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  1. ^^ thanks for the pics. I personally think that they could do a bit more the EE's first part fo the ride after the small lift-hill. IMO It seems a bit boring and pointless. They should have taken some lessons from DLP's version of BTM....now thats a great way to start a ride.
  2. I use dreamweaver + Macromedia Studio MX. you should invest, and then i would design a super web site to satisfy the ages. I do graphic design too.
  3. i just drooled over the 90 degree turns. i also think i wet myself.
  4. I used to be terrified of Rollercoasters, but yet I would still design them and make models. I have always been attracted to the elements that tie together a good ride, and I think from that and the whole design aspect I really held a strong appreciation. My parents always supported my interests, and since I can remember my family has been visiting Theme Parks all over the globe. It's kind of our family tradiotion, as my sister and father love thrill rides too. I used to be like my Mom and hated coasters, but now she stands alone. poor mother. During the Raging Bull construction at SFGaM, I kept bothering my friends about it and hyping it up and no-one would really understand why. To them it was just a ride, to me it was creativity in motion. I turned a few of my freinds into coaster geeks too, so much that we toured around the US a bit visiting a few parks. Great fun. Want to do it again.
  5. I've always wanted to go back to Dubai, when I can actually aprpeciate it. It really is an amazing place...and Wild Wadi looks like a great water park. By the way, the Mina A' Salam really is classy. I love the waterways in between the rooms.
  6. Great TR! What is it with Disney Souvenir Cups? I guess if it cuts down the lines, it's a good thing though. More ride time!
  7. ^^ I like these RTR's as well...they bring back a lot of nostalgia. I couldn't help but pee myself with the photo of you sniffing sleepy! Very cute.
  8. It does happen, but it is still a sad story. Glad that the other dude was ok.
  9. ^I thought it was obvious that it had been photoshopped, especially since the train would be running into workers and construction machinery. Glad to see more of an interest with this topic now though!
  10. I know how you feel, but at least your lucky enough to live by a park. I used to live 20 minutes from SFGAm...and now I live in Dundee, Scotland. AP's were always a good investment.
  11. ^pure genius! 'The Intestinal Twister'?? What a great name!
  12. ^ a final layer of concrete on top to secure all the gaps between the bolts and the concrete footers? Im no engineer, but I guess thats what they are doing. Can't wait to see this ride have some color and texture with the theming
  13. ...it doesn't look any different than past B&M hypercoasters for Six Flags. 6 Flags IS home to a lot of bad ass rides, but this one doesnt really brag my interests as being one that stands out. Don't get me wrong, it looks fun...but I don't get that urge. It's my opinion....so you guys have fun!
  14. ^Yes but they always have to do a pull-through test to make sure. Just like they did on EE. we're only human, we make mistakes sometimes.
  15. It does look like the DLP hotel, but on a larger scale, with a hint of some Disney Sea colors/theme. I bet with the Japanese technology, the place will be amazing for people like me who haven't been to Japan yet.
  16. ^i think with this ride they will need to watch the theming closely if they do open it early, to make sure the clearances are ok for the trains. lots of tunnels, ditches, and flybys. It's going to be great regardless, and I've never been to Phantasialand before.
  17. Hey you live fairly close to me, only a 4 hour drive or so. We should plan a trip over there...or meet up at some UK parks sometime!! Would be fun, in an....'im not a perv,' ...sort of way.
  18. ^ They will have an awefull lot of themeing to do, and I think it'll take them a while to get this sorted out. Additionally all of the coaster testing, clearance checks, safety checks, etc etc. I dont think It'll be open til June.
  19. Check out the customer coaster models made by some 8 year old kids, using tubes and marbles. I wish I got to do this when I was younger, what a great teacher! http://www.lewiston.k12.id.us/staff/JBeckman/Roller%20Coaster%20Pictures.htm
  20. If I can honestly state my opinion here for a second, this ride doesn't really captivate my interest much as I know it'll just be another typical SF coaster. At least there is landscaping around it this time and not just a parking lot. Regardless, a new B&M is a blessing and I'll definitely ride it if I am at SFoG. This year, it's all about Black mamba at Phantasialand.
  21. ^ I think anyone that eats McDonalds is a daredevil. *yuck* EDIT - Also, Elissa said 'Yes!'
  22. Might I suggest... 'Torture Mistress?!'
  23. HI Erin...welcome! The fun stops here. lol.
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