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  1. didnt see the superbowl, cuz I wasn't going to stay up til 4am UK time to watch an old pig skin be thrown about. im not a football fan.
  2. Viper is a great woodie, and has some good airtime. American Eagle however is a little outdated, but still apcks a punch. The first drop is intense and bone rattling with some good bunny hops, but everything after the helix is sort of boring. Just my opinion.
  3. Haha, I've been there a few times...but never rode that death contraption!
  4. ^ Thanks for the tips Nrthwnd. I made the 'Expedition,' text bigger just for you. However, like you said, most people should know the first word anyways given the contest title. I'm not gonna spend too much time on it. Here's an updated version for you. small2
  5. Sheikra looks really short to me for some reason, but it looks as if it packs a punch. Love the splash-down finale. I wonder when BGW will get some decent attention. Such a great park.
  6. ^Oh my that movie was so horrible. the sex scene was the only entertaining part.
  7. 'Our Flag is White' by This Providence. good tunes.
  8. So I am enw to these boards, having decided to finally sign up and join in on the fun. Here's something I just threw together. Avatar Size. Big Version...so you can actually read it.
  9. its not Texas twang...dont worry. (no offense to people from Texas)
  10. it looks cool, kind of short, and the name reminds me of the chase sequence in Michae Jackson's video for 'Speed Demon' http://www.youtube.com/?v=e-5hgFXinZY
  11. Im all ears. Do you have RCT3 + the expansion packs?
  12. ^ Oh I'm sure he was too. I wish I could be thrown INTO Disney for a change. Have you ever pee'd in an amusement park bush Robb?
  13. ^ Obviously. She's holding on for dear life, and look how high her feet come off the floor. No restraints either. Would that be considered a floorless?
  14. ^^ I think it should. Do those self-operated coasters count as credit? Basically the same thing, right?
  15. Does that include the 'Up & Down Roller Coaster' by Fischer-Price? The best thrill EVER!
  16. In my opinion, Kumba stands as still being one of the best coasters around. Beautiful layout and theming, as well as being ultra smooth. The Zero-G Roll on that ride always takes my breath away. Montu blew me away as well, especially the use of ditches at the finale. Oh so good! I thought Rhino Rally was different, but at the same time I wouldn't wait that long to ride it. It's different, original, and is a good family ride. Havent been to BGT in over 4 years now, but hopefully I will get to go in June. Tampa is a little bit odd, but BGT will always hold a special place in my heart. Where else can you get attacked by a roaming Peacock or a Flamingo?
  17. Hey thanks for the awesome photos, I can't wait to go back there in June. Did you go on Rhino Rally at Bush Gardens? *$2*
  18. they are better when you dont have an inner tube, but then when you fall in backwards, head first, it is an odd feeling!
  19. having read all of that, I can't help but feel anxious and excited to see what type or rides the future will bring...especially with people like you working on it all. It was a dream of mine for a very long time to do concept art and ride design, and a few ideas that I came up with many years ago have expanded into larger projects. it definitely takes time and patience to think everything through, and detail is a key factor. All in all you've nailed it on the head, but as other people have mentioned already, your idea is now public!! Who is to say that someone from Disney wont read this message board and take your idea to elaborate upon. It's a dangerous business, and you've got to watch who you can trust. With saying that, I think that all of us on here are amazed by your work and are eager to see what others you can bring forward. Definitely take it to some smaller ride/design companies and see if you can get your foot in the door; then work your way up to the big boys. I expect this ride to be open at Disneys Animal Kingdom, and amusing guests by April 2010! Hop to it!!
  20. i've been following construction on this ride for months, and it's definitely going to boost the parks reputation. some of the construction pics are impressive and there isn't even much themeing yet. The whole area is going to be so amazing to just look at, yet alone walk through and RIDE. now, if I could only speak fluent German. *$2*
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