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Why do you think it is clear that Jin died?


I do not think it is clear.


The Oceanic 6 knows they left people behind. That's why Jack wants to go back to the island, to rescue the rest and I think Jin is one of those left behind.


My opinion - Sun cries at the grave site because she knows she will never see Jin again. He sacrificed his return (but not his life) so his wife and child would live.


Why does Hurley show up at the grave? Not sure, could be an anniversary, he could just be doing it for show since people are still trying to find the island, he could bored with life. He's a multimillionaire with free air travel on Oceanic for life so traveling to Korea is not outside his means.


I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just saying it is not clear that Jin is dead.

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Woo hoo!



I actually felt a little sad for Ben.


Just a little.


Great episode.


And nice to see the smoke make a cameo appearance, LOL.


It was great, and I wanted more.

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It had the amount of action I would expect in a season finale.



Not the season finale yet. We still have two more episodes before the finale starts.


I liked the episode although I really wanted to see a little more of that secret room/wall that Ben opened to unleash the smoke monster. Looked like something you would see in Goonies on first glance.


I am ready to find out some more stuff on Jacob.

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Just finished watching last nights episode. Really great! Lots of action, moving the plot forward, less annoying Jack, etc.


LOVED that they brought the smoke monster back just enough to give us some information, but hopefully we'll find out more! I'm still not seeing how the 6 will get off the island since they're all seperate and annoying right now but hopefully we'll find out soon!


Bernard and the morse code was obvious, yet still awesome!


Oh...I missed this show...glad to have it back! Has it been announced yet how long it's going to be between this season finale and next seasons premier?

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^ Less of TwentySnore and more of Lost.


I downloaded the episode in HD (thankyou kind internet) and WOAH. I was genuinely shocked when Alex was shot!! Me and my friend watching went speachless for a minute.


But the whole men on the island thing was awesome! And the code for the fence. And smokey.... woah that thing was larger than we've ever seen it! Ben obviously has control over it, but was Juliet still lying when she said


"we don't know what it is but it doesnt like our fence" clearly Ben knows what it is, and the fence was down.


I still wish some of the actors would act a little more suprised at things happneing on the island.. Claire just seemed to wake up from her house explosion and act like nothing was wrong. And nobody batted an eyelid when smokey dragged that guy back into the jungle.


Wonder what's happened to Sayid and Desmond tho.. And Penny!!! If Ben kills her the lost script writers are going to get some serious complaints. I do see the eye-for-an-eye thing. But its penny!

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What? Nothing? Have people not watched it yet? Although a slow episode it moved the story along.


Sounds like Jack finds out that he is related to Claire (Says to Kate regarding Aaron - "You're not even related to him)

I still think Jin is alive in the look aheads based on the way he told Charlotte to get "Sun and my baby on the next helicopter." I interpreted this to mean he knows he is not getting off the island. But who knows.


I don't understand how the mercenaries got away from old smokey.


The sound of the smoke alarm going off in Jack's hospital reminded me of the sound in the hatch when numbers needed to be input.

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Well, all the Jack and Kate shippers can rejoice now.


I really wish they would quit mentioning Jacob one episode, and then the next has no mention of him.


In the preview for next week, who is the guy that tells Locke he has been dead for several years? Was that the guys who was in the first Ben flashback?

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^I believe the first time we saw Richard was when he was recruiting Juliet to the island. He was basically the recruiter for the island. He also shows up in the Ben flashback episode as one of the original "others". At the end of last season, he was leading the other group of "others" to the temple.


I really want to find out more about Jacob, but I am afraid they are just going to drag it out until the season is over like they usually do. I really hope Jacob is an actual person (which the producers have promised he is) and not just a title for the leader of the island.


I did like it when the guy told the Doctor that the message on the satellite phone said that they found a doctor with his throat slashed.


Doctor: "But I am the doctor?"


A few more things I noticed this week:


-It appears that the others have been interested in researching "special" children for a long time now. It appears that Locke, Ben, and Walt have all been sought out and studied.


-Is Claire dead? She sure seemed calm about not having Aaron anymore. She was almost as obsessive about Aaron as Michael was about Walt. (If that is even possible!)

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A question about the bald dark skinned guy who was wheeled John arounf after rehab and also tried to visit Hurley in the future at the pyscho ward. Do you think he works for Ben's Group or Widmore?


The whole "time" issue with the Losties finding the doctor's body before he was killed is confusing me. Sorry, I'm not very good at comprehending sci-fi theories.

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Well it's silly to think that there aren't some people playing both sides, he seems like good one to be doing that!


Watched last weeks, still waiting to watch yesterday's episode. Jahan! Where are you!?!?

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