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  1. Even though I spoke to you today, Elissa, I thought I'd make my official post here. I would love to attend both days of Bay Area Bash and be on the party bus! I look forward to the official information release. ---Antonio "so excited" G.
  2. Here's a fun one. ----Antonio Just making a statement.
  3. This looks awesome! I hope I get the chance to ride it this summer! ---Antonio
  4. WOW at "Hells Gates"! That looks awesome. I haven't been cliff jumping in a while, and now it's winter. But I have lots of plans for spring and summer, so I'm happy.
  5. ^ Yes! It was very exciting to see you finally crowd surf for the first time! I am very glad you liked it. Anyway, I saw the Aquabats previously, and did not enjoy myself too much. I went to the show mainly because Brent agreed that if I saw the Aquabats again he would try out an industrial show with me. It turned out, however, that I actually loved the Aquabats! They performed very well, and the crowd was awesome. The venue was great, and they were more than happy to allow moshing, skanking, and crowd surfing. I was dropped rather quickly the first few times up, but people started to support me after a while. I would definitely see all three bands again. The Aquabats are very entertaining, as well as talented. Supernova was surprisingly fun to watch, and I loved their activism about Christmas....Not "The Holidays". Oh yeah, we saw Dan and Joey there! (Yes, the diabetic and the Jew) That was an awesome surprise. ---Antonio Left to right: Me, Noelani, Lindsay, Eddie, and Brent.
  6. I have not posted a picture of myself in a while..... 1st pic is from a few months ago, 2nd pic is from a couple weeks ago. BTW, my natural hair color is light brown. I don't like it that way, but I like it now! Hahahahaha. A funny picture. This color was ok. I like the new one better though.
  7. So after being up for 23 hours, Brent and I are READY for this day!!!!! We will be there soon.
  8. Ass and Titties in my pants. (DJ Nasty) Ghosts and Stuff in my pants. (Deadmau5) Sextasy in my pants. (East Clubbers) Hit Me Baby One More Time in my pants. (Britney Spears) Stacy's Mom in my pants. (Fountains of Wayne) Come out and Play in my pants. (The Offspring) The End in my pants. (My Chemical Romance) Mississippi Queen in my pants. (Mountain) Eyelash Curlers and Butcher Knives in my pants. (Jeffree Star) Here Comes Santa Claus in my pants. All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth in my pants. Jingle Bells in my pants. ----Antonio"hope you found those funny."G.
  9. First of all...I dont reply to minors who swear... Second of all I never said I had anything to against nldc. Its just out of respect. If I created a site and all people did was post links to go here and there I would not be happy after I created a site to handle uploads. Ok I just had to quote that. Jarmor, if you don't reply to minors who swear, why did you just reply to him? You must think he swore, or you would not have made the comment. In any case, it makes no sense because you replied after saying you wouldn't! Ok, back to the topic! Your coaster was good! It had some problems here and there, and the banking was a little strange sometimes. All in all though, it was a cool ride. Keep it up! ---Antonio
  10. Wow! I am so happy with all these responses! Keep sharing your stories! Matthew, a 60 footer?! That must have been crazy! I can't wait to try some new ones in the coming months. I know I'll be doing my tallest ones ever this summer. I hope someone has some pictures they can put up sometime. ----Antonio
  11. Wow! All this Black Tide talk is awesome. I am going to warped, and I am really looking forward to seeing them. I think they are going to put on an incredible show, and I can't wait to see what kind of pit there will be. ---Antonio"SO EXCITED"G.
  12. I'm riding Terminator and going to SFHH today!
  13. Hahahahahahahahahaha 8-9 hours?! That's simply crazy. I don't believe that for a moment. Well, I'll be riding it soon. I'll put my review up ASAP! --Antonio"SO EXCITED!"G.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm curious if anyone here loves cliff jumping. Ever since last summer, I can't seem to get enough of it. Last year, my family and I took a trip to Maui and Kauai, where I did my first "real" cliff jumps. (Black Rock, Waioka, Kipu Falls, Twin Falls, etc.) I absolutely love the feeling of pure free fall, so cliff jumping is a perfect activity for me. While there are certain risks involved, if you take the proper precautions there is really nothing to worry about. The most recent place I went jumping was Fish Canyon Falls in Azusa, CA. It's a fun little place, with some decent sized jumps. Nothing too big, but nothing too small either. The smallest jump is about 20 feet and the largest is almost 30. The highest jump I've ever done is off the top of Twin Falls in Maui. That one was 35 feet. I can't wait for this coming summer, when I'll be able to experience some higher ones! If anyone has opinions, stories, or photos, please share them! I hope many of you like cliff jumping too! ----Antonio If you haven't gone cliff jumping, YOU MUST! Awesome. This was a very fun jump.
  15. ^ YAY! Emma is part of TPR. She's awesome.
  16. ^thanks for the advice. You seem to give a lot of people a lot of the exact same reviews. Do you have a script that you follow?
  17. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is a terrible thought! He would look even worse and even more stupid than he does in regular clothes!
  18. ^ hahaha. I wanted it to fail the tunnel test in certain spots because it looks more like a GCI. I know that sounds crazy, but the feeling of "Oh my gosh I'm gonna lose my arms!" is on most of their coasters. The car never actually crashes into sections of track on my NL coaster, so I didn't see it as a big deal.
  19. Thanks everyone for your comments! Keep them coming! Yes, Dr. Gumbo, I am aware of the "tunnel test" and the "I" key to straighten pieces. I specifically did not want this particular coaster to pass the tunnel test. As for the "I" thing, I used it sometimes, but it often messes up the previous sections of track. Yes, I agree that the car enters the station a bit too fast, but there are tons of rides like that, such as shuttle loops. I am surprised at what you said about the banking, as I thought it was quite "GCI-esque". I did check the G's many times, as there are no red ones anymore. Thanks for your constructive criticism though! I appreciate it! I am sure as I build my second and third wooden coasters I will get better. ----Antonio
  20. You're not crazy, I feel the exact same way! I think it adds something else to the event and makes you appreciate it more as a whole and makes you appreciate the monster individually. Another one in agreement here. I feel the same way as well. (Even though Brent already knew that). I LOVE haunt, and I feel that the interaction with guests makes it even more awesome. I have never seen any monster out of character either. I always look forward to talking to the monsters, and I hope that aspect of Haunt never, ever changes. BTW, to stay on topic, I like the idea that auditions are being brought back. ----Antonio"already awaiting Haunt"G.
  21. Hey everyone, here is my first full wooden NL coaster. Yes, I know the ride has it's minor problems, but I think it is a pretty great effort! It doesn't have any major pumps or red g's, and I feel that it would be a great real coaster. Please comment and give me your opinions. Thank you and enjoy your ride! -Antonio Bal van vuur.nltrack Bal Van Vuur
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