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  1. sorry for the double post, but I had to inform you guys and let you see this shot as well... the mystery doorway! of course, credit goes to whoever took them from onride.de http://www.onride.de/onride-upic69524
  2. it looks like the immelman turnaround is going to have water. how sweet it is! http://www.onride.de/onride-upic69834 http://www.onride.de/onride-upic69835
  3. judging from that second to last photo..i can't wait to ride the pipeline plunge!
  4. i prefer soaked becuase of the water park features, but Wild has some better coasters/flat rides. The Extended Coaster is excellent if you're a perfectionist like me, and desperately need to make a loop on a vertical axis to complete your coaster. However Soaked comes with a whole variety of cool stuff too, like water cannons and the water coaster. I suggest you buy both.
  5. wow i almost forgot about this ride. it's looking really good, and the theming is excellent! thanks for the pics, and links to the videos.
  6. ^ by the way, what fell on you whilst riding the mummy? it looks like some type of stage prop from a pulley system?
  7. it looks like you guys had a blast. thanks for the great pictures and for the detailed PTR. I still haven't been on Kraken, even though I go to Orlando every year. Maybe I will get a chance this year, when I'm there for 2 weeks in June!!
  8. thanks for the great update. has been a while since i was at this park, but it's nice to see some colorfull improvements.
  9. you should have a '1000 crazy fists' ride, and have it be themed to the warped tour...like a mosh pit. or how about a bleeding heart/ hair dye ride? dont forget The Nightmare Before Christmas, for all you trend whores out there.
  10. just pay for the game. it's well worth it, plus the creator is constantly working on patches to upgrade it. i think booster bikes are now possible, as well as 4d coasters. i haven't played it in while though, unfortunately.
  11. hey thanks for the link redunz. the speed on this ride is going to be intense, especially with the buildings flying past you so quickly. favorite part so far look like the immelman tunnel turn-around. ...the tunnel nearing completion. ...and check out how close these track pieecs come! ...just, wow!!
  12. looks interesting, and definitely worth a ride. i still think the theme could be a bit better. *$2*
  13. those alpine coasters look absolutely amazing!! thanks for the nice pics!
  14. Space Mountain @ WDW-MK back in 2004!! that is just sad....I work too hard!
  15. ^ it must tie in with the whole African theme that is has going on.
  16. I dont think people really realize how great this ride is going to be. I mean, imagine being able to walk around almost 70% of the coaster layout and see the ride zooming under your feet while you purchase a t-shirt?! I think these pictures say it all! chaos. a tight squeeze.
  17. I love it, great link! ' The WDI Art Morgue' - classic!
  18. i think you would need some sort of crowd controll, maybe in the form of giant rodents who ride around on those Japanese furry ride vehicle things that they have scattered around the parks over there.
  19. ^it's a confusing element...but looks fun. I got confused at first and thought it was a floorless coaster in that picture. messed up.
  20. it's so beautifull!! that helix of death is going to be so much fun! thanks for the link!
  21. ^ I was thinking the exact same thing! Nice PTR though....detailed pics!
  22. ^ You'll definitely get school groups in May and maybe even the month before...but it wont be comparable to the groups you'll find in the summer. Plus, the school groups will actually be working...probably a few physics classes or something.
  23. Robb would be the warewolf at Universals 'Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue!' show. Either that, or teen wolf...but he's not a teen anymore.
  24. ^I always thought IKEA was like an amusement park anyways. isn't it ironic?
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