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  1. Hahahahaha that was awesome! I just wish there weren't any red g's. Oh well.....
  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, the one about the B&M tracks being the same was so funny.
  3. You know, according to Accuweather, we will experience a day of 61 degree temps with a mixture of clouds and sun.......Just to let you know. Looks like the rain is moving out.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELISSA! See you soon! ----Antonio, Dino, Pennie, and Giovanni
  5. Watchmen......AMAZING. Everyone needs to go see this movie NOW. Okay? ----Antonio"Dark, emotional, brutal, and full of action" G. P.S. Speaking of boobs....I am not even sure how many sets of boobs there were in this film. Not to mention the MUCH more than boobs.
  6. Wow! Terminator looks GREAT. Can't wait for West Coast Bash! =] P.S. My dad likes your comment. haha I'll see that girl at the Watchmen premier in a couple of weeks, you know!
  7. ^ Wow Jen, I can't believe you forgot about that! This sounds AWESOME! $30 is a great deal! I am sure that me and my entire family will be there for this one! Thanks for the info! I'll post again when we are registered. ----Antonio"looking forward to it!"G.
  8. OH....MY...GOSH. I envy you. I have wanted to see them since I first heard their music. My parents wouldn't let me go to the Avalon, but Brent and I saw RBF/Streetlight and I wouldn't have traded that show for Combichrist. Still, I am definitely going to see them next year when I can drive by myself! How intense was the show? (Pit wise)
  9. ^Yes, as proved by my avatar, I agree with you completely. Well, I guess we both kind of already knew that. Haha. =] Anyway, RBF/Streetlight were AWESOME. Anyone who likes ska HAS to see them!!! ----Antonio"can't wait for his next ska show"G.
  10. ^ That was the last concert I attended too. It was AWESOME!!!!! Streetlight and RBF were way better than One Pin Short, but still, it was Ska-tastic just like Brent said. =] We had a great time in the skank pits despite our cuts and bruises. BTW, Joey, were you actively participating in the moshing in Vegas?
  11. Happy one day late birthday from me and my family!
  12. Pan's Labyrinth-9.5/10 This movie is awesome. Rent it!
  13. Well, I would have to say that this lamb/cow bank or whatever the hell it is, is the worst gift I've received. I'm sure everyone believed that it was worth $20. NOT. I'd imagine it came from the local 99 cent store's dumpster. This is a gift from a unknown TPR member.
  14. May I present to you: The Dangers of Being a Newscaster.
  15. How many of you have heard of George Takei? Well, he's really funny. He has been a guest on the Howard Stern Show many times. Now, the show uses a soundboard to prank call random people. The funniest thing is that no one ever hangs up right away! They just get more and more angry! It is absolutely hilarious that these people don't even realize that they are talking to a soundboard, not a person. WARNING: These prank calls are not for the easily offended!!!! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLsPlDjQCNA&feature=related
  16. Well, socalMAN123 gave a list of the best ska bands ever. You should look some of them up! =] But, for right now, here is some ska. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBjYX7CzWUc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4tw6vBbwVY Enjoy the awesomeness of SKA! ----Antonio
  17. Thanks to Robb and Elissa for holding the chat! I can't wait for TX 09! ----Antonio
  18. In terms of wooden coasters....eh, no. There is the new Terminator GCI, and Ghostrider and Knott's, and that's where it stops Those aren't the only woodies here in California. Don't forget about Giant Dipper at SCBB. That's a classic! There's also Giant Dipper at Belmont, Colossus at SFMM and Roar! at SFDK. SCBB's Giant Dipper is really a lot of fun!
  19. ^ Thanks. I'm glad my ideas are good! =] As for the prefabs, jarmor, are you referring to the elements?
  20. We all had a great Halloween. Working the haunted house was a lot of fun, and a lot more people showed up on the 31st. Brent(socalMAN123) and I chased two girls into the street. They were screaming like crazy and we ended up trapping them in the neighbors yard. It was really funny. It got better when the last group of the night came through. We chased them through the entire haunted house, and then into the driveway. We followed them off the property and all the way to their car. They were screaming and the one girl said that she couldn't stand to look at our faces any longer. It was absolutely hilarious. Here are pics of me, my mom, and Brent. Brent really liked the "Fin Mask". His slider gloves came in handy for clicking in peoples ears. =] She scared a lot of people. Happy Samhain!
  21. Wow. I was exploring the old posts when I found this ride. IT....IS.....AWESOME!
  22. I'm so excited! I'm also in shock! The Texas '09 deposits for all four of us should be there via paypal tomorrow night. TPR trip here we come! ----Antonio
  23. Hey everybody, my brother and I just put this Euro Fighter together. It's pretty simple, but a lot of fun! It has some funky elements and a couple great head-choppers. Please comment and let us know what you think of it. BTW, for those of you who don't know, Samhain is what Halloween used to be called. (Or at least what Halloween originated from) It is pronounced Sawin or Saoin. Enjoy! Samhain.nltrack
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