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  1. We just made it home yesterday. Again, I want to echo Robb's statements. We REALLY appreciate everyone that attended this event and those that have supported us and this event over the last 5 years. You are the reason why this event happens and we hope to keep it going for years to come. Those that missed the event really missed an epic day. Thanks to Jay, Neal, Tim, Sue, and everyone at MM that made this event possible. Thanks to William, Jahan, and the other tour guides. You guys were awesome! Excellent job on the museum Brandon. Most people don't realize the long history Magic Mountain has and hopefully the museum will help people appreciate what they have and remember the past. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. See you next year! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com
  2. The one I saw at Worlds of Fun last fall was indeed $10. This game is definitely one of those "gotta show my skills for the chicks" type of game. I believe you have to score a certain amount of points to receive a prize.
  3. Come on SFMM, put in a "Land of the Giants" where Psyclone once stood! Ever since those giant flat rides were created, I have been dying to see an whole area dedicated to them be built. Imagine the jump in ride capacity the park would get. It would also give the park much needed flat rides, and extreme ones at that! LAND OF THE GIANTS!
  4. Hey guys, Knotts got back to me via email this morning. Apparently, the reason why ACE and RCpro are the only ones on the list is because no other club sent out a request to be added to the list. Which is weird, because I told them RW members have been able to attend for 3+ years and we should have remained on the list. Anyways, RideWorld has been put back on the list so anyone with a current RideWorld premium membership card can attend Solace. Chris
  5. You are probably right Joey. They always rent out the other half of the park for those high school events around the same time as Solace and I am sure they make a whole lot more money from the schools than those coaster crazies! I am sure the school event organizers are putting pressure on Knotts to do a full park buyout.
  6. ^Right, but Rollercoasterpro.com does not have a club so basically the only club members allowed to attend are ACE. I guess they don't realize how many people that will leave out from being able to attend the event. If those policies stick, I bet they don't break 300 this year. They have accepted RideWorld membership cards since 2004! It's just a slap in the face to the non-ACE members, even those that have attended the event for years and years. Those that have supported the event, even when it's offerings became smaller and smaller every year. Sorry, as you can tell I am pretty upset over this. Especially considering ever other Cedar Fair event takes other club memberships. I just think they are cutting off their head to spite their face.
  7. What concerns me is the fact that Knott's has basically told members of any other club except ACE isn't allowed to attend Solace this year. Knott's has told me numerous times they have wanted enthusiast's to give them ideas on making the event bigger and better. We tell them what we would like to see and they turn away non ACERs that want to register? That makes no sense whatsoever. Turning away people that have attended Solace for years under RideWorld and other coaster clubs is bad for business. Robb, maybe we should wait a little longer before we announce our guest speaker and other surprises. Once our event is done, Knotts will see that clubs other than ACE can AND will put on events just as good if not better than what their event has become. Hopefully that will force them to listen and make Solace a great event again instead of using it to fill their hotel when their occupancy is their lowest all year.
  8. I had a dream last night we received an RSVP for 131 people. Is that you? To answer your question, you can bring as many friends as you want as long as you all abide by TPR's and RideWorld's Code of Conduct. RideWorld's is posted HERE in case someone wants to read it.
  9. Godsey, yes I am one of those. But a God, I am not. I love putting these events on even if I don't get one ride in. I love proving people wrong when they say "you can't put on a mega event without ACE". Those days my friends, are OVER!
  10. How about "the mother of all coaster events". It has a nice ring to it!
  11. Robb and I are working VERY hard to make this a "Solace like" event. So think about the things that happen at Solace and add 33%!
  12. Caroline is doing fantastic. At 4 months old, she has already been on 2 trips, one to WDW and to the Cotton Bowl on New Years. She is ready for some warm SOCAL weather! I don't want to bore you with tons of photos, but here is one... Yeah, it sucks about X being closed, but if the event happens as we are planning it, you will NOT want to miss it! Chris
  13. For those that are wondering about the West Coast Bash event this year (thanks for all the emails!) Robb and I are in the process of finalizing the event with the park. The date is set for March 9th, but the event details are still being worked out. Look for possible BIIIIG changes to the event and they are definitely for the better. We hope to announce the event in by early next week. Be patient guys! Chris
  14. I think the main reasons the trims (I have heard B&M refer to them as "speed correctors") are present on several hills is because they honestly do not know how the new trains are going to run. They have taken precautions like this before (i.e. alpie's zero car) and they like to be extra careful when trying new things. Also B&M trims are sensitive to the train's speed so they might or might not activate depending on the speed the train is running. I really doubt you will see all three of these activate, especially with the mid course being right there after them.
  15. Guys, Don't forget the deadline to register is July 20th. If you plan on attending, send an E-mail to events@rideworld.com so we know to expect your registration. Thanks, Chris
  16. Trailered cars mean just as it sounds. The cars are connected in a way similar to trailers on the back of trucks. The trailered car has only half the wheels the normal cars do. It relies on the car its attached to for balance. Cars with 4 load bearing wheels are just typical PTC coaster cars. GCI's MF trains are trailered. Trailered cars allow for more quicker change in direction and high banking in VERY small spaces (i.e. Any GCI coaster). If The Voyage had trailered coaster trains, it could maneuver those 90 degree turns effortlessly with less stress on the trains and track. It could also make the transition to 90 degrees in MUCH less track. Clear as mud right?
  17. ^Sure you can attend. Just sign up as a non-member. ^^I know! I tried to schedule the event around Robb's midwest trip, but this was THE ONLY date that would work for us. Baby Godsey is due in early September and July is the "month of baby showers" Sorry guys! Chris
  18. Its that time again... On August 4th and 5th, RideWorld.com is hosting the 4th annual event at Dollywood complete with night ERT on Mystery Mine AND Thunderhead! For the first time this year, you can add a day at Dolly's Splash Country for just $30 more! The event flyer can be found HERE. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you there! Chris
  19. ^^^If you want to use that argument, then B&M "perfected" every coaster design out there, Standup, Flying, inverted, etc. They took crappy ideas and made them 1000% better by innovating the B&M way. And for those that say B&M rides are forceless haven't ridden Tatsu, Sheikra, Kumba, or any Batman clone. As far as Intamin goes, this doesn't shock me one bit. Unfortunately, this is becoming typical with their installations.
  20. cgodsey


    Yeah, I figured out they had the incorrect date when I packed them for the trip. Since it was so late when I caught it, I decided to see how many people would catch it and roll with it. Out of the 240+ people in attendance, only a few pointed it out. Jerry does a great favor to us by printing these for cost and he also prints our super awesome RideWorld member cards. We are the only club that has credit-card style plastic cards (ACE uses that flimsy plastic crap). So in retrospect, I was one of the proofreaders and I should have caught it before production. But, I had so many other things on my mind regarding the event, Robb and Elissa's birth, our own pregnancy, and other problems of the world it slipped through. I would say I am sorry, but honestly, I am not. Its a trivial thing compared to not having the event at all! Chris
  21. I am not sure why people are just asking these questions. This information has been available for almost two months now. To attend the event, you must have either a processed Six Flags season pass or a pre-purchased group ticket that had to have been purchased by calling the information line on the flyer. The deadline to purchase tickets was yesterday. If you don't have either, we can not allow you to enter the ERT, sorry! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com Admin
  22. Yes. Just make sure you have RSVP'd and you are all set. How easy is that?
  23. REMINDER The Daylight Savings Time change occurs on Sunday March 11th this year instead of the usual April timeframe. Please make sure you set your clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed on Saturday night. We don't want you to miss the event on Sunday! See you all there! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com
  24. Just be sure and email us and let us know you need to add one person to your RSVP. We aren't keeping exact counts, we just need to know about how many people to expect on Sunday. Thanks, Chris RideWorld.com
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