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Favorite Fictional Characters

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We all know Guy is in love with

Kim Possible.


Here are the ones im in love with.

Mario the italian Plummer from the SMB Video games,

even though hes dating Princess Peach

Sanji the cook from the One Piece Anime.

Mater the Tow Truck from Cars Movie.

Pardoes Jester from Efteling Theme park.


What Characters does everyone else have the

hots for???

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Favorite fictional characters... let's see...


There's the obvious Venom from the Spiderman franchise, Violator from Spawn comics, and yes, very random but Folbert the turtle from Rocko's Modern Life. Anyone else remember that show, it was great, I have the whole series on ghetto DVD.


Which of these three doesn't belong?







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Cleric Preston from "Equilibrium"


Captain Jack Sparrow


Andy Dufresne from "The Shawshank Redemption"


Jules Winnfield


Benjamin Braddock from "The Graduate"


Han Solo


The MacManus Brothers from "The Boondock Saints"


The Dude from "The Big Lebowski"


Officer Bud White from "LA Confidential"


Cosmo Kramer

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Okay, I've resisted this long enough. Here's my list. It's pretty eclectic, I guess you could say. In no particular order:


Rick Blaine - The epitome of cool. (Google it, kids. )


James Bond - Like Rick Blaine, but with cool gadgets and more hot chicks. As any heterosexual male could tell you, this guy was a straight pimp.


Indiana Jones - What kid didn't wanna be this guy?


Batman - Definitely the coolest of the superhero genre.


Sonny Crockett - It's a SoFla thing....you wouldn't understand.


Darth Vader (in the good trilogy) - Best..Villian...Ever.


Jimmy Conway "Goodfellas" - Best mobster ever.


The Dude ("The Big Lebowski") and/or Brody Bruce (Mallrats) - The best of the on-screen slackers.


Angelina Jolie as "Lara Croft" - 'nuff said.


Tully Mars - The main character of two of Jimmy Buffett's fictional bestsellers, "Tales From Margaritaville" and "A Salty Piece of Land."

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Mr. Pink (Reservoir Dogs) - Steve Buscemi was great in this role.


Pig (Pearls Before Swine) - Possibly one of the best comic strip characters ever.


Alex (A Clockwork Orange, I think I am mildly obsessed with this story) - In the "lost chapter" of the novel, when he realizes how pointless violence really is.

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