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  1. Hello all! I wanted to post something here about our upcoming group trip in the midwest. We will be visiting 12 parks in 8 days and we would love to have you join us in your local parks! Take a look at the schedule below and feel free to post in this thread or email me about meeting up with us! See you in the parks! Chris June 4th- Libertyland- 5-8pm June 5th- SFKK- 11am-2pm, HW- 3pm-close June 6th- PKI- open to close June 7th- Indiana Beach- 11am-close June 8th- Michigan's Adventure- 11am-close June 9th- SFGreat America- 10am-close June 10th- Timber Falls- 9am-11am, Mt. Olympus- noon-close (6pm), Timber Falls- 7pm-close June 11th- SFSTL- 10am-close June 12th- SDC 9am-3pm, Celebration City- 3pm-close Keep in mind, you might or might NOT be able to participate in any ERT we receive depending on if the park sets number limits on the ERT. Right now, we have one hour of ERT on Avalanche(Timber Falls) scheduled at 9am. We also have some suprises in store that I don't want to announce
  2. Just got a call from our RideWorld correspondant at the media day... Kingda Ka ran fine for about 2 hours, then it went down. Mechanics have been looking at the catch car in the launch area and haven't been able to get it back up and running. Hopefully they will have it back up later today. He was able to get 5 rides on it though.
  3. A couple of things to keep in mind: 1.) SFMM is getting a new coaster for 2006. Don't give up hope on them just yet 2.) Six Flags likes to purchase rides for one park and then move them to another. Maybe the wooden coaster will be for another park??? With it being so early, ANYTHING is possible.
  4. Dollywood has a strange weather policy. If there is lightning within 10-15 miles of the park, they will shut ALL outdoor rides down. They wait 20 minutes and if they see another lightning strike, everything stays down another 20 minutes. Smoky Mountain weather can be VERY tricky, so good luck! Chris PS: RideWorld's A Night of Thunder II is scheduled for Sept 17th! 2 hours of ERT in pitch black dark rules!!!
  5. Natalee and I just got back from a weekend visit. Powder Keg was down on Saturday due to a sensor issue on train number two. After several conference calls with S&S, they fixed the problem around 1145pm that night. Due to rain on Sunday morning, we didn't think we would get to try it out but the ride did open around 11am. They were hoping to add train 3 this past weekend but couldnt due to the sensor issues. Fantastic ride overall jammed pack with nice floating airtime. I think S&S just re-entered the launch coaster market with this ride. PK has to be the most intense family ride in existance. Thrillride's review should be up later this week. Thanks to the park for taking care of us all weekend! Chris
  6. Here are some ideas for powder keg... Vengaboys- Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! (thinking about this for our PK video) John Lee Hooker and Others - Boom Boom (nice blues song) Chris
  7. Sorry we couldn't make it this weekend Robb. Maybe next time! Ore Cart should be back. It was removed late last season for some rehab. The park said it would return this year, so it SHOULD be back. Enjoy Powder Keg! Get some good shot. Also be sure and check out the new laser show at Celebration City. I have heard good things about it
  8. ^^^ FYI, that IS completely vertical as the banking on that turn maxes out at 90 degrees. And I thought Thunderhead's banking was insane! YOWSERS!!!
  9. Look at the first photo in that group... http://www.onridecentral.com/photos/photos.php?itemType=coaster&itemID=209 You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words.... I have three in mind...WHAT THE F%#@
  10. I wouldnt say they dont care about us anymore as much as them trying to get some distance from what happened and hosting Stark Raven Mad in May would not help. I think they will welcome us back next year, but I think SRM is dead. Maybe something in the fall?? I think they will spend more money than people think they have. Part of taking that next step attendance wise is to be daring and bold. The way to do that is to drop 6-10 million on something spectacular. I can see another wooden coaster in that park, but the GP would probably consider it a waste since they already have two them almost side by side. I can DEFINITELY see a launched S&S ride similar to powder keg blasting through the backwoods of the park. Those are about in their price range and give them another family attraction. Imagine blasting off on Santa's sleigh for a kickass ride through the woods to get those presents to the kiddies. I could also see them adding a new area, maybe a birthday zone. Some people consider their birthday holidays Also, it would suprise me if the park went the resort route and added a themed hotel. There is one solitary hotel in Santa Claus and another hotel would increase the multiple day visitors from out of town. I guess we will find out in about 6 weeks. That is very close to when we will be there on the trek. Which ever way they go, I am sure it will help the park cross that 1 million mark in attendance. Chris
  11. Come join the RideWarrior Midwest Conquest crew on June 10th as we conquer this baby. We might even get some surprise ERT
  12. I have contacted the developers and I am trying to get some park renderings. If I can get some, I will post them. Wow, 3 people from Memphis on this forum...Thats odd! Chris
  13. Oops, try the new link I posted at the top. If that doesnt work go to http://www.commercialappeal.com and on the main page, click on "Pointed Plans" about a third of the way down the page in the middle. I also think you might have to register for free to see the article. I would post the contents, but I dont want to violate any copyrights!
  14. http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/local_news/article/0,1426,MCA_437_3695482,00.html The idea sounds pretty cool, especially the idea of the coaster blasting out of the building and down a glass tube. Intamin hyper anyone?!?! I also like the idea of an aquarium, but I am not sure it would do well in this area. This discussion has become very heated due to the fact the building is just sitting there with nothing going on. The Grizzlies have first rights to ANY event in Memphis and must approve anything that is held in the pyramid. To top it off, the city still owes 28 millon on the Pyramid. Considering Libertyland's attendance is somewhere in the 300,000 range, I am not sure this new park could draw one million. But, it would be open all year round.
  15. ^^All I have been told is.. ITS BIG! and they are shooting for a Spring 2006 opening. The announcement should be sometime this summer.
  16. Hey all! Just thought I would pass this along. Last week, we debuted a new layout to ThrillRide.com in case anyone missed it. The new includes a new color scheme, a new logo, and a blog style update system. This new style will allow Bob to do many more updates as well as post some of his own commentary about news items and such. We will also be bringing back the old designer profiles (updated of course) as well as new park profiles in the coming months. Check it out! http://www.ThrillRide.com
  17. Well Robb, I would say this picture says it all! http://www.dlp.info/Guide/images/News/ShowsParadesFestivals/Disneyland/SM-M2-Press-Event/SMM2-Press-Event025.jpg Yep, he just got off a 'Koma
  18. The auction items are now live. Check out the site above for direct links or do a search at ebay for "rideworld". Thanks! Chris PS:Next weeks items will be posted tonight!
  19. Robb, I PMed Elissa over at WC about room on our server. We have oodles of space and bandwidth. If you are interested, give me a yell! When RideWorld first debuted, we had to move hosts after one month because our host went belly up! I know how you feel. Chris
  20. Sorry, the period was added to the URL. Try it now. As for international shipping, we will ship to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and western europe for a slightly higher shipping cost of course. Chris
  21. Hello all! I want to let you guys know our charity auction for one of our club members will be running over at Ebay throughout the month of April. The first lot will begin taking bids on April 3. To see the items in Lot A, go to: http://www.rideworld.com/auction.htm . Links to the auction items will be posted once they are active. Future lots will also be posted in the coming days so be sure and check back regularly. We have park tickets, season passes, park merchandise, and coaster memorabilia available, so be sure and check it out! We have some great donated items up for bid and we encourage everyone to participate and help us help Tim! For those that don't know Tim, he was recently diagnosed with cancer and we want to help him offset some of his huge medical costs. Special thanks to all of the parks and manufacturers that have donated to the auction! Thanks, Chris Godsey RideWorld.com Admin Please direct any questions regarding the auction to auction@rideworld.com
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