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  1. As long as you order them by the 5th. That is the last day the park will ship tickets out. No will call or ticket purchases the day of the event! Chris
  2. Erik, If it's like years past, your event packet will be waiting for you at the front gate. Tickets, meal tickets, and everything you need for the day should be in it. Chris
  3. http://www.floridatix.co.uk/ Tell em' RideWorld set ya! Chris
  4. After discussing this with the park, they are expecting 1,500 students in attendance for Physics Day. They have structured activities planned throughout the day so they shouldn't be in your way. Last year's event was on Physics Day and the lines were not bad at all. Chris
  5. A Group ticket or a processed season pass is needed to get in according to the park. If you want to chance it and hope your friend try to get your guest in, thats up to you. I can tell you that there will be no ticket windows open that morning. Thanks, Chris
  6. I have joined the Wii Army! 3024 2165 4371 5146
  7. Each event attendee must have a processed season pass or a pre-purchased group ticket. A free friend pass will not be accepted. Thanks, Chris
  8. I know of an individal that attended a past West Coast Bash and rode X over 20 times during the ERT period. It's pretty much a walk-on during the event. When else can you ride it like that?
  9. I have been out of town for a while and I will be sending out confirmation emails this weekend. Sorry for the delay. Chris
  10. ^Yes, The group ticket allows you in for the entire day. In addition to the ERT, Robb and I are working on some surprises throughout the day as well! Come on dad, you know you wanna ride Tatsu!
  11. West Coast Bash IV is on! March 11th- ERT on X, Tatsu, and Viper. Look for an event flyer and more details this weekend! Chris
  12. We usually host it the day after Solace, right now that is March 11th. We are still finalizing the date. Chris
  13. I am awaiting confirmation from the park regarding West Coast Bash, but right now it appears to be on. Stay tuned for more details in the next few days. Chris
  14. Late Registration continues... For those that want to attend NoT 3 and haven't registered yet, we are keeping online registration open until Wednesday, September 27th/ The only way to register now is to make your payment via paypal. Be sure and add $5.00 to cover the paypal fees. If you are attending the event, be sure and email us so we can expect you. Paypal your registration fees to cgodsey@godseyconsulting.com. Flyer is at http://www.rideworld.com/images/flyers/Not3Flyer.pdf NoT 3 Schedule: 8:30am- Registration at Main Gate 9:00am- Park Opens 12:30pm- Informal Lunch get together- place TBA (meal vouchers will be provided) 6:45pm- Q&A with Tim Beery at the Mystery Mine Construction site (we won't be able to get very close but you will be able to snap some decent contruction shots!) 7:00-7:30pm- ERT on Timber Tower 7:00pm-?? ERT on Thunderhead in the dark! We hope to see you all there! Chris
  15. The deadline for registering for Night of Thunder 3 is Wednesday, September 30th. If you plan on going, please email and let us know how many are in your party. Thanks, Chris
  16. California Screamin' definitely uses Intamin LIM technology. I believe Intamin abandoned LSMs after the Superman/Tower of Terror build. Vekoma's is also a variant of the LSM technology that uses a sled with the magnet on it instead of magnets on the train cars.
  17. Keep in mind there are only 500 ballots handed out each year, 100 for each geographical region. So, in essence some of the newer travelled enthusiasts might not get a ballot because someone else that AT considered more travelled in the region gets it instead. True, it is a popularity contest but it is one contest that the parks market to the max. Robb, I haven't gotten a ballot for 3 years now as well. I even mentioned it to Gary today. PS: The award for best award presenter goes to Chris Gray and Jeff Pike. They are the Abbott and Costello of the industry for sure! HILLARIOUS!
  18. This goes along with what I am hearing as well. Sad times....
  19. Will has actually gone on record in the past by saying that body slides don't represent the family image the waterpark is going for (i.e. the family enjoying the attractions together). Things might have changed but I bet it won't be body slides. As for the rides side, there is some great space across from the Plymouth Rock Cafe that is screaming for a flat ride. How about a Mayflower themed Rockin' Tug??? The area could also use another attraction to help keep families in that area of the park.
  20. I totally understand the college student with no money situation. I was definitely there once. Especially now since gas is so high, I can understand how the extra money could put a student in a pinch with school approaching. As far as event costs, more and more parks are moving away from the "free ERT" that clubs used to get due to the high cost of staffing the coasters before and after park hours. Its just something that the event planners have to factor in their event cost. At first, I was just gonna eat the ERT costs but after examining the books, I have spent a HUGE amount of money on RideWorld this year and I couldn't justify the extra $500 for the ERT. If I raised the club dues or start running pop up ads, I am sure I could cover the ERT. But since the site, the club, and the events are a labor of love and not a source of income, I WILL NOT resort to counting on the site to generate large amounts of revenue. Our events are usually attended in small numbers which allows for truly fantastic ERT sessions. That is a blessing and a curse because if the events were heavily attended, I am sure the parks would work with us more. But, we have to play the hand we are dealt and I do it because I love the hobby. I honestly like having small events and seeing the "usual suspects" who we have grown quite fond of! (you know who you are!) Chris
  21. Considering the park is also making ACE pay for ERT, I would imagine their event will be in the same price range. Their last event was $55 if I remember correctly. I thought the $5.00 increase was pretty reasonable considering the ERT cost ($500). This event is small enough where you could easily marathon Thunderhead and Timber Tower with no lines. Oh well, you can't please everyone!
  22. When I was there a few weeks ago they were still using the old trains. I didnt even see the new trains. Same old craptastic ride! BTW, The lines get LOOOONG at night on the weekends so ride it as early as you can.
  23. Night of Thunder 3 Flyer All, Night of Thunder 3 has been finalized. The specifics are below. The price is a little higher than last year because the park is now requiring us to pay for the Thunderhead ERT. We will also have 30 minutes of ERT on Timber Tower. During our group meal, the park will have representatives on hand to discuss the new for 2007 coaster Mystery Mine. The flyer will be released shortly. Hope to see you there! Chris Night of Thunder 3 September 30th, 2006 8:30am- Registration 9:00am- Park opens TBA- Group Meal TBA- Group photo in front of Thunderhead 7:00-7:30- ERT on Timber Tower 7:00- ??? ERT on Thunderhead Prices: Season Passes RW member $30 Non member $35 Regular Admission RW member $60 Non member $65
  24. Didn't this ride get most or all of it's track rebuilt this offseason? I was thinking there was some "major work" done to SOB this past winter. I think this might be the nail in the coffin of this SOB...
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