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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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OK Robb cool, not trying to be a pain, LOL. Just trying to plan a vacation from Ohio.

It's fine. I've just had a lot of people ask (I think even in this thread) and the answer has been the same. I really wish I could give people information and confirm a date, but I haven't gotten confirmation from the park yet.


When we do have confirmation, there will be a stickied thread, a post on the front page, and information on our events/trips page.



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^^ I actually did go today to break in my 2009 Xtreme Pass, but was only there from about 2:30 till 5:30. The park wasn't crowded, and I got six rides in:


Revolution (two-train wait, one-train op)

Ninja (three-train wait, one-train op)

Gold Rusher (one-train wait; two-train op)

Riddler's Revenge (went as single rider, no wait; two-train op)

Goliath (went as single rider, no wait; two-train op)

X2 (45-minute wait; two-train op)


Most of the New Year's Eve stuff was still in place, but obviously not be used for anything. Sky Tower was closed as expected. I didn't go over by Deja Vu/Terminator, so no report on what's going on there. But we already know that DV is being painted and Terminator is under construction, so there wasn't any reason for me to go back there.


Weather was nice, park was clean, had a good day. Hope this report was helpful.



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I had planned to go New Year's Eve, even had a room at Holiday Inn Express booked for afterwards.....unfortunately, the day after Christmas I came down with the worst case of the flu I have had in at least two years, which I am still getting over.


I'm not sure my getting soaked on the Log Ride at Knott's and then walking around and riding coasters without a heavy enough jacket on Christmas Eve caused it, but I feel sure that it probably didn't help.....this year I hope to avoid doing stupid stuff like that.


However, I moved my reservation at HI Express until January 17th, so I will be heading up to the park for the 17th and 18th to use my 2009 pass for the first time. Looking forward to getting some more rides in on X2, Tatsu and Scream and checking out the Terminator construction.

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Did anyone go on new years?


I was there. I had to leave before the countdown celebration, but I was actually very happy with the event!



The entrance plaza was great! Full of lights, people, and a DJ centered right above the Valencia Falls fountains! Adjacent to the entrance plaza was the Guitar Hero competition (with a decent line!) and the other "personal" entertainment venues.


The top of the hill was restricted to the VIP event. Laughing Dragon was partied up and served dinner to the VIPs, as well as Superman and Ninja ERT.


As far as the countdown, while I missed it unfortunately, I saw the work that went into it and heard about it and was very impressed. The "2008/9 number lights" were somewhat visible from my place, 5 miles away! When the countdown happened, pyrotechnics were shot off the side of the tower, per number, and then shot off the top at the year change. I would LOVE to see pictures of this!




Anyway, it was a very cool event! So cool, that safely the saddest part was that the park wasn't very crowded! The two days before the 31st safely had twice as much attendance as the 31st. And not to be a snob, but it was a great decision to have a 12:00 closing because everyone piled out right after the countdown! Maybe when the event grows, we can see later close-times.




Anyway, that was my take. I hope to hear others, and maybe even some pictures!



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I hope this sint too far off topic....... I am taking my son to sfmm the last weekend of feb. We are flying in from Kansas City just to go to the park. He has no idea we are going, just going to pick him up from school that day and drive to the airport


Anyway, can anybody tell me what the crowd levels are like at the end of feb usually? My son is 8 and really wants to ride X2 so as long as that is open that will make his trip!


Anything else important I should know about the park before we head out?


Thanks in advance, Jeffrey

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Probably wont be very crowded in the period between winter to spring break. Make sure your son doesnt make any plans though (unannounced vacations make me think of "A Goofy Movie").

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If my memory serves me correctly, X goes through its annual rehab sometime in January - February, so keep an eye out in this thread for when that may happen. There are, however, MUCH more knowledgable minds in this thread than myself who can verify this information.



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Hey everyone, for those who care, I noticed that SFMM no longer opens at 10:00am anymore! The last year, the park had been opening at 10:00am on weekends, 10:30am on weekdays. Now the park opens altogether at 10:30am!




Also, it would appear that the park closes at weird times on some days, like 6:30pm.




So just a heads up. No more trip reports saying that they opened the park 30 minutes late!




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^ The tower was an ideal place to put the countdown timer and it must have looked great not only from the ground, but even from the freeway nearby.


I think SFMM has some great years coming. Remember, too, that 2011 is its 40th year, so I imagine something BIG will come then.



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Hi! I've been poking around these forums as a looker but not a poster. And that YouTube video that SFMM100 posted? Haha... THAT'S MY VIDEO!!


What a surprise to see that someone posted it up here and I'm glad you guys like it. I have pictures that I took of that event if you guys would like to see it.

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Rock N' Ride New Year's Eve Party at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Here's a video of the fireworks:





Guitar Hero Competition is on the right.


Petunia Pig... yeah, no one knows who she is.


It's not quite time yet, but Taz and Marvin the Martian are ready to get jiggy with it.


Dance Dance Revolution Competition in the Entry Plaza


Countdown Stage and Mr. Tech Guy


Sky Tower from Baja Ridge


Warner Bros. tower




Sky Tower from the Entry Plaza

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Part 2


Main gate. Have a good 2009 K Thx Bai!


V.I.P.s had the top of the mountain for a private party. And they had a private table of free Cokes.


Happy New Year!


See? Free Coke.


The Stage.


Yayyy! It's 2009!


Everyone got a free Coke can that looks like a bottle but it's really a can! Sylvester got one too.


Bugs raises the roof. Or maybe he was being robbed. I'm not sure.


Nothing says cool party like furry characters!


The Flash now has laser vision and Green Lantern is... just... there...


It's still 2008.


Wave yo hands in the air like ya just don't care.


Besides the Entry Plaza, the rest of the park looked like this. Seriously.


One restaurant had souvenir bottles from Kentucky Kingdom. Umm... wrong park.


Have a Magic Day? Trying to be Disney are we now?


A banner!


Circle thingys.

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Thanks, Churro! Great pictures (and video, haha!), seems like SFMM has something good on their hands. I really like seeing the park doing well and raising the bar in its So Cal presence, and the rest of the industry for that matter.



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