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Wow, that was great! I wonder how that is going to play out.


Oh and here's a funny article (funny to me anyway).





An ugly dispute between Rebecca Mader and her former Lost bosses over the correct age of her late character, Charlotte, appears to have been settled. Thanks, in part, to, well, me.


But first, let's flash back to the most recent Lost podcast, during which exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse -- in attempting to explain how Faraday could have seen a young Charlotte in 1974 when she wasn't born until 1979 -- alleged that Mader changed the age of her character from 37 to 28 in an earlier script "because she did not really want to brand herself as 37, which is what she would have had to been had we stuck to the initial script."


Mader fired back on her Facebook page, accusing Team Darlton of throwing her under the bus. "The timeline error was their mistake," she harrumphed, "and they are making it out to be my fault. Not cool."


Reached for comment this evening, D&C now concede that they got their facts wrong. "Rebecca is absolutely right and we apologize to both her and the entire fan community for screwing up the story," the pair said in a joint email. "By way of explanation, here's what happened:


There were a gazillion questions about the timeline discrepancy in that young Charlotte clearly exists in 1974, but wasn't supposed to be born until 1979, per a single line of dialogue courtesy of Ben back in episode #402. When we inquired as to how this happened, the intel came back that we used Rebecca Mader's birthday, July 2, 1979 because she was actually eight years YOUNGER than the character as originally conceived/scripted. We misremembered this as having come from Rebecca herself on the set, but in fact, it came several days earlier when our continuity expert Gregg Nations pointed it out and suggested using Rebecca's actual birthday for Charlotte. And so, the mistake was OURS. Rebecca's production draft DID have the date as being 1979.


Our first mistake was the timeline gaffe, but the much more significant one was wrapping Rebecca up in this when she had nothing to do with it. Not her fault on any level. It was our bad. One hundred percent. We will say as much in a very special "Eating Crow" edition of our Podcast tomorrow. Speaking of which, what a wonderful world we live in where we can make a comment in a Podcast that triggers a response on someone's Facebook page and that triggers a mea culpa on someone else's blog. Ah, technology."


I'm glad that's settled.

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It sure would be nice to see some sort of cohesive storyline begin to emerge at some point in this show. I have hopes that they've got some silver bullet that will eventually tie everything together, but I'm honestly beginning to wonder if that will be possible. If they continue to further splinter the plot then we may reach a point where all the King's horses, and all the King's men, can't put LOST back together again. That is, if we haven't passed that point already.


Has LOST "jumped the shark" yet? I've thought it did several times both last season and again this season. The thing is.. Will we really be able to determine when the show "jumped" until it concludes and we can look back? I'm really of the opinion right now that the show has "jumped". It's just exactly when that I'm having a hard time pin-pointing.

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^ At the time, I would have agreed. That has been the all time sucky episode so far, at least in my opinion. However, many subsequent episodes have shown promise. Once they started in on the time travel stuff, I felt the show was on a slippery slope. It just seems to be slipping faster after last night. Not only do they continue to leave far too many stoylines hanging, they keep opening up new ones, of which many will probably also be left hung out to dry.

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Thoughts on "He's Our You"


So let me start off by saying I don’t think Ben is dead. Nope, not even close. Not only that but I think that older Ben actually pushed Sayid into shooting younger Ben. Think back on the episode. Though out the entire thing Ben was manipulating Sayid and honing him on his killing skills. He even tells him “That’s who you are, you’re a killer.” I don’t think that Sayid particularly wants to be a killer. He just happens to be good at it, but if he really had his way he would never kill again.


Enter Ben. First he “recruits” him to exact revenge for the murder of his wife and then when all the killing is complete, he kicks him to the dirty Russian curb without even so much as a goodbye kiss. Then when it seems like he’s started a new life, here’s Ben again to put Sayid back on the killing bandwagon. Why push Sayid’s buttons so hard? Why manipulate such a dangerous man and make him hate you? The only reason is that he wanted to make sure that Sayid hated him so much, that when given the chance he would shoot Ben. Even if he was just an innocent kid at the time. Besides, Ben knew that he would survive, so it was all good.


So why would anyone want to make sure they got shot in the past? Because it already happened and whatever happened, happened. Ben was always shot by an escaped “other”. No matter what Ben or any of the losties do they CANNOT change what has happened. So yes, Kate, Jack, Hurley, etc. were always part of the Dharma Initiative. Ben always knew them as he was growing up, that’s why he knew so much about them when they crashed on the island in the first place. None of them can do anything in the past that will influence the future.


So if they can’t change anything in the past, then why did the barracks look so different for Sun and Frank when they had their chat with Ghost Dad, Christian Sheppard? Why did it seem like there was no purge and the others never took over the “town”?


Because there is one person who CAN change the past and influence the future; Desmond.


I think at some point this season we’re going to see our rogue Scottsman come back to the island and, due to something he does, makes it so that the purge never happens and the D.I. stay in control of Dharmatown.


Wow, I didn’t think that would be as long as it turned out. As for the rest of the episode, it was just; meh. I think they could have condesed the entire episode to the last 5 minutes and it would have been equally satisfying. Nothing that happened in the first 50 minutes really mattered to the story that much.


It feels like they’ve been ramping up for the last couple of episodes but I’m still waiting for a big payoff. Although I think that at the end of this season we will all be just in the dark about what’s really going on. All the really good explanations are going to have to wait until next year. And yes, I do really believe that they have it all worked out and that just about everything will be answered. They may not be the answers we want or like, but I think they have an endgame in mind and have been building towards it.


Until next week.

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Once Penny's kid came out the boat, I had a feeling Ben wouldn't kill her. When Cesar was trying to find the gun and Ben just pulled it out and shot him instantly, now that was Ben being Ben. He has been my favorite since he showed up on the dock at the season 2 finale.


This show can not get any better! And we only have one more season left which sucks.


I am waiting on what has happened to Claire, even though she is a boring character.

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The island sems to have a soft spot for children (once they are born).

Alex - although taken from her mother, probably had a much better chance surviving her early years with the others

Ethan - somehow survived the purge

Walt - island thought he was special

Ben - taken in by Richard

Penny and Desmond's kid - although the kid was never on island saved Ben from shooting Penny.


The whole smoke monster/Ben scene was well done.


Oh and I loved Desmond beating the crap out of Ben.

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Ethan - somehow survived the purge



The others probably took all the children right before they threw the gas. I am pretty sure we will see more of what happened right before the purge either this season or the begininning of next season.

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After last night's episode I'm starting to think the "Others" may be the crew of the Black Rock. Yeah, I realize the time periods don't align, but that's kind of out the window at this point in the show. I have no idea if that's correct, or what significance it may have. Just something that struck me for no particular reason.


I thought the Egyptian hieroglyphics were kind of an unsuspected aspect of Ben's encounter with the smoke monster. Perhaps a symbol that the mysterious "powers" of the island had been discovered far earlier than we may have imagined?


At least the show is back to being entertaining for now, even if they didn't do anything other than leave us with more questions.

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Just caught up with the last three episodes today. Very good stuff, not quite as good as I was hoping but I always have very high expectations for this show.


The Egyptian hieroglyphics actually make a lot of sense and tie my BIGGEST freak out moment together. The 4-toed statue, is according to some crazy lost fans research, some sort of Egyptian Fertility god.


Very interesting, can't wait for more!

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After last night's episode I'm starting to think the "Others" may be the crew of the Black Rock.


In my view, there's only one good reason to have not shown us more of the Others by now--the same reason we didn't see much of the Dharma Initiative: because there are main characters in it (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc.)


The Purge will happen, and the losties in Dharma will become Others.


/Wild guess. Don't "know" nothin'

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^ He always joined the hostiles, so he's still in charge of the purge. Somehow he got back with Dharma, so they will have to show that at some point this season.


Right. I seem to recall Widmore saying something to young Ben that strongly implied that he would have to go back to Dharma for at least a little while.

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Eh? I'm confused. What day does the program air in America? Over here it's Sunday night. Last night was the EP in which Ben is judged by the black smoke.


It was a good EP. Locke was the highlight. Everything he said had such a deep meaning. I loved it!


-- Jordan

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