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  1. I hope it is a B&M of some sort! I have never been on a flying coaster, so that would be nice. BTW, Robb, do you remember what I said at Beach, B&Ms and BBQ? "Maybe SFMM will put some giant freefall in place of the old Sky Tower". I hope the markers on the hill are for a coaster, and the markers by the Sky Tower are for a drop ride. I am looking forward to the next update. Antonio" Thanks Robb!" G.
  2. 8/10 Pretty funny. Antonio"What about my sig?" G.
  3. I don't like chocolate. Have you ever played the Japanese version of Taiko Drum Master ?
  4. Who likes my new avatar? Or in other words, does anyone care? Antonio"The true Taiko Drum Master"G.
  5. Superman the Escape, if you call it a coaster. Do you own a Mr. Six action figure? Antonio" wondering what ever happened with the "Win a date with Mr. Six" contest" G.
  6. No, the answer you gave was just fine. Have you ever ridden a coaster or water slide with Robb or Elissa? I have. Antonio " I rode Colossus with Elissa and Tornado with Robb" G.
  7. Sorry, I am not sure what you mean by, "What do cows go?". My random question is, do you smoke?
  8. YAY!!!! Tomorrow is "Beach, B&M's, and BBQ"!! :orangesmile: I am so glad I get to meet Robb and Elissa. Antonio "Only 16 hours left to wait..........."G.
  9. My top three are: Wild and Reckless (Blue Rasberry sherbet, Green Apple sherbet, and Tropical Punch sherbet mixed together) Splish Splash (Blue Rasberry ice and Blueberry sorbet swirl) Pineapple ice (Pineapple ice, Pineapple juice, and frozen pineapple chunks) Antonio "They are all from Baskin Robins"G.
  10. Hello everyone, Here is my story. In the spring of 2001 my dad and I were at SFMM. We took a front seat ride on Ninja after lunch. When we hit the trim brakes just prior to the final lift hill, the train stalled. About two minutes later, we heard the screams of the Jet Stream riders coming down the last drop. A woman a few seats back from me really freaked out, saying, ”Oh my Lord! Here come the riders in the next train! Hold on!!” Apparently, this lady did not realize there are safety features that keep the other train from crashing into us. We sat for another thirty minutes just waiting to hear from a ride op. (BTW, my dad was timing this on his watch) A man behind us got on his cell phone, to call Magic Mountain. He asked for the Ninja booth. The next thing I hear is, “Why in the hell isn’t this being taken care of?! We have been sitting here for almost forty minutes now!” Fifteen minutes later, a ride op came down the stairs on the side of the lift hill. A few button pushes later, the train moved very slowly to the platform beneath the lift hill that takes the train back to the station. Once we came to a stop, a mechanic and a park manager greeted us. The mechanic helped each person out of their seats, while the manager cheerily handed out free one-day tickets for our next visit. We then enjoyed a nice walk up the long flight of stairs back to the station. I don’t think that the panic stricken woman enjoyed the walk. She held on to the railing so tight and was going so slow, I thought it would take another 45 minutes for her just to get back to the station. Antonio" Hope all enjoyed my story!"G. :orangesmile:
  11. This is going to be a blast!!!! igsmile: I've already sent Robb my RSVP. I'm glad I live within 30 miles of SFMM! I'm really looking foward to this! Antonio"See you in June"G.
  12. Yay! Hurricane Harbor opens in a few weeks! igsmile:
  13. That was great Robb! I laughed so hard! The Aska footage was nice. That wooden "Splinters in your ass" slide was the funniest thing on the video. I hope I can get your Japan DVD soon. Keep up the good work guys. Antonio "Can't wait for the next video" G.
  14. I'm thinking about the Burger King "Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch" commercial. It is soooooo wierd!! Who else has seen it? Antonio" That might just be the strangest commercial ever"G. :?
  15. I have to say B&M. All of them are fun, fast, smooth, and intense. I have not ridden a B&M stand-up yet, but so far I like the B&M Floorless coasters the best. Antonio"I said B&M too many times just now!"G.
  16. Hello pgathriller! Sorry, I don't know about Kinda Ka or Powder Keg, But I do know about Sheikra. A "Sheikra" is a type of hawk known to dive straight down for its prey. Hope that helps! Antonio"That was not a stupid question"G.
  17. I am 12 years old. My first roller coaster was Big Thunder Mountain when I was 3 years old. (DLR Version) On the same day I rode Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Gadgets Go Coaster, and Splash Mountain. (I know Splash is not a coaster, but I thought I would include it anyway). I have loved coasters ever since! Antonio"I'm glad my parents let me go on coasters at 3"G. :orangesmile:
  18. Wood: Colossus first drop (at SFMM) 4th seat Steel: X "Skydive" Tower: Thrill Shot Antonio"I love that drop on X"G.
  19. My home park is SFMM. It's About 30 min. from my house. Antonio"Magic Mountain is fun!"G.
  20. Thanks Robb and Elissa! I just wanted to say that I'll really enjoy this forum. I think everyone will be asking questions now! Antonio"Thanks Again"G
  21. Age: 12 Middle Name:guytano Pet Peeve: All aroww multi loopers! Color of your bathroom: Light blue Best movie of ALL time: Don't know Best song of ALL time: I don't know... I like sooooo many! Best TV shows: Currently: Hell's Kitchen, Amazing Race, Malcom in the Middle, American Idol......Ever: I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, Gong Show Favorite Band/Artist: I like My Chemical Romance, Third Day......Many different bands Favorite ride at Disney parks: CA Screamin' Yummiest ice cream: "Wild and Reckless" or "Splish Splash". From Baskin Robbins If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Jesus! Or Walter Bolliger From B&M, Claude Mabillard from B&M, or the Head of Intamin. Morning person or Night person: Night person Pets: Peachface Lovebird named Peachy Favorite color: Topaz Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Hawaii Coke or Pepsi: Don't like most sodas Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: PB&J.....It's good Best vacation spot: Any place my whole family can have fun at Cook or go out: Cook on the BBQ at home or go to a japanese resteraunt Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Desert As you can see, I am new to the boards, but I'll be around quite a bit. Antonio"See you around!"G EDIT: It is so funny to look at one of my posts from when I was 12!
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