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  1. when riding DD, make sure you have your walking shoes on because it really is like a good 5 minute walk to the actual loading zone of the ride. Amazing themeing, the best I have seen in any park or attraction, but I could not imagine having to wait throughg the entire queue! Also, it's obviously way more fun when both sides are running simultaneously...so it's worth a bit of a wait if one side is down. (always the fire side!) Try and do it in the morning, as everyone usually runs to the hulk first.
  2. Speaking of blacking out, I used to black out after the second loop of good ol' Shockwave at SF Great America, before they replaced it with Superman. It was still an interesting ride, but the on ride photos always looked funny because I would 'regain my senses,' right before the photo during the pretzel loop. Probably wasn't good for me to ride the dam thing, but still.
  3. The Indy ride in CA is good, but I haven't riden TDS's version either. I am sure they are probably the same in movement and story. The effects from the TDS version look way better though, thus another reason why I have to get my butt over there.
  4. I haven't been to Disney-Sea YET, but Journey is high on my list. If it's anything lik Test Track then I am sure to love it regardless, especially if there is some good air-time! From the Videos I've downloaded Disney Sea look slike a good thrill, the only problem is the cost of it all.
  5. i know it's not even finished yet...but Black Mamba looks like it's going to be a great ride once it's done and themed! Phantasialand here I come! http://www.phantasialand-bruehl.de/park/bilder_/b_jan06.html
  6. i havent been to Alton Towers before, and it's been over 15 years since I was last at Thorpe Park or Chessington's. My crystal ball is predicting a journey down South.
  7. its been about five years since I was in Hong Kong at Ocean Park. Too bad the Mine Train coaster was closed when I went, but you can still get amazing views of the city. The Dragon was pretty bad though.
  8. i actually am not Scottish though. i have an american accent having lived in Chicago for 10 years.
  9. ive seen the videos, but dont think that it is going to take away from the overall experience. Disney adds so much more to a ride than just the thrill, so riding it for the first time is going to be completely different than watching it from a computer screen. To each their own.
  10. yeah, so i frequently visit this web site and i decided to become a member. this is an old photo of me trying to be funny. what can i say, im at work right now and it's from the internet? I don't know why Kazam....but why not? Looking forward to some fun times, on and off the boards!
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