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Walygator Parc Discussion Thread

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And another air race is sold for Zamperla! I think it has to be the most successful thrill flat ride since the Tops spin was introduced.

I'm pretty sure that Zamperla had this kind of success when they introduced the Power Surge back in the 90s.

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Are there any Topple Towers left that run? Not surprised to see this one go as it's been SBNO for quite some time.


This Topple Tower was working in 2013 for a little while after a big refurbishment by HUSS, but it was still down most of the time. The new owners of the park choose to remove it and replace it for a new ride in the nearby future instead of leaving it SBNO like the old crappy owners did.

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What about the topple tower in Djurs Sommerland, in Denmark?

Is it still running? It was, back in 2009 when TPR was there.


Yup, it runs on a daily basis. Short break downs happen though, and when a part needs to be replace it can be down for 1-3 weeks, but they do a great job of keeping it open.


The new Viking ship for Djurs are from HUSS, so I imagine they still have a pretty good working relationship.

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I have to say this ride looks fantastic!


I didn't really like the paint scheme when the parts first arrived, but as proven here, never judge a rides look until it is completed.

I'm impressed with the new owners for investing in the park. I can't wait to see how it looks in 5 years, then they should probably have gotten rid of this "crappy" feel that I have seen in all the photos I've seen of this place.

















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^ This looks great! And yes, I hope things improve for Walygator Parc.

So much space and potential there, that was literally falling apart, when we

(TPR) were there in 2008.


And then there was Anaconda....

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Hmm I think Anaconda really needs the Gwazi retracing program. So basically should just be closed.


I didn't realise the park finally got rid of their topple tower though! Both times I have been to this park it was closed so I can't say its a real loss and having been on the one at Djurs they are dumb anyway. Im surprised Huss sold as many as they did.

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The re-themed rapids are now open.











A video of the new area...




The park is working on more of these make-overs for other areas of the park, which would including a tropical and a "1900" theme.



photos: Cedric Thil

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Its Walygators Jurassic Park including soundtrack haha. Nice to see the ride given a new lease of life though. If this is a sign of what the park is doing in the future to their attractions though I'm all for it as the park seemed pretty run down when I was last there.

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Interview with Jacqueline Lejeune, the park's manager:


(in French)





The most interesting bits:

(partially Google-translated)



The park's future...

Paris was not built in a day. When we see our colleagues, eg Fraispertuis and Nigloland, it's been over 25 years since they started. I think I can get that kind of park, in terms of quality, development ... within four years. We will have completed the theming of existing zones in that time, if we don't encounter any problems.


For next year we have a choice to make for the re-theming of the three remaining areas. We will not do that because we're renovating the Monster. This winter, it will be completely repainted. Currently, we're doing color tests so that the colors are in line with the theme of the future area. I can tell you it will not be black. He needed it because it is a symbol of the park. The station will be covered and there will also be some surprises on the course but I can not tell you more at the moment because we are still in talks with suppliers.


To develop the park quickly, I would buy many things but you know very well as I do that the time at major suppliers of the name is very long. When ordering a coaster at Mack-Rides, it takes several years before receiving. For park whose management has changed recently is a drag.


Regarding the marketing and communication, we will draw to an image development company. The park was so much massacred by the former management it is imperative that we regilds the image of Walygator. This company will help us!


For the 2014 fiscal year, we attracted 440,000 visitors, which translates into a figure of close affair 9 million. For the 2015 fiscal year, we are already more than 25% in terms of inputs and sales compared to the same period last year. My goal within two years is to exceed the 500,000 visitors bar but especially to increase the average ticket per visitor.


Regarding takeover rumors...

Walygator park will not be sold Looping Group or to any group whatsoever. Of course, if someone proposes € 50 million, I sign immediately because I opportunist ( laughs ). Anyway, I'm not trying to sell it, do not worry.


About Anaconda (the wooden coaster, currently SBNO):

A few weeks ago, GCI came to the park to estimate the repairs. The verdict is in, it is necessary that we put back a whopping 500,000 euros. It's been three years that the same amount is invested each year. The bill already stands at 1.5 million euros, which is very consistent.


A wooden is a money pit in a park. I've noticed that for several years, many parks are replacing wood coasters with a steel coaster or either they appeal to Rocky Mountain Construction. Calling this company is very expensive because you have to redo everything at once: change of all rails, the lift system, brake tester and trains. It takes several million. This is the price of a new coaster, so to choose, I prefer to steel.


I do not deny that if it was up to just me, it would have been removed long ago. It is I who make the final decision but I like to be supported by my team and that is the goal. Currently, half are for and half are against. I'm not the queen by saying "I do, I do it," so I think I'll start on the internet a survey of our visitors, fans ... to make the right decision.

If it turns out that we must keep the Anaconda for several years, I will not invest in a new coaster.


I think that keeping it, there will never be total satisfaction to our visitors because it will always shake, although at the time I speak GCI has already renovated about 40% of attraction. If we redo this winter, it will make 70%. Unfortunately, there will always be 30% which will make in the coming years, due to the exorbitant cost of the renovation. I rode the attraction in June and I pulled the arm of my partner who was next to me to cling onto, because it shakes so much.


At the time I speak, I can not tell you more about the future of the Anaconda. It is true that it is the emblem of the park but do not live with the past but look to the future.


A new coaster?

In the future, I will invest in a new coaster for sure, but not the same type as the Monster. I hope soon to have a family model, original, unique ... with the feeling but not too much. This is to be accessible to the entire family.


What I'd like to see in the park is a type coaster mine train, to give you an idea. With a big theming and accessible from a meter or 1.20 meter at most. My technical director is working on the project. We are researching quality manufacturers, but I would stress the time between order and delivery is long.

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Great to hear that Monster is getting a repaint. Such a great ride but it looked so strange just stuck there with a faded paint job. If Anaconda stays I will be very surprised I mean I don't think a big renovation will be able to save it so good riddance hopefully.

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