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Project: Deep Valley Amusement Park |RCT3|

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Deep Valley Amusement Park


See updates a day early here.


Go here to see the updates without posts inbetween them.


View the updates in order, it will make more sense.



- Teaser Video #1 - Link

- Update 1 - Link

- Update 2 - Link

- Update 3 - Link

- Update 4 - Link

- Update 5 - Link *WITH VIDEO*

- Update 6 - Link *WITH VIDEO*

- Update 7 - Link

- Update 8 - Link

- Update 9 - Link



Starting this September, every Saturday, an update will be released....



....Concluding on October 31st.


Prepare, to visit Deep Valley Amusement Park September 2nd.


I'll be posting "background" updates, or teasers, until then.

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^Dude check your posts after you post to make sure that you don't double post.


It would help to know which game this project is in.

I would advise against setting a release date until you are actually finished. And that "train returned but..." quote goes with a coaster more then with a whole park.

Sounds interesting, looking forward to it.

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