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  1. it's a bird protection grid....so that you dont end up looking like Fabio after the first drop of Apollo's Chariot!
  2. hey that was loads of fun. I've already got my photoshop fingers ready for the next!!
  3. I remember the hype when this ride was built, and it failed to deliver any type of thrill other than a headache.
  4. ^ I love that show, but since I'm in the UK I probably wont see that episode for another 4 months or so.
  5. Thanks for the additional pics Robb, I've been to busy lately to scavenge around for any new ones. By the way, are they themeing the ride with props from IKEA?
  6. this is so sad. i mean really, really, sad! Edit....
  7. I eat before I go to the parks...becuase the parks are too expen$ive. I make an exception for Disney World though...it's all about the character breakfasts!
  8. Montu is just an amazing coaster, and the batwing is just a great experience that I can't really describe other than that it's very 'quick!'
  9. ^^ thanks for the little video link. The ride looks short and sweet, but I am sure that it'll be fun to ride regardless.
  10. wow...I've been busy working my butt of for a week, so this is great to come back to. Thanks for the new pics! It's progressing quite quickly!
  11. I dont actually have any onride photos, but one i will always remember was on Raging Bull at SFGaM. I made this horrible, ghastly face, that was so funny, other people were buying it. I think my friend has a copy of it somewhere....maybe I'll ask him to fish it out for me!
  12. I always ride this at Epcot, it's one of the rides that I look forward too. I remember when I was younger I used to be terrified of it...especially the backwards drop. (which isn't amazing by todays standards). Now I embrace it, and after a long day of walking and waiting in lines in hot weather, it's a good ride to just sit back and relax on. Can you say Air-Conditioning??
  13. ^^ Uh....how about the airtime on Summit Plummet @ Blizzard Beach? I still think that waterpark is amazing...although I don't like the snakes that lurk around the plants and bushes. One of the best water parks I've seen in years is Wild Wadi, in Dubai! I can't wait to go there some day...looks like great fun! http://www.wildwadi.com/map/
  14. well, im going to be honest here and say that I liked Philharmagic. I thought it was a great show, and I will make the effort to see it when I'm at DWMK. It's a lot better than most of the other 4d shows i have seen thus far, but then again I haven't seen Shrek 4D yet. Anyways, if DLP does get this, it'll be great. It's better than nothing.
  15. ...If you guys want I'll help design some new Merchandise etc. I know a lot of places in the US that do good screen printing for cheaper than what you can find on the streets, as I used to do the merch and web site for my old band. speaking of which, check it out here.http://www.purevolume.com/seventhgradeunderdog
  16. i used to draw coasters and theme them on paper, so RCT just helped me along the way. I never finished any of the games...just a few scenarios. I play RCT3, but haven't actually played a single scenario yet. I guess this is a 'NO.'
  17. Regardless of math....it's fricken tall!!!
  18. Wow I wasn't expecting a whole train of responses from that comment. Anyways, If you want some nice logos and that, I can help you out. Dreamweaver is very expensive, as it's more professional. I believe in simplicity, yet productivity. The web site is fine as it is IMO. Very user-friendly! *Stuart 'I Just got b*tch slapped by Robb' Halley*
  19. I haven't ridden it yet, so I am just going on what I have seen in the videos. It just seems a bit....dull and silly. And what is with the bird anyways? What's it's purpose?
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