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  1. I will be riding it next week when I am in Vegas for a convention. I will be sure and post a full report if I make it off of the ride in one piece
  2. They could be keeping the old NAD train that was in front of the ride entrance. If not, I guess they are talking about the front car of the 4 car train.
  3. "Zippin Pippin to Roll on Ebay" http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/local/article/0,2845,MCA_25340_4803916,00.html Everybody get your money together! This could easily be the best deal ANY park could make to get this ride.
  4. ACE is trying to work with the buyer to preserve the coaster, but to move the coaster and rebuild it, we are talking at LEAST a million dollars. Unfortunately, I don't think it has a chance. Its a sad day here in Memphis... Chris
  5. There is one paragraph they asked me to strike completely. Another one was modified slightly. Glad everyone enjoyed the interview! Chris
  6. B&M finally emailed me this morning. They have asked me to make some minor modifications to the article. You will notice some changes when I post it today. Chris
  7. Ask and ye shall receive... Here is the article that details our chat with B&M Engineer Eric Berra during the Tatsu media day. B&M Interview Enjoy! Chris
  8. This has to be one of the most entertaining threads I have ever been witness to. While interviewing a B&M employee last week, when I mentioned the enthusiast community he made a face. He said, "uhhh....can I make a joke?" Threads like this are exactly the reason the manufacturers feel the way they do about us. THANKS EVERYONE!
  9. Since everyone else is guessing... I would guess around 1,000 people at Holiwood Nights and around 600 for Rumblefest. (Both numbers accounting for a decent number of walk-ins.) Keep in mind that HW usually runs rides like their flume and Hallowswings the first hour or two of the ERT and that usually helps lines. They are adding Gobbler to that list. Also, I honestly wouldn't count on a huge number of people marathoning Voyage. That ride is one that is very difficult to marathon. I would imagine that later in the night, the Raven will be close to walk-on conditions. 7 trains, 24 average per train, average 2.5 minute cycles= 4,000 plus riders per hour. So, I think even with 1,000 people there will be lots of rides to be had. Since its expected to be in the high 80s, I will be waterparking it most of the day Saturday!
  10. We asked him many questions and spoke to him almost 30 minutes. We asked him his thoughts on the Intamin hydraulic launch, about the loss of the "intensity" in their coasters, and what is next for B&M. We even asked him how he felt about "our kind". I am swamped with work this week, but I hope to have the B&M interview along with our Tatsu review done by Sunday. First up is our Voyage review that should go up on ThrillRide and RideWorld by the weekend! Later, Chris
  11. Due to a scheduling conflict, Walter Bollinger was unable to make the Tatsu media day. He sent his regards though. We were able to talk to Eric Berra, head of Mechanical Construction for B&M. Eric is actually the man that designed those amazingly comfortable flyer trains! He was able to clear up some of the things that were on everyone's minds, including the Alpengeist zero-car conspiracy. We just got back from our trip out west and we will have the interview up soon! Sorry, at his request we did not film the interview. Thanks, Chris
  12. I look forward to stopping by and checking out the insanity myself. I am expecting alot of entertainment, don't let me down! Chris
  13. The change in elevation from the mid course to the station is close to 100 feet. If the train did stop there, it would have no trouble making it back considering the train tops 50mph as it hits the brakes. It's pure insanity people. Night rides on this thing are going to be unreal. Also, I dont think you will see alot of people marathoning it. Each ride takes quite a bit out of you.
  14. The Voyage is definitely one of the most intense coasters on the planet. Some of the turns you are thinking "that just isn't right!". For just sitting on the train, you come of the ride very exhausted. As for airtime, I dont think you could top it even if you put 3 shivering timbers together. I counted 21 spots of air where my butt left the seat. With several of them lasting close to 3 seconds, I would say there is definitely more than 24 seconds of air on that baby. Get out there and ride it as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed. Chris
  15. Thanks for all of the questions! We will weed through them and come up with the best ones to ask Walter. As for the interview, the plan is to video it. But, that might change depending on the scheduling. Chris
  16. Hey all, RideWorld has the opportunity to interview Walter Bolliger at the Tatsu media day on May 11th. If anyone has any questions they would like us to ask, just post them here in this thread. We also hope to video the interview and post it on the site. Thanks, Chris
  17. Newscasters have reached an all time low... WHERE DA GOLD AT?!?!
  18. B&M "trims" are more like speed correctors. Most coasters speed up over time and the speed correctors help keep the G-forces in acceptable ranges. I wouldn't call them trims because the sensors that detect the speed can control them so there is a good chance they might not ever activate when you are on it. Now, if you are riding in a train that has alot of weight on it (insert ACE joke here ) or the track is slick due to rain, then you might see them activate.
  19. Hello all, We have released the flyer for our August trip to New York and New jersey. You can download the flyer below: http://www.rideworld.com/images/BigAppleFlyer.pdf We have a discussion thread over at RideWorld that discusses the trip in more detail. The link is: http://www.rideworld.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=1537&pid=12209&st=0entry12209 Hope to see some of you join us on this fantastic trip to the Big Apple! Chris
  20. West Coast Bash registration closes tomorrow at noon central time. If you have a processed SF season pass or a pre-purchased ticket and you didnt send me an email, come join us anyways! The e-mail was simply a tool for us to get a raw count on how many to expect. Please don't send any RSVP emails after noon tomorrow as I will not be home to read them. See you all this weekend! Chris
  21. Send me an separate email for him and I will add him. Chris
  22. For those attending West Coast Bash: We are organizing an unofficial group meal at Mooseburger Lodge at 12:15pm that day. If you would like to attend, send us an email and let us know how many are in your party. We will have a reservation so we will walk right in and sit down. Keep in mind Mooseburger Lodge is the ONLY indoor sit-down restaurant open in the park so it will be packed. We need to have a pretty accurate count to make sure we have enough tables reserved. Chris
  23. I say this again: You MUST have a processed SF season pass or a pre-purchased group ticket to attend West Coast Bash. I know I sound like a broken record, but if you do not have one of these, you will NOT get into the event. Last year, SFMM was gracious enough to comp about 20 admissions to people who hadn't bought tickets. This will NOT HAPPEN this year! That is all! See you on Sunday! Chris
  24. The registration deadline is April 15th! If you are interested in attending, please be sure and send in your deposit to guarantee your spot. Thanks! Chris
  25. Friday's Schedule: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM ERT Montezooma’s Revenge Xcelerator Supreme Scream GhostRider 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM VIP Guests Dinner @ Silver Bullet Midway 10 PM - 12 AM ERT on Silver Bullet
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