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  1. Red Track="The Intimidator" at Carowinds Yellow Track=somewhere else...
  2. Its been reported that Vekoma won the bid for the Universal Singapore Dueling coasters.
  3. I was thinking they could turn NIWS into THE LEPRECHAUN EXPERIENCE! They can re-theme Maximum RPM to THE WHISTLETIP EXPRESS!
  4. Freestyle Music Park presents.. "THE DOO DOO BROWN DANCEPARTY" Explicit language... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WUFwRa98jI
  5. That would have SO rocked.. you know that over half of the new US citizens in 2008 were of hispanic decent. Might as well get a jump start on the take over!
  6. Umm...did they even try to do a google search on what Freestyle Music is? I guess they meant free to be what you want....but did they not realize that freestyle is already a music genre? Hey FPI.. Wikipedia is your friend! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freestyle_music
  7. Considering the domain freeystylemusicpark.com was purchased on April 6th you have to think they had some other plans for names in mind but they fell through.
  8. I guess they also got the HRP servers and domain names because on the contact us link on the page it has a hrmbpark.com domain address. That was the corporate domain HRP used before hardrockpark.com came online.
  9. Guys they did research. This is the name of their chain brand for all of their future parks. They will all have freestyle in the name. Its just the research they did was crap.
  10. http://www.freestylemusicpark.com/ Full Volume Family Fun baby! "Freestyle Music Park" is the destination for the celebration of that revolutionary phenomenon rock n' roll but also encompasses other genres of music including country, reggae, beach music, pop, R&B, alternative, Christian, and disco. At Freestyle Music Park, you can indulge your inner "rock star" while enjoying the park's many and excellent rides, shows and other attractions Christian and beach music... well, it is near a beach and in the bible belt..hehe
  11. All I can say is WOW! This will definitely make the coaster more "news worthy" to say the very least. I honestly would think that Cedar Fair would have sold those pieces as scrap metal back in 2007 and they wouldnt be hanging around 2+ years later. I wonder what prompted Universal to track those pieces down and scoop them up?
  12. So you guys are saying some track pieces that were not used on a coaster made by another manufacturer 2+years ago are being used by another manufacturer on a coaster being built this year? That is the most insane thing I have EVER HEARD! You guys really believe that those track pieces are even still in existance?
  13. uhhh..that would be a negative. My daughter Caroline did like it though!
  14. ^ I understand what you are saying, but the ride usually has an operating range of speed for every given section of the ride so the ride exhudes the appropriate g-forces required by ATSM standards. Say the speed exceeds the range and the brakes are applied. After the brakes are applied the ride might be back in the range of speed but in the lower range of speed, thus slowing the ride from the original state. I am not saying this will happen, but it has happened on other coasters, not just B&M coasters. Also, brakes are applied due to maintenance reasons (Superman Ulimate Escape, Mean Streak, and Texas Giant come to mind) which allows the ride to operate in the lower range of the operating speed. If the speed causes more maintenance, the park could apply the brakes to give the ride a longer lifespan.
  15. Man, I hope this forecast changes... Forecast for Sunday, March 22nd- High: 56°F RealFeel®: 59°F Variable clouds; colder with a couple of showers and thunderstorms possible
  16. Some info will be in the email that Robb will send. Some of the schedule will be a surprise. Sorry Al, we gotta keep the suspense high! Chris
  17. What I mean is as the coaster "breaks in", it will speed up. When it does, the breaks will be tuned up more and more to correct the speed. I saw the same thing happen to Goliath at SFOG. During testing, that thing hauled some major ass and rides during the media day were mind blowing. Later on that fall, you could tell the brakes were being applied harder and even now they hit even harder. I am just being realistic. B&Ms tend to speed up and require more "speed correction" as the days, months, and years go by. Wildfire at Silver Dollar City rarely had their brakes applied in the early years. Now, both sets of brakes hit pretty regularly. I just wanted to prepare everyone for the inevitable.
  18. Do you guys really think they aren't going to slow this ride down any? I predict the brakes will be applied before May 1st.
  19. ^You are good to go. We are no longer accepting any registrations as of an hour ago.
  20. ^Yes, this is the first time we have sold out of tickets in the 6 years we have done the event. Attendance could go over 600 if everyone shows up. Thanks everyone for their support! Chris
  21. Actually, we had close to 300 at the first bash because at the time X ERT was so rare. The numbers have definitely grown from last year and we appreciate all of the support. This event is definitely a labor of love for Robb and myself and we are glad to see so many people enjoying the fruits of our labor. Also, kudos to our spouses (Natalee and Elissa) who go above and beyond to help out . I know I couldn't run RideWorld without Natalee and I would bet Robb would say the same about Elissa and TPR. Chris
  22. We had around 270 for the full day event last year. Like Robb said, PLEASE register ASAP so we have our numbers for catering and t-shirts right. Just a reminder for those attending....GET THERE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! I know how you West Coast people like to sleep in but in the case of this event, it definitely behooves to arrive as early as possible or you might be waiting in the registration line and miss some of the ERT. See you all on Sunday! Chris
  23. Rumors are flying around in the financial world that SIX is declaring bankruptcy today at close of business. If you are still holding stock, you might want to sell it so you can recoup some of the money before the shareholders get left holding the flaming bag of crap.
  24. Please GOD, can we get some spring loaded wheels on those new trains???
  25. As far as the event size, we will begin to put caps on the number of participants if it gets way out of hand so don't worry. We want to keep the ERT "Exclusive"!
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