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Official LOST Discussion Thread


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The whole Michael thing is strange. I'm not sure how he ended up on the ship. If the ship just picked him up out of the water you would have to think they would suspect him of the sabotage. And then where is Walt? Oh no I sound like Michael


It is feasible that the two of them made it back to land then Michael joined the crew (as a favor to Ben), but that would mean he left Walt again which he said he would never do. Or Walt was abducted on the outside world and Michael needs to help Ben to save Walt.


Michael could be a double agent working against Ben without Ben knowing, but then who sabotaged the ship.


DO NOT TRUST THE CAPTAIN - I found the captain to be the most straight forward character ever seen on LOST.

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^The captain pretty much went along with what was showed on the game so I trust him. Since Michael is working for Ben and there is a hate between Ben and the boat, I'm going to assume the "Don't trust the captain" is a bit biased.

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Okay, I finally got to catch up after a crazy weekend at work and I have to say that I actually really liked it. Here are my reasons why,


We now have a time bomb in Jin. He's going to die at some point before the O6 get off the island. And yes, I think he's dead. For him not to be dead would invalidate the emotion of the last scene with Sun at the gravestone, and I would hope the producers are smart enough to realize that. So now we're sort of back to where we were with Charlie last season except, unlike Desmond, we the viewer have absolutely no ability to try and change the future.


Juliet showed how ruthless she could be by telling Jin about Sun's affair. I think Juliet is a great character. Any character that can make me root for her one week and absolutely hate her the next is the kind of character that makes for great stories because they are the most human. Not all good people are good all the time and vice versa. Making characters "grey" is the greatest achievement of Lost as a whole.


Yeah, okay Michael is annoying. And yes, I was reminded of that as well even though he only had like one line. Unfortunately he's one of the loose threads that need to be wrapped up in order to keep the fans (us) happy. The fact that he's on the ship with an assumed name though, got me to thinking.


There is no way that the ship just happened to pick him up in the middle of the ocean. I think he had to have gotten onboard when they left port. The timing wouldn't make sense unless...the co ordinates that Ben gave Michael actually took him out of the island bubble and brought him into the past. Into a past where Ben was able to manipulate him (like he's doing to Sayid in the future), give him a new identity, and able to make him part of the crew even before the crash happened.


I know it's a little far fetched but hey, it's Lost. Who could have guessed when watching the pilot episode in 2004, where we would end up in 2008? At the very least this show has stimulated some great conversations I've had in the last four years concerning religion, science, faith, good and evil, conspiricy theories, our perception of time and even quantum physics!


I, for one am really looking forward to this weeks episode even though it is centered on Michael. Because sometime you have to ride a Dragon Wagon in order to get to ride the Intamin Hyper, and in the end it's fun to talk about both.

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Well, Desmond only appeared to be having premonitions about Charlie's death(s), and that seems to have stopped (for now anyway) since Charlie died.


But who knows? The flip-flopping between time periods was something new for Desmond, as he was leaving the island on the helicopter, so anything's possible with all bets off, IMhO.


Two days until the "Michael Episode" lol.

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Haha, Mr Friendly is gay! Well at least he "indulged" according to him.


Ok so besides that, I was hoping it was someone more prominent that died. It was sort of a blah death to me. I do, however, believe it was Ben that killed them in the jungle.


Here's another thing, ABC said that the 6 have been revealed and they did show Aaron as one of the Oceanic 6, but the below on Tvguide shows something else.


Question: Who the heck are the Oceanic Six? If Aaron's not one of them, and Jin's grave marker is for his "supposed" death when the plane crashed, who else made it off the island with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Sun?— Jen


Ausiello: Who said Aaron is not one of the Oceanic Six? Certainly not me. Take another look at my asterisk quiz from Feb. 27 and consider all of the possible combinations. In the meantime, don't expect a definitive answer about the Six from Team Darlton. Carlton Cuse tells me they're "not going public with any further clarifications right now." And what of the ABC promo that promised viewers they'd know the identity of the Six by the end of last week's episode? "We don't determine how ABC promotes the show," says Cuse. "But Damon and I will say you have now seen all of the Oceanic Six in this season's episodes."

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Haha, Mr Friendly is gay! Well at least he "indulged" according to him.


Yeah, he told Kate early in season 3 that she's not his type. Finally, we got the payoff. Sometimes it seems the writers of Lost like to raise questions a lot more than getting around to answering them, so I like when they do little things like that.


Anyway, I think tonight's episode was not as shocking as expected, nor did that cliffhanger really grab me. Although Charles Widmore's people and Ben Linus' people both say the other staged the wreckage, it seems a lot more likely it was Widmore.

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I missed the first 10 minutes last night due to a work meeting. I thought the episode was okay. Would of been nice if the episode had concentrated on the island or the ship, instead of Michael spazzing in front of the camera.


I definitely think Ben set it up for Kyle and Danielle to be shot. What a bastard, although I can't completely fault him for Kyle. He was a tad on the annoying side.

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Just got done watching it (had one helluva work shift last night). A lot better than I thought "yet another Michael-centric episode" would be.


...Though I couldn't help thinking if the writers totally filmed the car crash scene a lot like Back to the Future on purpose. With the whole time difference thing... it could have been plausible, right?

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^So, just thinking out loud here:


- Tom seen at Pala Ferry dock at end of Season 2. Walt and Mike leave in the boat.


- Tom still on the island, as recently as when Ben gets the surgery.


- *events of this week's episode transpire*


- Tom killed by Sawyer on beach.


So Tom somehow left the island between the surgery and his death, even though he was there when the submarine exploded.


P.S. Did Tom go with the rest of the group when they "abandoned" Ben?

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I didn't like this week's episode. (It was bad, not Exposé bad, but bad)


It just was a big Michale flashback, then Carl and Rousseau getting shot.


I felt like I knew everything that happened while Michale was off the island and how he got on the boat. (Not in detail, but general ideas)


The only thing i did like was that we found out that Tom (Mr.Friendly) was gay.

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OK, I just deleted some posts. Please try to stay on topic and avoid pointless bickering. Also, everyone should review the Posting Rules at the top of the main forum, especially the one about the use of proper spelling and grammar. Thank you for understanding.



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Here is how the remaining Episodes will break down:




4.09- April 24th. 10pm-11pm.

4.10- May 1st. 10pm-11pm.

4.11- May 8th. 10pm-11pm.

4.12- May 15th. 10pm-11pm. (Finale Part 1)

4.13- May 29th. 9pm-11pm. (Finale Part 2 and 3)


Well we didn't get the full 16 episode season, but this will do.

I just hope we won't have to wait until December for the DVD set to be released!

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