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I have now been suckered in the watching the prior week's episode in enhanced form prior to each episode as it helps me pick up things I missed.


Although it was clear as day in the previous week's episode that the Lamppost was built by the Dharma Initiative, I missed it. Also, the pop-up text implied that Ben did visit Penny to kill her the night before the flight.

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I freaking love this show! I was actually excited to see Sawyer end up with Juliet. They actually seem to fit together really well.


Now, obviously, the whole love triangle starts over again with Kate coming back in the picture. I also like how this show can not have much action and still have an amazing episode.

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^Throw in Jack and you got more than a triangle.


How the hell are Sawyer and Jin going to keep Hurley, Jack and Kate hidden from the others and Dharma? Probably not very well.


I guess we are to assume that Jin is the mystery woman that disappeared with Lapedis, but where is Sayid. This woman that had him in custody doesn't seem too concerned that he is not around.

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I don't think the time skips are over yet. It seems to me from the scene where Sawyer witnessed Aaron's birth that the occasional background whispers from the first few seasons are probably the Losties skipping around in time, watching their own inhabitation of the island from the sidelines.


Assuming no time skips took place off screen, that still leaves quite a few "whisper" scenes to fill in, if this theory is indeed true. Backing this is the supposition that Horace was telling the truth when he told Sawyer that he had never heard of the "Black Rock" in 1974. If the "Black Rock" doesn't yet exist on the island, there must be additional time skips to facilitate its arrival.


On the other hand, Horace could have been lying his pants off, and the "Black Rock" is actually where he got the dynomite for his makeshift tree bombs. However, if that's the case, I can't help but wonder what excuse Sawyer and the other Losties would have for sticking around. If they were supposedly searching for the "Black Rock" when their salvage ship was destroyed in the storm, wouldn't someone at some point between 1974 and 1977 have said, "Oh yeah, by the way, the boat you were looking for is washed up on the other side of the island. Now that you've found it, guess you'll be on your way. Next sub leaves in 20 minutes"?


A better theory, I think, is that Horace got the dynomite from the construction site Marvin Candle (or whatever his name is this week) visited when the worker was killed drilling at the Orchid for the energy source that makes time travel possible. This, of course, assumes Dharma and not Richard Alpert's group was the organization conducting that research.


Speaking of Dharma hatches, did anyone else think it was odd that as soon as Alpert entered the compound, the first hatch called was the Arrow? I thought that was just a storage facility. Maybe that was where Dharma kept its arsenal?


Looking back, the four answers I still want most are: Who are the Adam and Eve skeletons?; What's up with the four-toed statue?; Who were the "Others" in tattered clothes that included the kid with the teddy bear that Jin (and others) was hiding from during the journey back from the Tailies section?; and What's going on with Cindy the flight attendant and the other people who were happily strolling through the zoo outside the Hydra when Jack was brought in to perform surgery on Ben?

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^ But I'm glad I watched it.


It made me realize that I would really like to see an episode that focusses mainly on Richard Alpert.


I mean, there's got to be more to him besides his connections to Ben, John, and now, Sawyer....yes?


And more besides his arrival on the island at his first point in time, hmm?


Tonight's repeat definitely made me think more about Richard and want to know more about him, etc.

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So I’m going to try something here. I’m going to try and post my thoughts to the best show on TV right now the day or two after new episodes air. I’ll post my thoughts and please feel free to trash or agree with anything I do here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The ability of Lost to stimulate conversation on everything from Love to Time Travel to Morals is what makes this show so great. So please, feel free to add anything, especially if you disagree.


Now be warned, there are spoilers for the episode ahead. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know what happens then stop reading NOW!


Okay, first off can I just say that Frank rocks? He is by far my favorite of the new characters introduced last year and I’m really glad that he’s back and it looks like he might be in for the final haul through season six. Since Frank was supposed to be the original pilot for Oceanic 815, I think it’s safe to assume that he “belongs” on the island.

And the way that he handled the plane going kablooie was perfect.


Speaking of which, did anyone else notice that it went from night to day all of a sudden? Now everyone was thinking that Ajiri 316 is in 2008 (the present) but after last night (and that sudden transition) I think that maybe they are actually in the future. They are actually in 2010 to be exact. This would put them in the right timeframe to be “current” when the show ends next year.


The runway. Remember waaaaay back in Season 3 when Kate and Sawyer were building the runway? Now we know it wasn’t for aliens landing. It was for Ben’s return to the island. How much of what is happening now, did Ben really know about? I think it’s safe to say that everything that’s happening is not happening for the first time. This isn’t the first time the record has skipped. The real question is; how many people remember the previous skips? And is it really true that whatever happened happened? I don’t think so, at least not anymore. Not since Desmond imploded the Swan. He’s been the game changer ever since.


So Sun and Frank make their way from the small island to the main island (after Sun plays whack a mole with Ben’s head, Go Sun!) and find Othersville to be deserted. Well except for Christian Sheppard! So the debate continues, is Christian a ghost. If he is, how did he turn on the lights and hand a picture over to Sun and Frank. It seems like Christian is as real and tangible as they are. Did he need some time to transform from Ghost Christian to previously-dead-but-now-alive Christian? I’m not sure on this one yet.


He also tells Sun she had a big journey ahead of her. Does that mean that he’s going to send her to 1977 with the rest of our Losties? If so, can time be controlled that precisely?

Or does he mean that in the next loop she will be sent to 1977? Come to think of it why didn’t Sun get zapped with Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sayid? Has she done something in the past three years which has made the island not deem her worthy now? Is the fact that she gave birth to a child mark her as different now? Or is it because she abandoned Ji-Yeon that she was not allowed to return? Did Widmore do something to her? I like that idea. While I don’t think that Widmore is the complete bad guy that Ben’s paints him to be, I don’t think he’s the good guy either. It think he might have done something to her to prevent her from finding the island without him. Doesn’t seem to have quite worked out for ol’ Charles.


Back in 1977 Sawyer, with Juliet’s help, is able to get Kate, Jack and Hurley into the Dharma Initiative. (Love the repeat reaction Jack had to being assigned a “Workman”, it’s the same as Ben’s father had.) But Sayid is captured as a “hostile”. Luckily Sawyer was able to keep Radzinsky from killing the renegade Iraqi and instead puts him in the Dharma prison. Where he meets up with a pre-pubescent Ben. So the old philosophical question comes up. If you could go back in time and met a young Austrian artist named Adolph Hitler, what would you do? Do you kill the boy before he becomes the monster?

Here’s a crazy thought, what if by trying to kill Ben something goes wrong and Annie is the one who gets killed instead? (You remember Annie, she’s Ben little girlfriend that we were introduced to back in Season 3?) This is what starts Ben down the path he’s on today which has brought nothing but grief to our Losties. (Not to mention quite a few people in graves.) So our Losties are the ones to blame for creating Ben the monster.


So now we have all our Losties back on the island (okay they’re separated by 30 years but that’s a minor detail). I think the rest of the season will be trying to get everyone back to the same time period. I have a feeling that Daniel is going to be a big part of that and that the fabled “incident” will be season finale. Speaking of Daniel, it seems our resident professor has been disenfranchised by the D.I. since Sawyer said something like he was there and now he’s not. Does that mean that he’s been hooking up with the Others and Richard?


So that’s it for now, I think I’ve rambled on long enough. See you next week!

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And then, there's still the question of when Jacob comes into the picture, hmm?


I haven't seen it, but has there been any indication that Jacob is physically around, yet?


I get the feeling we have already met "him", and it'll turn into a surprise reveal, eventually. Maybe it's somebody's middle name, hmm?

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^^ maybe he pushed it, left, and that's how Sun/Frank got back to the 70's?


My theory on why Ben and Sun didn't go back is because they already exist on the island in the 70's. Young Ben, and maybe Sun is actually the daughter of Pierre Chang?


I did notice that Othersville looked a bit different when Sun and Frank got there. The old Dharma signs were still hanging from the building, but I don't remember seeing those before. Wouldn't the Others have gotten rid of those? This could be an alternate future.

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Naw. Miles is Pierre Changs kid i'm sure of it. He must've spent time on the island because of the whole nosebleeds thing. It would make sense.


Anyway Sawyer went back to when he was already on the island when he saw Aaron being born. So I don't think it's about being in two places at once. More Sun pissed off the island somehow, or was chosen to stay and help Lapidus do something?


Aside from being the destined Pilot (maybe thats why the original got killed because he was the wrong person?) he might have some other role to play?

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