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Niiicolaaah's TPR UK Trip Photos

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Add-On Day 1: Tusenfryd Part 2


Tusenfryd had this weird little trail you walk through and has stuff to climb on and slide down.


Antics in the bus... this doesn't even look like Barron! But it is!


Fried frogs??? I don't get it


Lots of pretty flowers and stuff


This was my first S&S tower. meh, it was okay I guess


Tusenfryd has a weird little western town section with nothing in it


Here you go, Larry! :p


You walk across these thingies


Here's the entrance to it

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Add-On Day 2: Liseberg Part 1


Liseberg is a beautiful park. And, oh yeah, it has the best coaster ever, Balder. Hello, airtime! We had three hours of ERT on this bad boy. Derek and I rode in every row, and then some. This was the best day of the trip for me (Blackpool a close second!) and a wonderful end to a wonderful two weeks in Europe.


The Balder crew was really fun. During our ERT they didn't staple us, and rode with us! And did anyone else think their uniforms were really cute?


Um... I don't get it.


We've been riding for three hours and the park isn't even open yet!!!


We had to tear ourselves away to ride Kanonen twice. The second time we had a short delay cause Paul made the other train go too fast


Best coaster ever. Airtime on EVERY hill. Loose lapbars and hands in the air (and sometimes feet! hehe) The funniest thing was Tom leaning over on the turns "ARRRARRRARRARR"


Time to ride!!!!!!!


We also got free Balder bookbags. Originally I thought Tom was the funniest thing in the picture, but WHAT ARE THEY ALL LOOKING AT BACK THERE!??! lol


Tee hee, what's he doing over there all by himself?!?! :)


Tom claims Balder for England


And they let us hammer nails into the coaster and write our names on it!! I had lots of trouble hammering my nail in straight. :(


And then they gave us FREE BEER! (and soda for us non-beer-drinkers)


Balder was just kind of towering over us. Mmmmm.


When we got to the park, they took us inside the structure of Balder to the little house that sits in the middle.


You can tell what a park is going to look like by what its entrance gates look like.


This was my view from the hotel window. I wish I had taken a picture of the shower, lol. I liked this hotel a lot; we had FEATHER PILLOWS!! And the best breakfast of the trip.

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More Liseberg


Balder is so awesome that it has its own game.


We went in this haunted house walkthrough thingie, it was cool except we had to walk in a train with hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us. We had nine people. I was right behind Dan and was more focused on trying not to step on him than wha


Derek wants to be pretty too. If you think he has succeeded, don't email Dan, cause his inbox is full


It's sooo pretty here! :)





I can see Balder from here! :)


Pretty fountains!


Liseberg is certainly a beautiful park.


I see some credit whores on Circusexpressen! :)


You can't ride if you're wearing a hat, are a member of the paparazzi, have a beer belly, like to grab your own ass, like to have your heart massaged, it's raining, or carry a man purse


Once the park opened, we headed straight to Lisebergbananananan


Plopp! Hehe

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Awesome photos again Nicole!


Liseberg is definetly one of my favourite parks after that visit. The parks, the rides and the company was awesome all through the day.


I still don't Robb will forgive me for saying that the Log Flume was pretty dry though!

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^Ohhh yeah. It was YOU who told us to ride the log flume!!!!!




This dude in the bathtub looks pretty happy


Dunno what's up with the ice bathroom, luckily nobody tried to use it! ;)


They make you wear these awesome baked potato outfits so you can sit on the ice couch without literally freezing your butt off


Yummmm vodka.


Including the glasses!


Everything is made of ice!


Here we have some TPR members chilling in the ice bar.


Time for some fun.


Bananananananna.. I'm so glad I'm almost done making captions! :)


It's cool. It's photogenic. It didn't impress me that much.


Then we walked around. Hello Banana Ride


Man, I stink at taking pictures. :)


And then we rode the observation tower


I miss this face


I rode a ferris wheel. It was worth it for the view! :)


I rode the log flume with Robb, Elissa, and Derek, with Robb IN THE FRONT!! Mistake. :p

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Aww you look like Rudolpf the red nose reindeer! Nice pictures (AGAIN)! That Ice bar looks pretty sweet. Do they have that year round or is it like a once a year type thing? Anywho, thanks for sharing with us...


Colin C

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Great trip report! Looks like you had an ace time at Liseberg which makes me even more annoyed at my appendix (or should I say ex-appendix) that I couldn't come!!! Anyway, if I get to ride Balder in the future (and I'm sure I will) I shall feel safe in the knowledge that the structure has been all fixed up by TPR members!



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Phew! I just finished reading the whole thing... where's the aspirin, tums, tylenol, and wal-tap?!??



Great TR, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Poor cameron didn't get any photo-age, though.


Andrew "Where's my aussie?" C.

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I just got done reading and I can now honestly say TPR trips kick ass!!! That looked like it was soo much fun! @ the ride that wants you to die, I never knew there were homicidal rides in the world. The wooden nazi bears were cute IMO, until they see Joey; then they fall into genocidal madness.


I also could tell how your photography got better. Like @ the beginning, they were just like "meh..." quality shots; but you took some pretty good ones as the trip drew to the end!


Great TR, and heres to many more TPR trips!



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