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  1. Hello all! I just wanted to mention that we are bringing back our No Limits challenges over at RideWorld. We have posted the next challenge at: http://www.rideworld.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=1517&pid=11934&st=0entry11934 If you want to take part, be sure and send an email to the address listed in the thread. I hope you NL novices and experts will compete! We will be posting the prize later this week. Thanks, Chris Godsey RideWorld.com
  2. Ore Cart isnt coming back.. At least that is what the park told me a few months ago. I guess this new coaster is replacing it. I think this new area will do the park good. Dollywood's new area is flooded with people now. Maybe this will help the back area of the park. Regarding Celebration City... They REALLY need to start adding rides over there. Attendance wise, the park is down from their opening year considerably. They really need to pump in some good attractions over there. Chris
  3. Honestly, I dont think the closing is a bad idea. They were locked into a lease on that property and now someone could come along, buy all of the rides and move them out to the suburbs with no problems now.. Tommy and James, where are you?? I wouldn't be surprised if some investors are waiting in the wings to scoop up the rides and open up a larger park in say, Arlington. Then, they could build that much needed waterpark also! You never know Chris PS: It might help if you didnt have misspelled words in the petition. That would make it look more professional.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted everyone to know that Natalee and I made it home safe this morning. We weren't sure we were going to get out in time, but we did. I will post some photos later this evening. It was great to see everyone again as well as meet new people. See you guys next time! Chris PS: Nice photos Eric!
  5. No problem. I called BGT to see what their "storm team" said about Sunday. They are projecting the bulk of the wind and rain that morning. But, they also said it looked like it was stalling, which it is. I called about moving the safari tour to Friday and they said they have plenty of openings, so its not a problem for us to switch if need be. Chris
  6. From Joe Bastardi @ accuweather.com (man, that name is awesome!): "As a result we now believe Wilma will move into the northeast Yucatan slow down and perhaps stall during Friday perhaps into Saturday. As a result movement toward the north or northeast will probably be delayed and that means the hurricane will probably not affect Florida directly until later Saturday night or on Sunday." Full report here: http://hurricane.accuweather.com/hurricane/regions.asp?site=atl Backup BGT plan anyone?
  7. ^I was thinking the same thing Elissa. I am going to watch this closely over the next 24 hours and decide whether we should move BGT to Friday and do Disney on Sunday. But, if this storm blows over Saturday night, we might be in good shape on Sunday. We are also planning on doing the Safari thing at BGT Sunday afternoon. Chris
  8. Damn Fred.. CONTROL YOUR WIFE! PLEASE, let this thing stall. Me wants to ride Sheikra!
  9. What part of the purchase do you put the code in? I cant find it anywhere. Thanks for the tip! Chris
  10. Regarding West Coast Bash... The park should be getting back to me shortly to let me know how the construction of Tatsu is going. There is a possibility the event might be moved to the opening weekend of Tatsu so we can have ERT on it as well as the other rides. We might also have WCB at the same time and just do ERT on the other coasters. Once I know more, I will post it here and over at RideWorld. Chris
  11. Hello all! We are beginning to plan our group trips for 2006 over at RideWorld and if you have some time, pop over there and weigh in on the subject. Instead of doing one 8 day trip, we are planning 2 4-5 day trips at different times of the year that would cover two different areas. Take a look at the proposed trips and let us know which ones you would like to attend. If you have some other park ideas, let us know those two. The direct link to the discussion thread is below: http://www.rideworld.com/boards/index.php?act=ST&f=21&t=1505 Thanks! Chris
  12. Anyone have the hookup on cheap 3 day DisneyWorld park hoppers? We are also wanting to hit Pleasure Island and DisneyQuest. Anyone? Bueller? If so, email me or PM me. THANKS! Chris
  13. Thanks for the kind words Andrew. The attendance numbers didn't make my happy but the event went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have a good time. Our events have small numbers, but they are still some of the best events I have ever been a part of. We were attempting to do 20 laps for Dollywood's 20th anniversary but the ride ops miscounted and we only received 18 laps. They apologize for the snafu. The ERT session actually lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes and the last 2-3 rides were in pitch black darkness. The ride is definitely breaking in and running faster than last year. The park said that it has picked up 5 seconds on the ride time. The ride is still number one in my book even after riding Hades. Anyways, it was great to see everyone again and meet some new peeps as well. Hope to see you all at our next event! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com
  14. R&E, Add Natalee and I to Friday, possibly Saturday, and Sunday. See you guys then! Chris
  15. Natalee and I are all set at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside. We are doing the following: Thursday, October 20th- Arrive in Orlando at 6pm. Check into the Port Orleans Hotel and head over to Epcot. With extra magic hours, they are open till midnight! Friday, October 21st- MGM Studios in the morning and Magic Kingdom and the Not So Scary Halloween party that night. Saturday, October 22nd- Animal Kingdom in the morning(early entry), park hopping the afternoon, and the evening at Pleasure Island. Sunday, October 23rd- Busch Gardens Tampa Bay all day and we close out with shopping at Downtown Disney that night. Monday, October 24th- Fly home to Memphis.. BOOOOO! See Ya There! Chris
  16. I must admit, I was expecting something a little more spectacular in terms of layout and overall ride size. I was expecting to see a track length of at least 5,000ft. This sounds like it could be one of the shortest traditional hyper ever built. The layout is also pretty uninspiring and plain. They really should have made the helix hug the lake to make it more exciting along with some nice changes in direction. But, its still exciting to see another hyper being built in my neck of the woods. Any hyper is better than no hyper at all! Congrats to SFOG and its fans. Chris
  17. Lets just say the ride will be open before May 21st and leave it at that. Still working out the WCB 2006 details as well as pondering whether or not to partner with ACE this time around. I am thinking about some other alternatives... Chris
  18. Natalee and I are more than likely going to be in Orlando that weekend. Maybe we can hook up at HHN or BGT. Our plans: Fly into MCO Thursday morning IOA and HHN on Thursday USF and IOA on Friday or Disney on Friday Either Disney or IOA/USF on Saturday Busch Gardens on Sunday (not sure about the Halloween event though) Fly back home on Monday morning FYI, Southwest is running a huge unadvertised sale. Our tickets from Nashville to Orlando for that week are $39 each way! See you guys there! Chris
  19. Congrats to all of the winners! My baby Thunderhead is all grows up! Last year when it broke the poll at number 6, the park was expecting it to go higher. I told them to wait a year and it will be number 1. Well, good things come to those who wait! Maybe this will help those riding the fence about Night of Thunder on Sept 17th. Come ride the number one wooden coaster in complete darkness! Deadline for entries is Sept 5th. See my signature for more details. Chris
  20. Time is running out to register for Night of Thunder 2! The event flyer can be downloaded by browsing to: http://www.rideworld.com/images/flyers/dollywoodflyer.pdf. The deadline for registering is September 5th, so act now! Also, ee sure and shoot off an email to events@rideworld.com to let me know how many people will be attending in your group. That way, we have have an accurate count of those that are attending. For those that don't know, the ERT schedule was reduced to one hour by the park due to new policies instated this season. But, we have moved the group meal to 6pm and we will head over to the ride around 7:45 and run the ERT from 8-9pm. I have checked the lunar tables and sunset is at 7:38pm with twilight at 8:04pm. So, it should be COMPLETELY DARK for the ERT session! I know its not two hours, but last year's ERT really didnt start kicking into high gear until the second hour anyways. It should still be as good if not better than last years event! Hope to see you all there! Chris Godsey ThrillRide/RideWorld.com
  21. The event flyer is here: http://www.rideworld.com/images/flyers/dollywoodflyer.pdf The price increased a bit to cover the extra hour of ERT. See you there! Chris
  22. Sorry Robb, The date was etched in stone 2 months ago. Sorry to all of you westcoasters This will be an annual event, so maybe next year. Chris
  23. September 17th- Dollywood Come join RideWorld as we celebrate another fantastic event. Back by popular demand is A Night of Thunder. This day long event at Dollywood complete with a catered meal will end in 2 hours of night ERT on Thunderhead. Yeah, I said 2 HOURS IN THE DARK! Thunderhead is a fantastic coaster during the day, but at night she flat out goes insane! The way the ERT is scheduled, the second hour of ERT should be in complete darkness! The event flyer should be up soon. Once I post it, I will put a link in this thread. Hope to see you there! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com Admin Edit: Here's the link for the flyer. I figured having it on the front page would help out! http://www.rideworld.com/images/flyers/dollywoodflyer.pdf
  24. Hello all! I know this is late, but I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone here to attend our 3rd annual RideWarrior Coaster Conclave that is being held this August 20th and 21st at BGW and PKD. If you register before July 5th, you can receive the partner site discount for being a Themeparkreview.com member. When filling out the flyer, put the Themeparkreview.com partner site code "RATTUMS" in the space provided. HERE is the flyer. We are still working out the ERT with the parks, and nothing is guaranteed, but there is a very good chance we will get something from at least PKD. If you have never attended one of our events, you will find our events to be smaller in size which equals VERY exclusive ride time and we are a decent group of people with more than coasters on the brain. I encourage those in the area to check it out. I think you will have an excellent time! If you have any questions, post them here. See you there! Chris
  25. Now if that was the Kool-Aid man running through a wall and yelling "ohhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhh!" I might be more interested. Nice ACE jokes BTW.... I'm glad no one (man or beast) was seriously hurt
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