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  1. First off, I COMPLETELY agree with the ghost about "Trick 'r Treat". I went to the premier of that movie and, wow. It rocks. Let the Right One In is also quite good, but not too scary. One other thing I would like to add...P2 did not scare me. The opening scene really got me, but after that it just got worse and worse. It was not scary to me. Now for my recommendations: Watch "IMPRINT" by Takashi Miike. This film is a horror masterpiece. It will leave you cringing and thinking about it for ages. Also, "El Orfanato" (The Orphanage) by Gulliermo del Toro is totally epic. I thought about it for days afterward, and it has left a lasting impression on me. I loved it. Have you seen Orphan? It was entertaining. Also, Silence of the Lambs is very intense. You have probably seen those though. ---Antonio "hope that helps you get to your 31 films!" G.
  2. Alrighty people, what is a better look? All you hair critics, tell me what you think. Before! After!
  3. So, I finally watched Takashi Miike's Imprint. It was very strange, and definitely had some difficult to follow moments. It was more sad than scary to me. The main torture scene was relatively disturbing, but I think the last 10 minutes are actually the worst. I found myself feeling sorry for the characters for the entire last half of the film, but I only jumped twice. It was definitely a different kind of horror than I am used to. I am not sure if I liked it or not, honestly. It was quite interesting, and the imagery was incredible. I loved the use of colors, and all the symbolism (Eg. The pinwheels on the side of the river). The different stories were also intriguing, as I couldn't really figure out what the "truth" actually was until the end of the movie. ---Antonio "looking forward to watching Audition!"G.
  4. ^^^ Thank you! I appreciate your compliment about my talent. And, "mightbeawannabe", D is not a difficult key for me to play in at all. I just really liked George Winston's version of the song when I heard it, so I learned that one. Now for my newest. I heard someone play Rivers Flow In You by Yiruma a couple weeks ago. I loved it, and decided to learn it. It is an incredibly pretty song. Please comment on Youtube and let me know what you think! I truly appreciate all the support I receive. Thanks! --Antonio d(^_^)b
  5. ^ Wow! I'm glad to see a post from someone who actually watched that! And I agree about the concept of an American re-make.
  6. Hey everyone! I have been playing the piano for quite some time now, and I've posted some of my music on YouTube. Here is my latest. Please give me your opinions! ---Antonio
  7. Hey everyone, I just posted a new piano video to YouTube. I figured maybe some of you would be interested in giving me a view or a comment. (Or both) Thanks! ----Antonio
  8. What a great topic! EDC 2010 was crazy! It was too crowded, and the surges were absolutely ridiculous. It opened my eyes to the fact that smaller raves are much more my style. I prefer HARD events or BeatDrop; anything with a more personal feel. I did, however, have an amazing time at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Afrojack was absolutely amazing. I was blown away by his Hide and Seek remix. Deadmau5 was incredible as well. And Infected Mushroom was just...WOW. Here are some pics. In PLURR, Antonio / Eclipse P.S. My rave name, Eclipse, has nothing to do with Twilight. I was given that name because I dress goth, but also wear tons of kandi. I am a kandi kid on the inside, but a goth on the outside. This clash of darkness and brightness brings about my name. Me. My mom. Brent. McCartney. We are ready! Look at our kandi! Group photo! It's time to leave. My mom and I with "Deadmau5". Brent and I on our way into Kenetic Field. Sensory overload!!!!! Here come the characters. What great costumes and detailed make-up! USC marching band. Whee! A slide! Disco Tree. My mom dancing. Here are some junk statues. WOW. These were just so cool! Praying? We even got to sit on some junk! Another very cool statue. I see you over there Mega Drop!
  9. First off, my 9 year old brother and I just watched Rubber Johnny, and neither of us found it to be too awfully scary. I agree with the previous poster a couple pages back. It is simply a music video. And, AngryGumball, the whole thing was done with prosthetic pieces and fast editing. The "teenager" is not real. Back on topic now. I would have to say that "El Orfanato", A.K.A. "The Orphanage" by Guillermo del Toro and Juan Antonio Bayona is very disturbing. It is one of my favorite thriller films. There isn't blood, guts, or anything like that. However, when the film was finished, I felt very strange. I was definitely disturbed, as well as depressed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys psychological thriller type films. Next, I would like to suggest the film "Martyrs". I have not seen it, but I have read a very lengthy and detailed synopsis describing it. It sounds as though it would be extremely frightening, bloody, torturous, and most of all, sad. I am not sure if I desire to see it or not, as I think it would be even more depressing than El Orfanato. While I absolutely loved El Orfanato, I don't think I want to see anything too much more disheartening than it was. ---Antonio
  10. Hello again everyone! Cliff jumping season is here again. I am so happy! I've been to a couple new places, and have a few more planned. Our latest adventure was to Hermit Falls in Arcadia, CA. The hike in was very easy, and only about 1.5 miles. As for the jumping, all I can say is "wow"! There are several different heights, and the pool water is beautiful. There are also two natural water slides. Another plus is the dam on the way in....It can be jumped! I don't know exactly how tall it is, but it is definitely fun. We took some video footage and created a little movie. It includes video of the smaller and larger jumps, as well as the dam. Check it out!
  11. ^ Geez Brent, you always beat me to it! Yes, last Saturday's O.C. Supertones show was amazing! I loved the crowd and the pits. I was able to crowd surf 4 times successfully as well, so that was a plus. I would definitely go see them again if they played any other shows. My definite summer concert schedule is the same as the one above, with the exception of Bad Brains. However, I will be attending Uprise Los Angeles on July 17th. DJ S3rl and Darren Styles will headline that one. By the way, Thousand Foot Krutch opened for the O.C Supertones. They were not amazing, but they were fun and had tons of energy. They really got the crowd moving and the moshes were quite good. One of my friends took a video of one of the pits with her cell phone. It has terrible sound quality, but I'll post it anyway.
  12. I cannot believe that we begin this adventure tomorrow! I am very, very excited. I'll see all of you in 24 hours! ----Antonio
  13. Yay for Kandi! It's such a cool part of the rave scene. The only problem is, it takes forever to make it. getting ready for for a rave!
  14. Yeah! I hope EDC works out for you. I am super excited about it.
  15. ^ Yes, being smart is the best thing you can do at shows! By the way, EDC is only 16+ if you are without a parent. Along with my friends, my mom is going with me. Therefore, my little brother will be able to go despite the fact that he's not nearly 16. Is one of your parents into the concert/rave thing? Do you mind them going with you? If you have one of them there, you can get in without any issues.
  16. ^ Yeah! I can't wait to see it. I'm sure it will blow my mind as well! Yes, it's interesting, isn't it? People say raves are these evil scary places. I know there are a lot of drugs around, but the entire vibe and atmosphere is just so comfortable. Everyone is nice and everything just feels....Right!
  17. ^True, and Ecstasy. But the people I go with are clean like I am, so I don't have people in my group tripping out. I totally see what you mean though, if your friends are druggies. That might not be the best idea to go with them.
  18. ^ I know so many people that have parents that won't let them go to raves. It's completely ridiculous. I think raves are just as safe of an environment as any other large concert. In fact, I felt safer at my last rave than I did at Warped Tour.
  19. ^ Yep! You will be going to all of those with me! Lol. Anyway, the last concert I attended was HARD at the Hollywood Palladium. It was absolutely incredible. There were between 3500 and 4000 people there this year, which was nice. The line-up was Destructo, Sidney Samson, Rifoki, Steve Aoki, and the Bloody Beetroots. Destructo wasn't the greatest. His set sounded similar from beginning to end and he didn't have much energy. Sidney Samson was incredible. He was very excited to play in America for the first time, and he did an amazing job. He did a very cool EDM/Techno mix of "Wonderwall", as well as a ton of other creative things. His hit song "Riverside" was great and the entire crowd went nuts for it. Rifoki was....an interesting experience, to say the least. It's not common for a hardcore band to play at a rave, so some of the kandi kids weren't too happy about it. I loved it, however, as it was very nice to take a break from glowsticking and dancing, and do some moshing instead. By the last 20 minutes of their set, the pit-willing people had made their way up to the front and the moshing got pretty insane. I was very pleased! Steve Aoki was mind-blowing. I have always liked his music and he easily lived up to my expectations. He did his signature stage dive and crowd surf, which was kind of funny to see in person. He mixed some great tunes and played classics like "Warp 1.9" and "Cornelius". I heard that Steve is playing at the Electric Daisy Carnival this year, and I am going on the Friday date. Hopefully that's they day he plays, because I would love to see him live again! The Bloody Beetroots were awesome! I really wanted their set to last even longer than it did. They played from 12:00 am till 1:50 am, and I was sure they would do an encore and play till 2:15 or so. I was wrong. They didn't come back out on stage at all and I was extremely disappointed. In any case, they were phenomenal and I must see them again. Their beats and sounds are super possessive, and I was completely lost in the music. Overall, HARD was one of the best shows I've been to. If you are looking for a decent sized, reasonably priced rave, HARD is definitely a good choice. The crowd was great, the line-ups are almost always incredible, and Nitrus does a great, organized job with everything. Yay for HARD!
  20. This event just keeps getting better! I am even more excited about the bonus credit now....2 hours of ERT! And yay for unlimited soda. ---Antonio "just replied to that e-mail" G.
  21. Wow! These Tantrums look absolutely awesome. I've been on many different types of "half pipe" style slides, such as Tornadoes, Boomerangos, and Mega Wedgies. The Tornado is without a doubt the most intense and best slide of all! I have high expectations for the Tantrum, considering that it is based entirely on the Tornado. I have no idea when I'll be in Florida, but I am very excited about the Tantrum that is being installed near me at Raging Waters. The Omaka Rocka looks better than the San Dimas one, but I'm still really looking forward to getting the Tantrum experience! The whole idea of mini funnels is very cool to me, especially because they are so tight. Hopefully all the Tantrums installed this year will be awesome! ----Antonio
  22. Wow! No posts since February 13? I am so excited about this event. It will be great to get back up to the bay area. Yay for the Party Bus and the Tony Hawk Water Challenge! I hope lots of people are signing up despite the lack of recent posts....
  23. Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes, Joey, I looked into those ARM towers, and you are right! ^Yeah Austin, the airtime really is good for such a small coaster. It's much more intense than it looks.
  24. Hello all TPR people! Me, my mom, and my brother took a trip down to Scandia to ride the all new Cliff Jumper drop tower. It has only been open for a few days now, and we were curious about it. It turned out to be awesome! It's not big, but it was very intense. It reminded me of a bigger version of the one at Kemah Boardwalk in Texas. I'm assuming it's a Fabbri, but I'm not completely sure. All in all, it's a great addition to the park and everyone should definitely check it out if they are ever in the Ontario area! Of course, we also rode the Screamer many times and played both miniature golf courses. The Screamer was running well, and was full of airtime as usual. The golf courses are still in great condition too. I really do like Scandia. It's a fun little park! Anyway, thanks for reading. Here are the pics! The Scandia Screamer: Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Miler coaster in the world! Airtime! Zoomed in on the first drop. I see you over there Cliff Jumper... Time to ride! Locked in. Up the tower we go, VERY slowly. WOAH! Back on the ground now; we are both very impressed! Time for the bumper boats now. My shoe just got filled with water. Flood! Typical mini golf hole. My mom and Giovanni near one of the fountains. Both courses are very nicely landscaped. Both of them got a "hole in one" on this ant hill. I don't think I will ever be able to do that! I can't get enough of this ride. There's just something fun about it! Light-up signage for the new ride. Come check it out! Now that's a funny one. One last ride! Random shot of the Nordic Spaceship. Goodnight Scandia. See you later!
  25. Yay! I'm so happy to hear that. I'll keep checking here every day! ---Antonio
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