where it all started.




Alright folks…that concludes another addition to this trip report! Just one more park to do and I have this trip bagged! Be sure to check back soon for that one!


Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! As always, feel free to post questions, comments, concerns, or praise!



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Another Awesome and well put PTR! You always seem to Sum up what parks are all about! I really do agree with your "Disney Feel" rant! I totally agree! Another reason why I dont fall head over heels for this park is the reason that I LIVE in California!


Anywho! Looking forward to the Disneyland PTR!



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^ Thank you for your kind words!


Thanks to Mark and Ryan, as well!


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the final installment of Jahan's Super Sweet October Trip-Trip Report!...


Park XIII: Disneyland

Disney’s HalloweenTime



Alright, I have to say that I wasn’t entirely honest with you in the DCA update. I didn’t just have breakfast in Disneyland…


Lens cap and shadow in the shot. Classy, I know.


That’s right! This is what really went down!...


When I entered Disneyland, I darted straight towards Space Mountain. I figured my best course of action would be to grab a FastPass for the parks most-popular attraction, before having breakfast. As I was leaving Space Mountain with my FastPass in hand, a cast member intercepted me and said, “Excuse me sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take that pass.” I stood there dazed and confused, before looking to her left to find Chuck (a fellow TPR-er and CM) standing there with a large grin! I gave a good laugh at their joke and chatted with them for a good few minutes, but took off when they started to get attacked by Annual Pass holders for prizes!


So I just want to say thanks to Chuck and Angela! Your guidance helped make my dream come true!


It was at that point that I made my way across the park to the River Belle Terrace.


Sorry Elissa…this shot just doesn’t work in California!


Well, as luck would have it, it took me so long to get my breakfast and eat it, that I was eligible for another FastPass on the way out! So I grabbed me an Indiana Jones Adventure FastPass and then I was off to DCA.


But of course, you already read that trip report, right? Right?





Now, I made my way across the Esplanade and entered Disneyland at around 1pm. I think. Don’t exactly remember when. It might have been 2pm…


…Point being is that I am now back in Disneyland.


The cute Mickey “floral”, made out of mostly small pumpkins.


Made my way onto Mainstreet. At this point the California sky was already hazing-up.


Hey Walt! How come your out of focus in California?


Anyway, I thought that it would be best if I start knocking out these FastPasses, as by now they had both technically expired. First up: good Space Mountain!


I love this picture!


I walked up the FastPass queue and right into line. As always, the queue was backed up a little past the station-room, but it was moving quickly, as always.




Disneyland’s Space Mountain’s station is a very nice mix of old and new. The only thing I don’t like, would be the “window into space”…it’s very obvious that it’s just some plasma TV and the animation on it is too quick to be the flight of a “space station”. Anyway, I was on in a matter of minutes.


I. Love. This. Ride.


That is the Space Mountain I know and love. It is such a thematic experience. I know it uses 30-year-old effects and lacks a real “show” inside of the building (unlike Hong Kong’s, which has SFX throughout). Regardless, the lifts provide an excellent build-up of excitement and anticipation. The ride is smooth as Joe’s hairless butt. You feel the speed, despite never really topping 30 MPH. The turns elicit cool little g-force effects. I got me more airtime than in the SM that’s supposed to have “airtime”. And it was even better, as I rode it in the day…Space Mountain daytime rides tend to appear darker than at night, as your eyes aren’t quite fully adjusted to the dark. So it was basically a beautiful ride.


I suppose that I’ve said enough.


Pirates merchandise in the Star Trader? A bit much, no?


And with that, I made my way across the hub, to use my second FastPass…


It’s a real nice castle, you have to admit!


*cues background music*


Is it really necessary that I review Indiana Jones Adventure? It is my favorite ride ever. Enough said.


I used my FastPass to bypass a line’s worth of dirty looks and got straight into the temple. Again, the line was backed up to the bat caves, but it was constantly moving, so all was good. I still havn’t decided which queue I like more…this one or Dueling Dragons. This one feels much more real and believable, but I have to admit that the Dueling Dragons queue was pretty kickass!


Indy or Dueling Dragons?…either way, they beat Dinosaur!


The ride was the same fun-machine that it always was. Although, after talking with Julie, I have to admit I did notice that Indy too had a lot of “dark”. Between the Gates of Doom and the main chamber, as well as between the main chamber and the dart room (although I do like the web effect). Another thing is that this ride could really use some TLC! The bug-effect doesn't line up with vehicle, the EMV-speakers are blown, the animatronics are twitching out on us, and there used to be so much more fire! So this ride definitely gets a Jahan "Refurb Me" stamp!



Either way, Indy was a load of fun! It’s got a great story, amazing scenery/theming, and the ride-system is always beyond-enjoyable!


To think my favorite ride isn’t even a roller coaster!


A shameless plug turned “story moral”.


This truck would mean something if a certain someone would just watch the darn Indy films!



You can either complain about the system, or you can work with it. So Robb, Elissa…I’m going to borrow KidTums for Disneyland now and then. I want a good Fantasmic viewing spot, too!


Pirates of the Caribbean had a 60 minute wait and I had been on it probably 8 or 9 times in the last month, so I thought it would be ok if I bypass it…just this once. I know, I know! Lame, I know! But there were other things to try out, such as, well…


“A long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams”…


… “For the story you are about to be told, began with the holiday worlds of old.”


That’s right folks! Time for Haunted Mansion Holiday!


For those who don’t know, Haunted Mansion Holiday is the holiday layover for the Haunted Mansion, 3 months out of each year. It lasts from October to December. Basically, the idea is that Jack Skellington and the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters have come to deck the halls of the classic Haunted Mansion. It’s a real great idea and loads of fun!


The Haunted Mansion portrait, mid-change.


Good thing my name isn’t common, or else Mr. Snake Dude would have eaten it by now!


… “And what better gift, on my friends to bestow, than a graveyard that’s covered, in ghostly-white snow!”


Instead of hitchhiking ghosts, you get a holiday treat from Oogie Boogie!


Haunted Mansion Holiday is a great attraction. As Robb said in his last Disneyland Trip Report, it is one of the better ideas that Disney has thought up of in recent years. And this year has been rumored to be its last year (each year, this is the rumor), so who knows. One positive side effect, as well, is that it guarantees that the Haunted Mansion gets a very thorough refurbishment by default, each and every year!


After HMH, it was time for…


…A zippie-doo-daa attraction!


Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news, is Splash Mountain, while posted at an hour-long wait, is the only ride in Disneyland to utilize a Single-Rider queue, making it very Jahan-friendly today! I got on in less than two minutes flat!


The bad news is I got loaded in a boat-full of, what I can only seriously describe, as medically-obese people. Like, I’m pretty sure they exited into an electric scooter to cart their asses around the park. No joke. So that meant that our log was riding pretty low in that flume! Now for those of you who remember the Magic Kingdom trip report, I got all and all rather SOAKED on their Splash Mountain. I really didn’t think that anything could soak me more! I was wrong!


Why so sad, Jahan?...


…Perhaps because what’s circled is my one and only “dry spot”…not wet spot…dry spot.


Splash Mountain was fun as always, but it is one of the bumpiest log flumes I have ever been on! And I know that my log was riding exceptionally low on this particular day, but even in general—the log has a habit of hitting the flume quite hard, making the ride uncomfortable at times. I can still enjoy my ride on it, fo sho! I just find it a bit bumpy!


After Splash, I thought I’d warm myself up with some McDonalds fries.


Sorry Elissa! The jerks didn’t give me any Monopoly pieces!


My next ride was hiding just around the river bend…


…Yup! The next ride for me would be Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road!


OMG! If you look closely in the middle, you can see a bird on a stick!


Big Thunder doesn’t have a single rider and it was much too late to FastPass, but I thought that I would just wait out the 25 minute queue. Wasn’t bad at all. Probably ended up taking only 15 minutes, as well. I love when they over-shoot queue times! That makes me happy.


Ahhah! Suck THAT Maverick! Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad has 3 lifts and a LAUNCH!


Uh…Why are Big Thunder’s LIMs paying tribute to Balder?


Weee! I see that guy trying to sneak a POV!


Either I’m experiencing the infamous “goat trick”, a g-force trick on the second drop, or…well…



Now THAT’S what we call a head-chopper!


I think BTMRR is still in my top 10! I don’t know why…I just love it!


It is a real solid ride! Lots of airtime, g-force tricks, amazing scenery…it doesn’t get much better than that. My only complaint would be its 3-lifts really kill the momentum, but what are you going to do?


Bye bye Big Thunder! Love you!




It was at this time that I would have gotten in line for a certain-fifth major attraction…


Buuuuttt…it was closed.


Lame not having the Matterhorn open. This refurb is lasting over 3-months, I believe. Lame. Laaaaaaame I tell you. I would really support the idea of the Matterhorn pulling a “Space Mountain”…taking a few years off, if it means totally-refurbishing the ride system and show. That would really help bring it up to date and prevent as much further down-time for these lengthy refurbishments.


Although, the Matterhorn really fills a void you find in Florida. It’s probably my favorite Arrow.


By the time I had finished with Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad, I walked to the hub to find a parade going on. Like I said, I wanted to spend today doing some things that I wouldn’t normally do, so I decided to watch the parade. It was actually rather nice. As I havn’t seen a parade in God knows how long, it’s amazing how far the parade technology has come. Like, after watching all these parades on TV this past month, I think Disney should just be in charge of them all!


I wouldn’t say that I would go out of my way for a parade. But on a day such as today, when I’ve exhausted the park’s major attractions…why not.


Mickey and Minnie, on a life-size replica of the castle.


Oh God…I said my first “castle-size” joke…I think I need a shower.


Now they’re giving us a reenactment of the Paris video that leaked!


Oh God…I said my first “Paris-video” joke…I think I need another shower.


I believe that Disneyland Ca is the only Disneyland that sells chimichangas on Main Street U.S.A.



Hey, I happen to really like chimichangas, so no problem with that!


After the parade had passed, I made my way around the hub. I had finished all of the major attractions available, so I just decided to take my time and simply stroll the length of Main Street, taking pictures and checking out the store windows. Very “old” of me, I know.



Awww….I have camera envy.


Apparently I was walking at a faster pace than the parade, as I caught back up with it!


“I want you’re nuts.”


Heh. The eternal lightbulb. The reason we have the coolest Firestation.


After walking Mainstreet for about 15-mintues, I called it quits. I had more energy in me for more Disneyland and I even was planning on meeting up with some friends, who would be coming in a few hours, but all of a sudden I had this bout of “old”. I know I’m 17, but I decided that I was “ready” to go home. Wanted to be home for dinner. Lame, I know. But I was done.


With that, I stepped out of the park.


This is my “stepping out of the park” picture!


Just one more tram ride.




While I found myself very partial to Epcot, this trip reaffirmed to me that Disneyland is still my favorite park. It’s small, no doubt. But between its history, charm, offerings of amazing, well-kept attractions and entertainment, and great castmembers…it just feels like a very well “balanced” park. A wholesome park. What a park should be. And for me, it does have that “home” feel that they so heavily marketed on during the 50th Anniversary campaign.


…a great way to end this amazing park-tripping expedition.


You know, I’ve never done this sort of “trip” or “park-expedition” before. This was the first time in my life I had mustered up enough cash and freedom to execute something like this. And as I sat quietly on that tram ride back, I really felt a sense of accomplishment! I know others have done bigger trips. I know that. But this was my big trip. Thirteen parks in less than a month. I was exhausted. I felt as if I didn’t need to go to a park for a good while!


But like I said, I felt accomplished. After all the hours I worked to pay for the parks I visited, rides I rode, experiences I had, and friends I made, I felt a sense of accomplishment.


I know I will definitely be doing this again, in some way or another…




Well folks! That should just about do it for the final update in this amazingly long trip report! Be it you just read this as your first installment, or you have been following it since Park I, I really appreciate you giving your time for my pictures, captions, reviews, corny-jokes, rants, expressions, memories, and experiences.


Thank you much! As always, feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, and of course, praise!


“Nice having you…buh bye!”



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Aww...too bad to see your TR come to an end! It's been really fun to read!


There really is something to be said about going it alone in the Disney parks. I've had very little "alone" time at DL and DCA, but have had tons of it in the Florida parks! It's very nice to just wander around and take in all the little things that you'd miss in a group. You also don't have to worry about someone else getting bored if you want to stand and watch a rapids ride for three hours (I've done that )


This truck would mean something if a certain someone would just watch the darn Indy films!


Love you too.



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What a great way to end the photo tr of all photo tr's! It was great going along for the ride...I am glad that you enjoyed yourself...and thanks for the kind words about the resort...sometimes it is disheartening to hear some of the negative feedback about the resort, but reading your honest point of view is very refreshing! Take care, and see you at the parks!


chuck "making dreams come true" garcia

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Very nice TR, Jahan. I feel the same way about Disneyland that you do. It's small, but it has a lot of charm.


In October, I spent a week at WDW and saw almost everything there. Those parks are just too big. Fun, but big. One of my favorite things to do at Disneyland is to just walk around and watch people.



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As always Jahan, awesome TR. I just did a single day at Dland a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to make your own pace and agenda. Total agreement on the Matterhorn rehab comment. Take a couple of years and realy re-furb it!


Anyway, looks like you had a great time. I always look forward to your reports. As Tony the Tiger would say, "Their Great!"


Keep it up.

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