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  1. Agreed. What's throwing me off is the 6" comment. It doesn't surprise me that he says it's totally different than SheiKra - after all, it has to be. It's a completely different style of coaster that presents its own challenges. As much information as you were trying to get out of him, it seemed like he was still giving "GP-ized" answers, to an extent, as he would be expected to. I suppose there must be some sort of generated effect, given the position of the train in relation to the crowd. Unless you're going to put some elaborate piping on the train to pump water up and over it (w
  2. As far as I understand, the director was mentioning multiple things that were at times contradictory or strangely worded. I assume you met with him on the day that people were taking video interviews? He was never quite clear on the water splashdown effect. The entire interview is posted online, and I've spoken to a couple of people that were also there with you. I'm not saying you're wrong or right, simply that the information given to you on that day should be taken with a grain of salt because of the odd way Brian was wording things.
  3. ^The wing of the zero-car will dip into the water. It will not be simulated.
  4. Um, what? Are we looking at the same layout? I don't see any part of this ride that you spend time on your back, except for the inversions...and there's already multiple inline twists, pretzel loops, and a wingover on flyers in the U.S. Anyways...anyone else realize this? Four inversions...? I only count three - the pretzel loop, inline twist, and wingover. Where's the fourth...? Surely they don't count the pretzel loop as two...
  5. Hoorah. 300 ft.? I highly doubt it. Some of you are reading alot into this "Big" thing. I would be shocked if we see anything over 250 ft., and I give it that much window ONLY because SoB is over 200 ft. as well. I'll eat a shoe and post the video on here if this thing is over 300 ft. Remember, this is the company that thinks a "Behemoth" is 230 ft. tall.
  6. I think the Beast has such a large cult-following that any major rehab of it that would involve a large change in the overall ride experience is pretty much out of the question at this point. As for the name "Raptor"? No. Just...no. Even Six Flags wouldn't re-use a name after sticking two B:TR clones a little over 200 miles from each other.
  7. ^I understand what you're saying about what Paramount did, but the bottom line is that innovation at one time doesn't necessarily translate to quality over time. To be honest, the coaster I look at the MOST for being truly sub-par is the IJ Stunt Track/Coaster whatevers...they truly are, in my view, the worst of their ride type (Premier "Experience-Coasters", whatever you want to call them) - although that's not saying much because I do happen to think Mummy blows alot of coasters out of the water. Anyways, about this new ride...I'm excited for the announcement, but something about it
  8. I'm not exactly sure if that's entirely fair. I agree that KI's coaster selection is a bit...lacking...but I think you've gone a bit over the top in attempting to show mediocrity. Racer/Beast to Indiana woodies - Yeah, of course there are better woodies. But how many coasters ANYWHERE can really match up to Indiana's Troika? I think people that complain about the Beast should come over here to SFNE where your selection consists of what is more or less a slightly larger Scooby Doo and a neutered-beyond-belief-yet-still-painful pile of matchsticks. Vortex - Agreed, but you should make
  9. Cedar Point is a different case, because there was no direct tie-in with regards to where Maverick was going. Actually, there WAS a small one - what ended up happening to the WWL building...? As was pointed out, if this turns out to be themed around the Beast, it wouldn't be the first time CF have done such a thing. Hydra was created in a similar fashion, and while it IS a different situation - it is worth noting that almost every park has a smaller coaster following up on the name of a larger sibling (i.e. Jr. Gemini/Gemini, Wild Thing/Mild Thing, etc.). Again, I recognize th
  10. Very true, but somehow I think the opportunities for Beast tie-ins are a bit too valuable to pass up...at least in some way, shape, or form...
  11. Sorry...don't have access to the full article. I posted what I could because it gave the information requested...
  12. Google is your friend. Circa 2005: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-133209351.html The water park was demolished to make way for homes. I don't know where exactly in the second picture it was located, but it sure as hell was razed. EDIT: Someone beat me to it.
  13. It's pretty clear that he meant it as a joke. Chill out. There's enough of that "Let's pick apart everything someone says to go on self-righteous morality binges" in the U.S. presidential race. It's not necessary here. And for the record... Knoebels has free admission. Nice TR, ms13. Good to hear FT is finally doing something...
  14. Bear with me on the spelling of the spanish words. I don't speak the language. I set out to make a simple post, and it turned out to be much longer than anticipated, so for that I also apologize. I tend to ramble. However, simply because I find it interesting, the word "Mustang" derives from the Spanish word "Mesteno," which itself came from "Mesta" - which is a word that describes a group of herders or stock raisers. "Mesteno" itself was used to describe a stray or wild animal - hence its anglicized form, "Mustang," often describing the same kind of "wild" nature. However, what
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