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  1. ^ in a perfect world we would have a new B&M every year, and Dippin' Dots and Cheese Fries would be served together in unison.
  2. ^ I feel the same way. I'll meet you there! Some more links for you BM fans. http://www.onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=20750&323 Layout. http://www.onride.de/onride-upic56038
  3. I've never been to this park but it is high on my list, especially with this coaster being built. It looks great fun. I don't know if anyone posted this link yet, but there are more pictures here. http://freizeitparkweb.de/cgi-bin/dcf/dcboard.cgi?az=show_thread&forum=DCForumID1&om=2799&viewmode=all EDIT - And seeing as no-one is really sure of the layout of this ride, here is a better picture to give you an idea of the space (or lack there-off) the ride takes up. http://www.onride.de/onride-upic53949 Some nice themeing too! http://www.onride.de/onride-upic49601
  4. ^ Back in the Day it was a great coaster, I was sad to see it go. BUT they desperately need a new ride to replace it now, and i really can see a floorless coaster being built in it's place...themed to some German legend/story. Coming in 2007, 'Hansel and Gretel...The RIDE!'
  5. The US Embassy are a pain to work with, mostly becuase they are so slow in getting back to you. You can understand why though with terrorist security and whatnot. Still, it's a pain in the butt expecially when you make plans and then have to reschedule....wasting time and money. I also found them to be very rude and not very helpfull. Luckily, my dad used to work for the British Consulate so things were processed a lot quicker...but still slow. Hang in there, it'll all work out eventually! EDIT - Sorry, I forgot to mention that when I graduated High School I was invited to study at Disney Studios and Skywalker Ranch, but unfortunately couldn't afford either one of them. I did get to tour around Disneys property though for their CM's, and it really is amazing and a fun envoronment. I made a few friends there in the few days I visited, so you'll have a blast! Follow your heart and you'll do ok!
  6. Hmmm....I didn't see that Hotel Name coming. I thought they would be a bit more creative, but I'm sure it will be excellent, meeting the typical Disney standards.
  7. ^layout definitely not the problem at all. Think that they can be quite creative with smaller spaces and fit a lot of elements in, however it's just the overall way the coaster moves and feels when you're riding. I'm not a fan of them, like most people on here....but I will ride them!
  8. they cant kick you out of the park just becuase you want to film a ride. it's only if you argue with thee parks regulations that it causes problems. This is why I appreciate all POV's on this site. (Thanks guys)
  9. ^ The Seahorses....what a great team name that would be!! I dont even know who played the silly game, yet alone who won...but the closest team i can think of is the Sea-Hawks? Anyways, anyone up for 'Expedition Seahorse?'
  10. ^^ Thanks for that. I havent been there in over 15 years, when I used to live in Kent.
  11. ...be carefull, the Government might have to send a whole horde of people there for no reason if you mention any War related criteria. A good business opportunity!
  12. It makes a whole world of difference! Thanks!
  13. ^That was really sad. I've never ridden it. I've seen the videos. Im going to take my OWN OPINION of the ride and that is that. I WANT to ride it. Certain rides in this world are going to be better than others, and it all comes down to the individual experience. If you hated it...fine. If she loved it...fine. Get on with your life and just be happy that you rode it and got to experience something that others haven't yet, and maybe never will!! Everyones entitled to an opinion, but it's when you try and force an opinion on someone else that it just gets pathetic. There's no point in trying to act all macho about the facts. *end*
  14. thats rad. keep it going and post some pics of Splash Mountain!
  15. I'm not technically new to the site, just to the forum....but I've made a few posts already in the past few weeks to let people know that I'm here. ^I'm doing Disney in June as well for a week+! Hope you have fun!
  16. ^ Just noticed you're from Chicago, which is where I moved from. (Glencoe,IL). Anyways, many thanks for the tips. I know that if you stay at the Anmal Kingdom lodge you get a few extra hours in DAK, just for resort guests on certain days, which means it's EE time!! Also, if you book a trip from the Disney UK web site, it's a lot cheaper than the Disney USA web site for some reason. If I book a room from the Disney World USA site for a week at the AKL, it's around $9,000! However, If I book a room from the Disney World UK site for a week at the AKL, it's around £2,500....which is equivelent to approx $4,000. Almost half price! ...and thats for a one bedroom Savannah Sunset suite! Odd. Has anyone stayed at this hotel before?
  17. I have never taken a POV, but I can understand the parks rules and safety regulations. You don't want someone dropping a camera off the top of Kingda Ka and onto someone head. If I were to do it, I would ask. Im a mamma's boy!
  18. So I have been going to Disney World each and every year for a week + at the begining of June for the past 5 years, and I want to make this years trip very special. I didn't get to go last year since I was moving back to the UK from Chicago, and work has been driving me crazy these past few months...so I need a good break! I always stay at a Disney Hotel, and do the Ultimate Park Hopper Pass with the meal plan attached. (great option) But I know they have changed their system recently and wanted to know if anyone had some recommendations. I will still be jumping around between the parks, but don't think that the Water Parks and Disney Quest are included in that anymore. I think it's come down to 1 or 2 visits per person over the extent of your stay. Any suggestions? Also, I have always stayed at resorts by Epcot and the Magic Kingdom (caribbean beach, Polynesian Resort, Coronado Springs, etc.) making it a nice central location for all the parks. So this year I have decided to go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, to kind of get away from things a little bit more and to try out this swanky hotel. I've been it it before, but only for the resteraunts....and I was impressed. Does anyone want to comment on this? Also, I noticed on another web site that you can get hotel discounts and upgrades though a code number that Disney issues out with their special offers via e-mail/ snail-mail. How do I get my hands on some of these? I've requested for a planning kit to be sent out, so hopefully it comes with one of them. Anyone stayed at the AKL before?
  19. bigger isn't necessarily better. I'd rather ride a 2 minute mediocre ride than a 15 second behemoth! but, ive never been to BPB...so we'll see.
  20. No problem. You'll find that while American Eagle is impressive to look at, there isn't really much going for it anymore. The blue side is best, if it's running, and make sure you hold on tight on the final breakrun...it has some good whiplash action! The lapbars and seatbelt could be a bit more comfortable though. Viper looks small but is really layed out well and has a few hidden surprises, plus it's gotten a bit rough over the years especially on the first 2 turns! (squeaky wheels). The seats are a tight squeeze, and the lapbars are ok. The RO's dont really check the restraints in this park, so you can get away with leaving it a bit loose to maximize airtime! Have fun!
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