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  1. I never noticed that IOA was so awesome at night. I might get their this year. Nice pics by the way!
  2. Tom attempt to hide The Queen of Speed's keys in his mouth, but soon realizes that only T-Rex's have vision based on movement.
  3. If I knew about that I would have probably gone. Now I am jealous... Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Volcano ERT. Doesn't get any better than that!. Okay, maybe sometimes. But only sometimes!
  4. I think the real Henry Gale was related to Mr. Ecko and the guy the "Other" is so scared of is the black smoke creature!
  5. I put LOST in the search engine and it didn't say it had been done! Welcome to the Official "LOST" Thread! Post your opinions. In the last episode. Hurley begins halusinating (SP?) and you figure out that Hurley use to be at a hospital. At the end of the episode Libby stops Hurley form killing himself and then at the very end, Libby is seen in the hospital watching Hurley. I think this was just put in to confuse people and make them think away from "Henry Gale" , whom by the way, I think is an "other".
  6. I almost jumped out of my chair and ran out of my house. You A-HOLE! HAHA
  7. The Phantom of the Opera (2005) It's like a family favorite and for some reason my family is close to it. Zoolander. Am I the only one who thinks the movie is hilarious!
  8. Your momma's so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on a scale! OHHHHHHHH!
  9. http://www.deviantart.com/view/2000985/
  10. I saw a lot of movies so I will say my ratings. King Kong-10/10 Capote- 9/10 RENT- 7/10 The Last Samurai- 8/10
  11. None that I know of! Batman is a good enough invert for me! Got some good G's!
  12. ^ Exactly! You are a very good brother to do that for your sister, even though she left you behind on one of the best stand-up coasters. I would have shrugged my shoulders and walked on in. Haha! EDIT: Oh yeah, GOLIATH has crazy airtime. I dont know what your cousin was thinking!
  13. Haha! I saw that track layout somewhere and didn't even know it was being built and now it's about to open!
  14. Cool concept! Could be painful though! Atleast their not at a Mexican theme park!
  15. The Expedition Everest Marathon continues! Sun.- Gaining Info for EE -Travel Channel Mon.-The Building of EE, Including how the Yeti was made!-Science Channel! Tues. - None Wed. -Directer's Cut's from Mon. Episode! Thu. - Unknown...
  16. New Ride! Immelman! Homepark! WAHOO!!! I hope it is a dive machine like everybody is saying!
  17. Why would someone want to read about someone having a bad time at one of the places they would love to visit?
  18. I never realized Pompeii's splash was so big. Nice to see a park I often visit and can relate to.
  19. On the lift hill of Great American Scream Machine, I noticed people working on the loop. But it didn't look like it just got a paint job.
  20. This made me laugh so friggin hard. I was at Carowinds, in line for drop zone. We were watching it from the line and saw a girl going up and saying stuff like "oh crap" and stuff. Then as the car was dropping she was going "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and the car stopped at the bottom and she went "SH*T!" and a guy yelled "There are children in this line!" I was laughing so freaking hard. On Acrophobia and SFOG. A girl couldn't get out of her restraints when the ride was done and as she was trying to get out, a hydrolic hose came loose and made a huge boom and she bounced up and down shreiking and slowly went into a laugh.
  21. Hey Romency! (for those who dont know, he is a great RCT player) sorry for spamming.
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