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  1. They should put Alien Encounter their! I loved that ride! I would go to Epcot much more if they did!
  2. hmmm... Busch Gardens Antarctica... sounds pretty sweet! haha
  3. WTF! I have to see that! Probably the worst plot in a movie ever! Just people getting attacked by snakes for 2 hours at 30,000 feet! Classic! Haha
  4. In social studies I saw a picture of a water park located in Egypt. I think it was in Cairo, but it might have been the place your going. Egypt seems like a fun place to go!
  5. ^ hbnbzs2= Helium Bloats New Babies Zany Stomachs, 2 (too) V r5tfyj
  6. ^ ftcrszdr = Finally, training crazy,rapid,shoe zebras, deams responsible! V efgtvrv
  7. NEW RULES! You must now hit your head against the keyboard 3 times and the person below will answer! example!- ^This Is An Example v ryuh --------------------------------------------------------- ^ Really Young Underware Hunters v fryyuh --------------------------------------------------------- and so on......... I'll start! V ertyuyh
  8. The game is simple! NEW RULES! 1)The person above you hit their head against the keyboard 3 times. This made a bunch of random letters! You must make a thing like "lol=laugh out loud" out of it! 2)It is then your turn to hit your head against the keyboard and provide the next person with letters. example!- ^This Is An Example v ryuh --------------------------------------------------------- ^ Really Young Underware Hunters v fryyuh --------------------------------------------------------- and so on.........
  9. I don't understand coasters being "scary". Logic- Scary=No fun=No Ride! I think of coasters that are "scary" as thrilling. In that case I have to go with Shockwave at PKD because it kept crushing my "happy place" haha
  10. That would be sweet, i would play it all day in school! lol I dont think that it would happen though. I have a DDR finger-mat that works just like a regular mat but smaller and hard as crap to use!
  11. ha! A good way to spend 3 minutes! 1.Yes 2.No 3.No 4.No 5.Right 6.Yes 7.Shorter
  12. I just watched a hilarious episode of Family Guy!
  13. The only one I have been on, on that list is Apollo's Chariot so I voted for it.
  14. I would like to buy an "I"! Total-$5,000,980
  15. That exact poster is in my Social Studies class. This was extremely random.
  16. I saw 16 Blocks tonight. Mos Def was awesome in it! I rate it 7/10.
  17. i dont even have a licence. Can you answer this question with 1 word with 8 letters?
  18. Not at the moment Can you answer this question using only one word with 5 letters in it?
  19. i got, i think $49 dollars from Six Flags stock last year! I think i spent it all on candy and icees from the gas station though. lol
  20. go on something 200ft+ tall. I used to not go on anything that was above 150ft tall, but once i went on a hypercoaster, i wasnt afraid of any coaster again. Dont do Goliath though, i heard that had some crazy G's on the helix.
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