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  1. I don't know if I see that ride costing 5-6 million dollars though. That is one expensive waterslide!
  2. I haven't had a Six Flags season pass in 3 years and I STILL get SFOG season pass emails!
  3. If you guys think the Raven and Legend are tame that just goes to show you how jaded coaster enthusiasts can be. I have NEVER heard anyone from the GP make those statements about those coasters and we never will. Those coasters are more thrilling than the majority of wooden coasters in the US BY FAR!
  4. ^$5,000 for three days for 5 people? Damn, is that staying in the castle? Plane tickets from Boston in October are around $200 per person. You can stay in a moderate resort for around $150 per night with the fall promotion and even get free dining if you stay 5 days. Our 5 day/ 5 night trip in October staying at the Coronado Springs and getting the free meal plan was $1,500 for two adults (+one two year old). Plane tickets for me from Memphis is the killer...around $345 per person.
  5. From what I remember, hasn't Disney raised their prices in August for the past several years? I remember getting a MouseSavers newsletter last month saying the increases were happening and to get your tickets now.
  6. ^^ Same here. We still have 3 days on 10 day passes we bought back in 2006! Also, no one has mentioned this but they have extended their free dining promotion into December! Certain hotels qualify so check with WDW travel!
  7. This is what was in the HW newsletter yesterday... What's the New Project for 2010? Ah, the question on everyone's mind these days: What's new for 2010?Yes, we will have a new thing for next year. Want to play along with our guessing game? Follow us on Twitter, our Facebook Fan Page, and the HoliBlog. Our big announcement will be Thursday, August 13, at 11 am CDT. If you're here as a guest that day, you're welcome to join us in the Holiday Theater (sorry, HoliDazzles fans, we'll have one less show that day). Park president Will Koch will proudly unveil his latest plan for making everyone smile. He's been working on this for several years and has been talking about it even longer. In fact...it's the second largest ride project in the park's history! So, that is implying that the 2010 attraction will be the second largest ride (in cost) in the park's history.
  8. Right, but it could be that he has been planning a steel coaster project for a while now. Doesn't necessarily mean an exact coaster manufacturer or type
  9. I'll finish it for you Guy... What does a Megalite cost? 10-12 million from what I remember seeing. Anyone confirm?
  10. Come on guys, Voyage (most expensive ride) was 6.5 million dollars. I am thinking a new family coaster like a mad mouse or maybe even a eurofighter!
  11. I heard some of the welds developed some cracks and that usually means a big chunk of the welds will have to be x-rayed to make sure they are good. If not, they will have to be re-welded which definitely could take some time.
  12. Looks like what we have seen in cable lift coasters with a mobile evac system. They use both those conduit tray like pieces and stairs. http://www.rcdb.com/ig594.htm?picture=1
  13. Didn't stock car racing get its start from moonshiners running whiskey during prohibition??? At least that is what Ricky Bobby's daddy said... Could there be a connection with NASCAR and White Lightning?!?
  14. Yeah but is this person the same person that told you it would open "this weekend" (in reference to your post last week about it soft opening this past weekend)? Go back and look at my post dude.... I said "should" open not "would". During testing time, ANYTHING can happen to slow things down. That happens with pretty much every coaster installation anywhere.
  15. The PR person for USO told me that the media day has NOT been set yet. If they don't have the media day set, I would assume an official opening date hasn't been set yet either. Soft openings are a different story of course.
  16. I believe that tower support will be used for a vertical/beyond vertical first drop, not the lift. Those lift pieces have space for the evacuation vehicle/track. As I have said before, vertical lift track doesnt contain space for an evacuation system as seen here from Fahrenheit http://www.rcdb.com/ig4049.htm?picture=12 I know I know... This is a new track style completely so anything is possible. But, I doubt VERY seriously you will see a 300+foot lift hill that is vertical lifting a typical hyper/giga train this coaster will probably have.
  17. Vertical lift..probably not. Vertical drop...definitely possible
  18. A little birdie told me that this ride SHOULD soft open this coming weekend.. Good luck to those visiting the park!
  19. From Twitter.. FSMusicPark Special admission price of two tickets for $17.76 for admission before 4 p.m. Single ticket prices will be $17.76 after 4 p.m. 7/10-26! Now, THAT is a step in the right direction FSMP!
  20. Hopefully this past weekend showed them that people will NOT pay $40 for entry to this park. Come on FSMP... get it down to $25 and you will be profitable!
  21. First off there is NO REASON for you to pay the full admission price at ANY amusement park that offers discounts. As a coaster enthusiast, you can join a coaster club on the approved list at http://www.holidayworld.com/clubs (RideWorld's club is $10 per year) and get the discounted rate of $26.95. Come in after 3pm and the price goes down to $23.95. As for the park as a whole, it is a family oriented theme park that has some world class thrill rides. For the coaster enthusiast, I can see where you don't perceive the value at Holiday World versus parks like Cedar Point and SF parks. But, for my family I know that for the price there is tremendous value at Holiday World due to the awesome waterpark and the 10-15 rides my two year old daughter can ride at the park. When she gets 4 inches taller, the number of available rides almost triples! The water park is so outstanding, you can spend a full day there and still not experience everything on a moderately crowded day. For those that don't have families, I don't expect you to understand fully what I am talking about. But as for my family, we visit the park at least twice per year and have a fantastic time doing so. For me, the coasters are icing on the cake of a great family get together.
  22. ^Also keep in mind that this coaster could be 6,500+ feet of track and the coasters using the smaller trains are no where near that length. I doubt they would use anything other than the 9 car trains we know and love.
  23. So, are we ready to start the 20 pages of stat predictions?!? Here is mine: ~340 foot high lift hill with a ~320 foot first drop ~6,800 feet of track in length
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