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Project: Deep Valley Amusement Park |RCT3|

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Deep Valley Amusement Park

Final Update


Here we are, on this October 31st, on the tenth update in this 'story'. Over the past couple of months, you've been given bits and bits of Deep Valley's story. You've cultivated different schemes of what you think Deep Valley has been about. So far, few guesses have been correct, or even close.


Now I think I have your trust.


If you haven't guessed already, Deep Valley was (and still is) cursed. How do I know this?


The courthouse writing: Anyone, whom chooses to crossover, cut into, or go through this valley, will be sentenced to eternal death


Think of Deep Valley as the Bermuda Triangle...


Except, the valley has, 'what cuts into'.


The valley holds no yields...


The curse is a strong one...


But why were the coaster and mine left untouched? The curse was smart, it knew the coaster or mine didn't go there on their own...


... people put them there.


Unfortunately, the curse also affected those who crossed over the valley as well.


Even those who had no intention of crossing the valley.


Yet here I stand, wondering about all of the unanswered questions




And the government thinks by filling the valley in, this will solve all of the problems...


But the curse lives on


The mine probably still lies at the bottom, untouched


And the coaster probably still runs...


So who knows what the future holds, but unfortunately, I doubt the curse Deep Valley is gone for good


Personally, I think it will strike again...








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OMG dude you AGAIN scared the crap out of me!!! I shouldn't have watched that movie, esspacially after the warning


I still don't get it. What happens to the people in the train, what's in in their that everything happens 'soo fast and intense'?


OMG this is the perfect Halloween mood setter. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me . I'm totally into halloween now (though noone else here is )

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^ Sure.


Deep Valley was a curse. Plain and simple, like I said from the beginning. You can't explain all curses, or most of them anyway. I wanted to leave a little unknown in there to let you think. That's what makes "curses" mysterious, you usually don't know what happens to the people that are affected by the curse. You got to continue on with the story, were they transported to another dimension, did they really not die?


It's up to you to continue the story.

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I am kinda dissapointed that you had to finish this with a crappy shock thing like that...


I'm kinda dissapointed that you didn't like it, but I couldn't care less. Almost every single post that you've made in this thread has been pointless so I don't really take anything you say seriously.


(not trying to flame)

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Every post I've seen from you in this thread has been a rude one; I can't believe it took John this long to say something! I mean, you'e said everything from:


"if this park ends up sucking i will be very angry."


" meh, im too lazy to do that. ill just wait till you reveal it..."


I mean, come on! Not one post you've made has said anything truly about the park - okay, maybe one or two - most of them are just about how you're lazy, hope the park doesn't suck, or wondering why he won't just post it to make you happy!


I really don't want to start a flame, but I've been holding it in (as well as John has this whole time!) and it's about time someone said something!

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not trying to flame you here either dude. Im just stating my opinion. All your other vids have been cool, but i think you could have thought of a more origional finish...

I think your attitude on the forum lately has been complete sh1t. In fact, I would go so far to say that you ARE trying to flame people.


It's not allowed here.


I've already warned you once via private message.


If you have to be told again I'm kicking you and your attitude off the forum.


I think I've made myself very clear, and it's part of the TOS. So knock if off.



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