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  1. “wtf his ult did like 3k damage how is that legit” – leonardo da vinci 1496, founder of the Illuminati
  2. Be sure to get on Dueling Dragons before it closes forever. Ah, it'll be relocated and will open in another park shortly. Piss off, all of you.
  3. 7/10 nice top list, and good advice.
  4. ^ Right? All jokes aside, does the mega wood coaster mean that another RMC is coming to Europe? Good for them!
  5. Can confirm. To us Floridians, 85 degrees Fahrenheit is jeans weather.
  6. Wait, huh? Maybe I missed something, can I get a source on all this?
  7. SeaWorld Orlando tomorrow. Taking a day off of school to celebrate my friend's birthday!
  8. Tomorrow's the beginning of October... we all know what that means...
  9. Not exactly what I'd call a "collection," but here's some things I've bought/received over the years. Enjoy! (PS- apologies for the awful photo quality, my phone camera is really bad) The pin I got at One More Disney Day, Leap Day 2012. I loved these 24 hour events Disney did back in the day. Posters from the 2016 Disney Attractions Poster Calendar. I especially like the Mystic Manor one. Probably my favorite collectable; 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea pin from the Remember When pin collection. It's made with actual metal from the ride, plus only 250 were sold! COOL! And my favorite photo; small me on my first ride on SheiKra, circa 2010 (that's the itty-bitty version of yours truly, far left). I was terrified. My dad (directly next to me) was having the time of his life. lol
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